Bigger guys!

November 16 2023

Hey guys got a quick question, im really looking to attend a party or event in sydney, im on the bigger side as the body looks go! Every party/event i see only asks for fit single males, which i totally understand why! Just wondering is there any partys that are happy to accept single fellas a little on the larger side lol? Thanks in advance for any help 😁


  • MrandMrsEss


    8 months ago

    Im not positive but I think Fet Gala was open to all, can someone confirm?
    I understand why parties S need to limit single guy numbers as the more there is the more chance of ladies being hassled but it does annoy me as just another way we love to separate the elites!
    You will find more open people and parties in the fetish scene, we like the people we have met there but it’s not really our scene.
    Have you sent a message to these parties that are selective, you look quite handsome and maybe if you state your case you might be surprised at their response, but then again maybe not.
    If you are successful then please strive to make the best of impressions to pave the way for further chances for you and others in the same boat.
    Good luck!

  • MsSuperFoxy


    8 months ago

    To be honest, people like what they like. Nothing anyone can do can change a person's mind.
    An event organizer, can pick and choose who they want including those with fit bodies. Therefore will miss out on someone who has a fit mind.
    We are own own worst enemies when it comes to our bodies. Self confidence is a turn on.
    I myself, prefer someone with perfect imperfections, full of substance.
    I do hope you have the opportunity to attend event and can see for yourself, a fit body, can have a shit personality and can be a total flop in bed.

    Ms Foxy 😘 💋