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WIN - RedHotPie's Big Night In!!!WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Check now to see if you're one of the lucky winners!

Rebecca Daniels | August 06 2021

WIN - RedHotPie's Big Night In!!!


Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be reaching out to get your prize out to you ASAP! 


Get hot at home with the RedHotPie Big Night In give-away! We know getting out and about is tricky in some parts of the country right now, so no matter what’s happening where you live, we want to bring the party to you!

We’re giving away not one, but two massive Big Night In prize packs. We’re going to take care of food, bevvies, entertainment and even some sexy toys to ensure whether you’re flying solo or having a Big Night In with a partner, you can get naughty and enjoy a little sexy time… as we said, there are two prizes up for grabs, so get your entry in now.

Each of the two prize packs are worth $250, here’s what they both include:

$100 Lovehoney gift card

Lovehoney has the world’s hottest range of sexy-time toys, and we got you hooked up with this $100 Lovehoney gift card. Your bedroom won’t know what hit it!

$50 UberEats gift card

Let’s someone else do the cooking – log on to UberEats and order in from your favourite local. Fuel up – you’re going to need that energy later.

$50 Dan Murphy's gift card

A little lusty lubricant? Why the hell not! Thanks to your old mates at RHP, your next Dan Murphy's haul is on us - cheers!

$50 Netflix card

This Netflix credit is gonna be perfect for the lulls in lusty action! Chuck it on before, between and post-play for the perfect night in.

For your chance to win, in a sentence or two, describe your naughtiest night in memory in the comments section below, the sexier the better!

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Competition closes midnight Saturday, July 31 2021. The winners will be chosen at random from eligible entries and notified after promotion concludes. Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.


  • Orangegirl95

    12 Aug 2021

    A play partner and I went out to dinner at this nice Italian restaurant and were given a table up against the wall in the corner. I had on, by request, a long skirt with no panties which allowed him to run his fingers against my clit and into my dripping pussy. It got even hotter when the server came to take our order and he kept moving them ever so slowly inside me, and when a gentleman across the room kept staring at me, and dipping his eyes down to my leg resting on my partners chair, gaze intense and I just knew he knew what we were doing.

  • Welshlad1

    08 Aug 2021

    One night I was out with some friends when I was living back in Wales. Went to this club seen this hot lady from across the room we got talking after a few drinks we was on the dance floor. I started to rub my hands over her sexy body my cock was getting hard I slipped a finger in we then move to the speakers of the club I got my hard cock out and fucked her so hot filling her deep with cum with everyone around us

  • BiPolyMale

    31 Jul 2021

    I'm sleeping with my old high school teacher! granted its been a few years since he was my teacher but it still feels so naughty that it makes the sex so much hotter! i now love being in trouble with him. mmm detention...

  • scandu4fun

    31 Jul 2021

    My then girlfriend now wife was leaning to drive but still didn't have her L's, so I took her to a quiet road to let her drive my car. When we got back to the main road and were changing seats, she thanked me by pausing into the back seat. Got a bit uncomfortable, so being horny she was less shy and we finished on the boot.

  • cpl8683

    29 Jul 2021

    It was a night in Sydney with a couple we met through RHP, started with a meet at a little speakeasy which ended at Men's Gallery before a taxi ride back to our motel😍 My wife was lucky enough to sit between the men in the back and let's just say being wet is an understatement

  • melbourneminx

    28 Jul 2021

    Naughtiest night would have to be when I walked up to one of the managers at my business during a Friday evening event at work. We had barely spoken prior to this night however the champagne had kicked in when I asked him “have you ever had sex at work?” to which he responded “that’s a very inappropriate question to ask”. I replied “I know..but have you? Or should I say, do you want to?” 5 minutes later we were fucking in the work bathroom. This was the beginning of many naughty months in the office!

  • chiefwilly

    27 Jul 2021

    My wife and I were camping with friends in the bush. We had been frisky with each other all afternoon, including a short sneaky play in the shower tent when we set it up. This just fuelled the desire but we had to bide our time, the friends were not that type sadly. We sat by the fire as all the others drifted of to bed and the minute they left our hands started to wander. Soon enough we were just out of the light of the fire by our ute passionately but quietly enjoying each other's bodies under the stars while the others slept meters away in tents and campers. We were soon in a frenzy and finished as hard and fast as we could without making to much noise with my wife bent over the bonnet where any unsuspecting camper could have caught us. We finished our drinks by the warm fire and went to bed giggling like teenagers.

  • Triplette

    27 Jul 2021

    TRIPLETTE Seductive dinner/wine.. Tied to the bed arms and legs, blindfolded😵‍💫 Oblivious to events apart from smell, taste and touch……….smeared with vanilla yogurt.. a banana pushed inside my pussy. Fingers exploring orifices. Mind blowing orgasms………….mmm!

