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 Win one of 20 RedHotPie Hoodies - WINNERS!CONGRATS WINNERS! - JAKSHAK, Jenna54, Tender_Luvn, Zippycactus, playdate69, sensualcple2play, Playful_Partners,...

RedHotPie Editor | June 26 2023

Win one of 20 RedHotPie Hoodies - WINNERS!

CONGRATS WINNERS! - JAKSHAK, Jenna54, Tender_Luvn, Zippycactus, playdate69, sensualcple2play, Playful_Partners, AssQuean4it, April, XBonnieClydeX, Kezandtatia, Dan146, Darpaw2, tank__girl, Excel_Luscious, Maracus69, Pieman4u, CastleFun, Sean898, cum_play_withme. Keep an eye on your mailbox, some awesome 20th Anniversary RedHotPie hoodies are heading your way!

We're celebrating 20 years of the RedHotPie party! That's right, we're turning 20 this year and to celebrate we're giving you even more love - we're giving away 20 premium RedHotPie hoodies! Get your drip game on lock with the slickest hoodies on the planet, and show everyone you're living your sexiest life! These hoodies are killer! Double lined, heavy duty zipper, contrasting dual hood cords, and of course some RHP flavour on the chest, arm and back. Seriously, this is some elite kit! Get in the draw now!


  • daddys_baby1

    01 Feb 2024


  • KARL1

    04 Dec 2023

    Well done all lucky buggers 🙌🍻

  • Tender_Luvn

    11 Oct 2023

    Cheers RHP. Thank you so much. Happy 20th. Hope your planning one hell of a 21st Bday Party

  • Wennick

    05 Oct 2023

    Awesome hoodies

  • Excel_Luscious

    14 Aug 2023

    My man looks hot in his RHP hoodie 🙂

  • Zippycactus

    14 Aug 2023

    Received mine today after work. Was just the best after such a harrowing fortnight. Thank you. Will be wearing it everywhere

  • sensualcple2play

    14 Aug 2023

    Thanks Quality Hoody!

  • XBonnieClydeX

    13 Aug 2023

    Received my hoodie in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much. I love it ❤️ it's really good quality and feels great on! Will post a sexy photo wearing it at a later date 😜

  • Zippycactus

    09 Aug 2023

    Will be checking the post every day now

  • cum_play_withme

    08 Aug 2023

    Thanks for my hoodie, I will wear it often as I can while we have winter here.

  • newcouple4334

    08 Aug 2023

    Looks great

  • Maracus69

    08 Aug 2023

    Thanks rhp got mine yesterday will be wearing it to meetups and club visits

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    08 Aug 2023

    Nice 👍

  • Noahlane

    08 Aug 2023

    Re draw!

  • Biwife13

    31 Jul 2023

    Would love to throw on my new RHP hoodie, would be great for cheeky flashes in public or after a night of fun to keep warm.

  • cockerdilly

    27 Jul 2023

    Love to have a hoodie like that I was born on the 20th then my friend will now I have been laid with this site they think it’s fake

  • Fuckinghorny

    27 Jul 2023

    Hmm I wonder how much attention I'd receive wearing one of these out and about. I'd feel so naughty and flirty

  • melbcpl01

    23 Jul 2023

    Could use this In the cold of Melbourne

  • Katastrophe

    16 Jul 2023

    Please this would be the only piece of clothing I'd wear this winter 😜

  • ShesHisHesHers

    10 Jul 2023

    Would be awesome to win and amazing to wear, RHP is just great and the ppls here are the best 👌🏽 👍🏽 😍 🥰


    06 Jul 2023

    WOW....winner, clothes at my dinner

  • Dynomike

    01 Jul 2023

    I need this in my life

  • JadeCristine

    30 Jun 2023

    Would look great on, to promote all my RHP sponsored parties 😍

  • XBonnieClydeX

    30 Jun 2023

    Pick Me 🖐Pick Me🖐 Would love to win this as a prize for our next event!

  • GoTime007

    29 Jun 2023

    That would be awesome to cruise around in.. Wants it badly! :)

  • Randygirl67

    29 Jun 2023

    Fantastic Hoodies grab one of those

  • AR8788

    29 Jun 2023

    I wonder who would look better mister or miss? Surely RHP would hook us up with a his and hers to celebrate the 20years with Rhp by having something warm to walk from hotel lobby to car….obviously with nothing but the RHP HOODIES!!

  • cum_play_withme

    28 Jun 2023

    Great colour blend with logo.

  • Funguy52

    28 Jun 2023

    The hoodies are fantastic

  • Ynot4fun4two

    28 Jun 2023

    The hoodie looks amazing 🤩 😈🤩😈