Exclusively RHP

Exclusively RHP

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Exclusively RHP’ is a group of friends from all over Australia who organise and runs, specialised upmarket events involving cruises, drinks, exotic weekends away, local meet and greets and pool parties.

Exclusively RHP is for select couples and single ladies who very much enjoy the social aspect of the lifestyle, but also love what follows.

Couples and single ladies who attend our events are sexy, social, fit and are aged from late 20’s to mid 50’s. They come from all over Australia and New Zealand.

If you are interested in any of our events, please send us a message, tell us a bit more about yourself and please ensure we have access to your gallery of recent pics of both of you, including face pics.

We also have in the right to not accept possible attendees, if we believe that they are not going to be suited to the group for any reason.

We are genuine and prefer our previous successes to speak for themselves. As a group we have successfully run meet and greets, parties, pool events and even cruises with a combined over 40 events. Please have a read of our validations.

Our friends list is of people we have actually met. They may or may not have attended one of our events. However they are real and lovely.

Any questions, just ask, we’d love to hear from you sexy people who are keen to be active in this awesome lifestyle