2024 a year for fun and better times

December 28 2023

Hi Everyone, after a tuff 2023 for alot of people, I wish you all a fantastic 2024 filled with fun and excitement. We need to try and make the most of it and also need to be kind to each other. Take are and have plenty of sexy fun


  • MsSuperFoxy


    7 months ago

    Same to you!
    I'm absolutly done with this year.
    Bring on 2024

    Ms Foxy,

  • teamaj2


    7 months ago

    Happy New Year wishes to you Compressor and each and everyone one of you on RHP !
    Now that Christmas has passed and all those family commitments are over with , I hope that New Years Eve and beyond can be about what you all really want to do .
    We celebrate our 18 year anniversary on New Years so it’s just us . It’s a good time , we think to reflect on the year that’s been , be grateful for what we do have in our lives and think about what we would like for the year ahead .
    Eighteen years has flown , so we are forever mindful to sometimes step out of that comfort zone and go for it . Sadly , I’ve had some medical issues which put a halt to our explorations . We never know what curve balls life can throw at us .
    Many thanks to everyone for your wisdom , opinions and support via RHP .
    Happy New Year to all you sexy naughty folk. A x

  • ElectricDreamers


    7 months ago

    Thank you! Wishing you all a naughty New Year.

  • Lullah


    7 months ago

    Cheers to you Compressor and cheers to all for 2024 🥂