Gloryholes in Perth

June 19 2020

Hello everyone, I am very curious to try gloryhole out but I was hoping I can find ladies to. A few times I went there and all I see is poor hygiene or homeless people. Anyone knows where I can find some decent gloryhole in perth suburbs or city ? Or any privat one? I know the one on barrack street but I was hoping there are more out there and where are all the ladies gone? Am I going the wrong time? Happy to return the favor.

- Posted from rhpmobile


  • Kokoflamingo


    4 years ago

    Eliminates any ladies straight away. You say your name is irrelevant and you are looking to fuck anyone. Most of the ladies I know on here like to know a bit about the person they are meeting and are quite rightly choosy about who they fuck. But good luck to you

  • Mischeviouslad


    4 years ago

    “Decent glory hole”


    Good one

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    4 years ago

    Shirt answer ^^ no, they dont kniw or care. Just want to bag you out for asking.

    Yes, there are plenty of decent, privately owned ones that ladies, even very hot ladies, do occasionally attend.
    I found a few by doning an online search for them, lasded on a few message boards and went from there.

    Many of them are a bit feral, but there were exceptions. If you particularly want a lady, its best to prearrange a time beforehand, which is whatmany vouples seemed to be doing when i did my search a few years ago.

    Its not for me btw, but I tried i, because I like to try things.

    Good luck