March 20 2024

Do people meet spur of the moment on initial contact? I was thinking that could be dangerous as hell and not a good idea. These days, I like a social meet first and then figure out if we click. Coffee, cocktail, maybe even a walk in the park? Or beach? I like that kinda stuff :)


  • NeoAndTrin


    4 months ago

    We have to be able to connect with people before we sleep with them so Id say most will be at least 1 meetup with no play.

    But chemistry could be so strong on the initial meet that you could obviously do the deed there and then. Swingers clubs also have a higher chance of getting down and dirty on the actual night of meeting because youre there and the nature of the venue is practically inviting you to do so. I met a couple for the first time one night at CV and joined them when I was a single male...

  • RachWandered


    4 months ago

    I’ve done the meet first in the past but it hasn’t really made the process any better or worse for me…
    Atm I do a video chat when I can get my shit together (which isn’t often). If I decide to meet someone then yeah I’m meeting to play …
    Best connections I’ve made have been at parties. The app is pretty quiet for me most of the time …
    I’m not looking for any romantic 1:1 attachments tho and I’m really fkn lazy when it comes to dating … I’m a full time single parent so I don’t want this to be remotely complicated or difficult… as soon as someone asks “where do you want to meet?” Or “when’s a good time?” … my brain goes empty and that chat is dead in the water because it’s already too hard.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    4 months ago

    Yes they do and fuck too.
    I love Ninja fucks, does it make them dangerous and not a good idea? Absolutely not.
    Safety first just like walking on a beach. You just never Know when you're going to get poked.

    Ms Foxy 🤭

  • Libertine001


    4 months ago

    Different strokes for different folks..

    Choose your adventure.


  • RHP User

    RHP User

    4 months ago

    It’s happened a number of times with me when the timing is good. Message, we get on and decide to chance it. Fucking within an hour or so.

    Everyone has a view on how courageous they wish to be and why so I can probably bunch the highly spontaneous stuff into one mindset. Breakup sex.

    That’s my experience of it but I love risk and that’s how I live life. I know plenty who take a different approach.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    4 months ago

    I have done both. Depends on how the online chat goes.
    It’s potentially dangerous meeting up at someone’s place, no doubt. I would always meet at a public place and only go back when things feel right. Sometimes happens on the first date and sometimes you walk away if something feels off.
    Different dangers for men and women though - we obviously have the risk of physical harm, men have the risk of turning up at someone’s place and there’s no woman there but a group of guys who takes their wallet. That might be rare though.
    For me, I would always meet at a public place. But I like the strong option of going back. After all, I’m not looking for a romantic relationship on here.

  • FeistyFatty


    4 months ago

    I'm a fuck on first meet gal.
    I find meet first play later to detract from the excitement for me.
    Considering I'm happily married and we play both together and solo, I'm really only here for physical exchanges. If there's a strong mutual attraction then its on, if not then its a thanks but no thanks. Ive been very lucky with all bar about 5 of my playmates over the years. They've all developed fairly strong connections/friendships rather quickly so not all just based on the physical/sex.
    Each their own though, especially if they have safety concerns.

  • EarthQueen


    4 months ago

    If I am specifically looking for sex, if the chemistry is right I will go for it on a first meet. I usually talk for a decent amount of time before meeting though. I've also pulled the pin at the last minute if I get any uneasy feelings. I've also done the drink etc. beforehand. I've gone to their house, asked them to mine. I've met people blindfolded. Yes it's dangerous, but I'm still alive and they are fun memories and kinks are made to be explored. TBH the RHP dates where it was primarily sexual have been way better than the "relationship" type ones. I never had sex with any of those or if I did it wasn't that great. They were pretty dull. Thats why I'm happily and gleefully single. Life is grand.

  • TheMinx


    4 months ago

    Four days of the month I'm thirsty and no one is safe. I'll hop skip and jump through hoops to feed my ravenous desires, and generally with great success.
    Rest of the month my brain normalises my body and I then just rain my adventures back to chats.