Virgin Voyages Adult Only Australia Cruise


Cost / Tickets:
Most suited for:
Men, Women, Couples, Groups, Couples FF, Couples MM. Between 18 yo to 99 yo
Virgin Voyages is arriving in Melbourne and to celebrate we have a sexy lifestyle group on board her Mer Maiden Voyage!

Having hosted many groups cruises on VV including Richard Branson's Birthday Bash, Rockstar's New Years Eve and Irresistible Med, finally we have an option in Australia WITHOUT children around. That's right, Virgin Voyages is ADULTS ONLY!

Guests ARE NOT charged a surcharge to participate, but must be booked directly with Sexy Adult Vacations to be part of the activities.
Current VV offers until 12 April 2023:
Bonus Sailor Loot (up to $800 USD)
Bar Tab (up to $600 USD)
$300 USD off.
45% off second sailor.

With a topless optional sun deck and sexy, suggestive entertainment, Virgin Voyages is becoming the Lifestyle alternative to full ship takeovers.

Want to travel on Virgin Voyage without a lifestyle group or with a group of your own? We can assist you with the best cabin and itinerary to suit your needs (and some bonus sailor loot too!)