MINGLE party 9 - Hop Bar, Beer Deluxe


Cost / Tickets:
$50 couples, $25 Single Women - Single Guys apply @ [email protected]
Most suited for:
Men, Women, Couples, Groups, Couples FF, Couples MM, TV/CD. Between 18 yo to 99 yo
We have created a fun environment to MINGLE, flirt, laugh and make new friends. No pressure to dress down, no pressure to play, just a fantastic social event with sexy like-minded, normal people, that you can chat openly about anything without other people in the space to overhear or judge. Perfect for new players or the experienced.
Relax, eat, drink, enjoy our band, dance and MINGLE. Head back to a private setting if you want, winding up at 11 it's not too late, you can head off and enjoy hours of shenanigans. Unless of course you're staying at our ‘MINGLE Hotel floor Takeover experience’ (see our other event for the same weekend) available to only 8 couples, they can invite new friends back of course.
Open to couples, single ladies and a small amount of selected single men.
All normal public behavior is expected. Dirty dancing excepted!
Dress to impress - Like going on a sexy first date
Dress to impress - Like going on a sexy first date

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Saturday, February 24


Saturday, February 24

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