Angels and Devils

Gold Coast

Cost / Tickets:
$100 Couple's Ticket - $65 Single Female- $85
Hosted by:


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Most suited for:
Men, Women, Couples, Groups, Couples FF, Couples MM. Between 18 yo to 65 yo
Heads up, we're throwing a bash where halos can shine and horns can play!

Luxe's Angels and Devils Party

What's going down:
Yummy bites that even a devil can't resist!
Groovy tunes to make angels dance and devils prance!
Drinks that'll have you wondering if they're heavenly or... not-so-heavenly.
Oh, and hey, dress to impress! Best getup grabs a prize. Feathered wings or pointy tails – you pick!

Catch you on either the cloud or the fiery dance floor!
Angels and Devils
Angelic Awesomeness or Devilish Delight. It’s all about fun, so let your imagination fly or dive!Thi
To be invited to our exchange events please note the following:

Couples & single females:
Please message us with at least 2 recent photos (Clear face and body photos, clothed please)

Single Males:
Must go through the screening process to ensure our high standard are maintained. Please message us and you will be advised of what is required.

This is not a play party but a Social Night for dance & drink style event.