Couples profiles - there are rules?

April 22 2024

Lately there has been a lot of tension in the chat room, largely because many couples also run solo profiles.
Talking to many in the room, they play as a couple and as such like to engage using that profile when making connections, but they also play alone with full transparency and honesty as well.
The feeling in chat however appears to be if you are a couple, even if you play separately, you should only use your couples profile.

However I’m not sure people realise that two people can not log in to chat on the same account.
If my partner is logged in chat and I log in under the same profile, it bounces him out. The only way we can both be in the chat room is to log in with different profiles.

I don’t understand why that’s an issue.
In chat couples with separate accounts openly banter and talk and don’t hide that they are a couple so why does this cause so much angst.

My understanding is RHP is a non-judgmental platform that encourages people to find connections in whatever form works for their life - when did we take a step backwards and become so focused on forcing people to conform to only “one true way”

In the last few weeks the following rules have been stated in chat for couples.

- [ ] If you have a couples profile you can’t have solo profiles no matter how open and honest the they are.
- [ ] Couples should only chat in the couples room, they should not engage in the hot chat room.
- [ ] Couples should only cam if both people are on cam.
- [ ] Couples should only talk to other couples you shouldn’t be talking to singles as you are not single.
- [ ] You can only be in chat if you are physically together.
- [ ] If you are not physically together, you should not talk/flirt/banter in chat this space is not for talking to your partner.

Are these legit rules on conduct for couples profiles or just the preferences of some individuals?
Are there other rules I’ve not heard yet?


  • Kokoflamingo


    3 months ago

    I was in the chatroom when one of these debates was going on. People were questioning the points you raised but I didnt see anyone " laying down rules"? It can be confusing, as a single person, when you are chatting to another single person, arrange to meet and then they give you the old " oh, by the way, I have a partner, she is on here but we play separately ". Then they become angry when you cancel the arranged meet.
    Some people are transparent about having partners and a couples profile, but a lot are not. I dont really care if couples have single profiles, its totally up to them, but it should be clear that you are not actually single. One solution would be a new colour for " playing single but attached" profiles. It would save a lot of wasted time. Ive seen single guys being shot down for saying Hi to a " single" lady because he doesnt realise she is in a couple and they are not looking for single men.
    There are different chatrooms but everyone uses the Hot Chatroom. With every profile genre using the same room, tensions are bound to break out from time to time. Perhaps RHP can offer a solution.

  • peter196921


    3 months ago

    Good morning Sweet -kitten
    I look at it this way, it has got nothing to do with anyone else, everyone has there own life’s and how they run it and doesn’t concern anyone else unless they being lied too, the rules that are set should be between the couple and not the keyboard warriors.

  • MrandMrsEss


    3 months ago

    I’ve missed these discussions and wonder who it was that has these opinions? Is it from the singles camp or do other couples feel this way too?
    Sometimes I feel these double account couples can rule the airwaves a bit too much but realistically if the couples weren’t there then most of the time it’d be 90% single men and that wouldn’t work!
    Any basically anonymous public forum is going to be fraught with issues, I don’t see how it will ever be different no matter what the rules.

  • NeoAndTrin


    3 months ago

    I don't mind who is on whatever profile. It does make it simpler if you can actually see the solo person though.

    As far as I'm aware there aren't any rules surrounding this, although I think the "both people on cam" is something I've seen through the website but I think it's more a recommendation than rule.

    Don't worry about what other people are saying. Just focus on stuff officially from RHP with regards to rules. Anyone elses opinion isn't important.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    3 months ago

    I have never tried the chat rooms. Sounds like they are not a nice place to go…
    I don’t even understand this discussion! What’s the problem with people playing/profiling/flirting however they want?
    I frequently see couples complaining here in the forums about getting messages from people they don’t want to play with. I don’t understand what the issue is. Maybe it’s just all over head , I don’t know.
    When you are at a club or party, it’s the same isn’t it? You can say hi, you can say no thanks. Wouldn’t it be more upsetting if nobody would ever say hi? 🤷‍♀️

  • FeistyFatty


    3 months ago

    Those "rules" actually made me laugh out loud.... Blurted my coffee.... Thanks for sharing 🤣

  • Flirty2020


    3 months ago

    I (Mrs) chat in the chatroom daily, and have not encountered the tension you mention nor the discussions about couples accounts etc.

    What I can say, based on my experience of this site (over several years) is that there are many couples accounts that are driven primarily by the male. We often receive messages from “couples” which turn out to be the male half, in which he goes on to say that he is allowed to play alone (as a single male) by his wife / girlfriend. I often wonder whether the wife/girlfriend (of the couples profile) even knows about these messages and or is even aware of RHP and their “couples” profile on it.

