Chateau Vino Adult Venue

Chateau Vino Adult Venue

Tamrookum, QLD, Australia

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Chateau Vino Adult Venue, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, stands as one of Australia's largest and most stylish swingers clubs. Whether local or from afar, we invite you to our welcoming space for connections and events in a secure, comfortable, and approved environment.

Our BYO drinks policy complements a professionally staffed bar, offering quality service without alcohol sales. With nine playrooms, including exclusive Bondage/fetish and Orgy spaces, our venue, featuring a nightclub-style dance floor with a DJ, guarantees vibrant experiences. Outdoor smoking and meeting areas, plus top-notch pool table zones, enhance the overall experience.

Equipped with reverse-cycle air conditioning, our club ensures a comfortable atmosphere year-round. Our dedicated staff contributes to a positive atmosphere, and maintaining cleanliness is a top priority. Complimentary condoms, lube, and towels add to your convenience and safety.

Established in 2011, Chateau Vino secured approval from the Gold Coast City Council in June 2012, becoming the first council-approved Swingers Club. This milestone reflects our commitment to stringent conditions, prioritizing a safe and enjoyable environment.

Chateau Vino - Where swingers meet, party, and play.