April 25 2021

Is dogging is a thing in Caloundra?


  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    3 years ago

    Was it ever?🤷

  • Cptnporkswrd1


    3 years ago

    If it’s a thing, I have never found it....

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    3 years ago

    We have been looking on the North end of the Sunny Coast now for quite some time. Lengthy periods spent on forums, other sites, online generally and lurking around locations noted, all to no avail. It's something we wish to try with other M and F couples, however it's either an urban myth, just hasn't taken off or everyone is just missing everyone. Considering numbers, locations,etc the timing has to be perfect and we have only jagged it literally once with another couple at the beach. Still interested however we have our criteria.

  • Weliketowatch


    2 years ago

    We are also North end of the Sunny Coast and similar, hours spent looking, searching forums and sites, to no avail. We will continue to try, posting oh evenings and locations, however our criteria of another Male and Female couple has never been filled. Trying again this weekend in a different spot, slightly inland to our usual location where we usually try.