    We have had many instances, in years gone by, where we have arranged to meet a couple for drinks (at their request - they initiated contact with us ) only to have a single male turn up.

    It clearly is a male driven thing - swinging, this site and its chatroom.

  • 73MissT


    3 months ago

    A lot of femals and males from couples play in the solo arena. Most (not all) will show they are 'attached'. This is not really a new thing. Reading a profile before you engage with someone to check out who they are and what they are about is not really rocket science.

    Hot Chat should be a place where people can go to chat, have fun and connect with like minded people. Saying that couples have to chat in the couples room or singles can only chat in the singles room, would be like saying that their should be rooms for each state so you can only engage with peope in your state, Sounds a bit silly to me.

    Hot Chat has a lot of great cams and to stipulate that it must be both partners in the couple on cam would be like saying a solo porfile can only show themselves. Again seems silly. I do undettand the clicking on a couples cam and only seeing a male can be annoying but it is pretty easy to just close the cam. Easy fix. There has been a lot of talk about cams in Hot Chat. People have voiced their opinions that they dont belong there but it is the place they are allowed. If you dont like the cams just dont watch them, it is a personal choice.

    I love the banter in Hot Chat and have made some really cool connections with people there.

  • Flirtydancer


    3 months ago

    It's all a bit silly really. My advice is just be upfront on expectations and what you're looking for. If people can't understand that then they're not worth continuing to engage with.

    I'm always direct with couples who whisper and message that I'm not interested and most are happy with that x

  • SidandNancy


    3 months ago

    I don’t see how it can impact anyone if a couple has an account and one part of the couple has a single account . We have this and the single account has it clearly stated she is part of a couple . Some couples play together and seperate -some just like to banter together in the chat room . Unfortunately there’s a group of trouble makers who like noting more than stir the pot and create drama . It’s ugly behaviour .

  • Winemedineme69w


    3 months ago

    I don't go into chat mainly because it appears to be the same individuals hogging the conversation.
    As for couples having separate profiles, well there seems to be a bias when the female is treated differently to the male. If a guy of the couple says he's allowed to play alone, he's considered a cheat and a fake but the ladies MUST be genuine with no criticism.
    My partner tried it and found he was pushing the proverbial uphill.
    I understand the reticence of some to accept the validity of men's profiles and intentions but it doesn't stop us all from basic civilities. Be nice and positive. Girls, we might try being Lucinda's.

  • Feelsgood


    3 months ago

    I've not been in the chat rooms but it sounds like some users have - big fish small pond - syndrome or need to get a life.

    Being polyamorous I (Lady Feelsgood) believe partnered people are individuals and in fact just to add another layer to the convoluted rules - can have multiple partners. Not sure where that fits it.

    Unless it's RHP Admin laying down their guidelines stick your fingers in your ears, your tongue out and chat wherever works best for you.

  • Felicitous


    3 months ago

    Pretty amusing how there is always a minority that try (and occasionally succeed) at controlling others.
    Even more so - on a site that propagates freedom
    from the constrains of traditional relationship dynamics.

    I would remain unapologetically yourself.
    I've not come across anyone saying any of those things - though don't frequent the chat rooms. I've never really found it enjoyable when I have popped in. I am married on a single profile... my husband is also. We don't play as a 'couple'.

    The basis of sexual liberation is freedom, expansion and expression... And euphoric blissful deliciousness of all of that.
    I feel like many on here have forgotten about that.
    It's all too serious and regulated. It's supposed to be fun, and flirty.

    I get that there a those without good intentions (proceed with caution) however there are just as many ways to cut through to see who is genuine and suited.
    Align with those you are drawn to and don't worry about those who you aren't and especially don't listen to them nor their judgements.

  • HornyAllThTime84


    3 months ago

    Those rules sound dumb. What I find frustrating is when they only have a singles account but say "I have a partner and he'll be present for all my play time" if that's the case then use a couples profile. If you play solo then use the singles account. Have both (especially if you use the chat room). But don't not have a couples profile if you don't play solo.

  • Jellyfish7


    3 months ago

    Couples should only cam together we feel wayyy to many single guys playing with them selfs on a couples profile 🤮

  • MsSuperFoxy


    2 months ago

    Funny, I've never come across these "rules" in the chat room in my 10yrs+ on this site.
    No, some couples are not transparent and honest. When im in the chat room, I do receive so many "whispers" from couples, when infact it's the creepy male without his partner.
    Yes, there is the female half too, that does the above.
    This has been going on for years. So not sure how RHP can monitor couples profiles in the chat room. It's not their place. Resonsibility and accountability is on the people/persons who have set up the couples profile. Honest and transparent couples who play alone do have single profiles and do state their profile names in bios.

    Ms Foxy