Newbies Night Intro To Kink


Cost / Tickets:
$40 per person Couple $70
Most suited for:
Men, Women, Couples, Groups. Between 20 yo to 65 yo
A social fun and dirty intro to public play.

With scenes and demonstrations of exhibitionism as well as fun group activities, like strip pool competitions.

The night will be perfect for those who like it, stripped down or on show.

Club103 is BYO Venue for drinks.

Prices: $40 per person Couple $70

8.30 pm til 2 am

The adult lifestyle club where you can be yourself.

Club103 is a great place for singles and couples to meet, maybe you have met online or just looking for a hook ups with other like-minded people, Club103 provide a safe location in Belmont for all sexual encounters.

Pool table and 5 playrooms are available.

B.Y.O Drinks

Kinky Party
Kinky wear, Black etc No Shorts or caps
Rules: The use of mobile phones is not permitted. Disorderly conduct will result in you being asked to leave.
CONSENT: In the absence of a yes, it is a NO!
If it could make someone feel uncomfortable, DON'T DO IT!
DON'T just join in, ask first
RESPECT at all times