  • HornyAsfMilf

    25 Jul 2021

    When I got a hotel room one night & had 3 diff random guys over at diff times 😋😛

  • Elizalou2

    22 Jul 2021

    After separating from my partner of 30yrs at the beginning of the year, it had been a few months since I had last had cock or even felt the touch of a man and I was becoming increasing frustrated and horny as my toy collection was just not floating my boat like it used to. Then in April some close friends who helped me move my belongs into my new address introduced me to their house guest who also lent a hand with the moving. He was cute enough, but quite shy upon our initial introduction, but I was grateful for his help all the same. The following day my friends came to visit again for a few bevies and some games of pool before I left the family home just around the corner from them for good the following week. Their house guest tagged along with them and after a few drinks he started to relax and join in the conversation and lively banter. Banter which ended up with me admitting it had been 3 months since I had had a man and that I was as toey as fuck! The following morning I received a message from my friends guest saying that he hoped it was ok, that he asked our mutual friends for my number. I was quite surprised, and a little excited that someone had actually asked for my number. I replied and asked if he wanted to catch up for a couple of drinks at a local pub later that eveing. As he was new to the area, I drove via my friends place to pick him up and the pub was only a short 5 minute drive up the road. We went to the bar and grabbed a drink each and found a quiet table outside and began chatting, and after another drink decided to stay for a chicken parmi each before driving home. As my friends lived just around the corner, I asked if he'd like to come to my place for a last drink before I dropped him off back at our friends to which he eagerly agreed. With a drink in hand it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to the fact that I had not had sex for 3 months, and I confided that although I hadn't slept with another male for 30 years, I had slept with many women over the years, as my ex would never even entertain the idea of another male in the bedroom, never mind another male fucking me, nor was swinging ever entertained, not even a soft swing with a couple was ever allowed, just women, only ever women, which was fine bi me at the time, and he soon had an understanding of exactly how toey I was, although my guest was a little blown away by this fact as he had had some experience in the swinging scene and even went as far as giving me a gentle warning that he could be a bit of a beast in the bedroom, to which I replied "well I'll be the judge of that". And with that said, we sucked and fucked and licked and squirted, and cum over and over again from one end of the house to the other, the bed, the shower, the kitchen bench, the spa, the dining table, the deck, even in my ex's spot while wearing one of my ex's T-shirts, which we found incredibly hot and maybe a little sadistic, and after 3 days of not sticking our head out of the front gate, my guest admitted the he really should return to our friends place, as he was tired and maybe a little sore......and so he should have been because I rode his huge cock like a champion bronco cowgirl for 3 days and 3 nights, and still wanted more! Most definately the hottest 3 days and nights in I have experienced ever!! I'm happy to say that we are still fwb's 3 months on. And for a suprise for his birthday TODAY, I have arranged for another M friend to join us for my first DP ever and my fwb's all time favourite!!! Maybe tonight will be the hottest night in??? I'll be sure to let you know!

  • Coolc72

    21 Jul 2021

    It was actually an afternoon at a swingers club I hope it still counts even though it wasn’t an evening. It was my second or so swingers club experience. I turned up and as soon as I went through the door I stripped and walked about in the nude as the requirement for males visiting the club. Females can wear lingerie robe or towel. I was walking about taking it all in there was a lot more men than women there. But there was a few attractive wives with their partners and a few single women. I smiled pleasantly at a couple of different wives and single women who where dressed in lingerie to nothing at all. One wife was getting carried around by her fella and friend and was being encouraged to suck the various strangers cocks on offer. Another single lady was sucking a friend of hers and came into the shower room when I was in there a couple of times. I asked her to join me for a shower she had large breasts and was quite shorter than me. She was tempted but didn’t eventuate. I was casually checking out the scene and a single women with her friend both removed their towels and got into the pool. I thought I may join them , so I swam around a bit before going close to one of the ladies then I started rubbing her back as she spoke to her friend leading to rubbing caressing her breasts and playing with her pierced clit. I was so excited I had the one of the hardest cocks I’ve had for a while. The atmosphere of people being nude and me playing with this lady as she spoke to her friend was supper erotic. Furthermore the top floor of the building looking down through glass widows was a brothel and the ladies working their looking down and having a great old giggle etc at all the swingers. The lady then didn’t want to get in spa with me so I jumped in by myself only to have another female arrive who jumped in and asked if she could touch me she did so and we went to the play room after a while too many sausages swarmed around us so we finished in private room. The thrill and anticipation of playing in the pool and then thinking perhaps 3 way with the two women. Then having a different newly arrived lady join me was a thrilling highly sexually charged experience.

  • couplelooking

    18 Jul 2021

    I (wifey) love finding play mates for us to enjoy and share just recently we got two mm to join. I like to watch them play first then join. I laid back pleasuring myself with dildo while I watch these guys suck each other then swap around one was taken from behind while that one sucked was so hot and such a turn on watching hubby use his skills I have passed on .. I forgot to join in I was loving the show so much but worth it.. next play date I’ll just have to be quicker and share them all with him 🤤 enjoy everyone and happy humping

  • lisaandbenji

    16 Jul 2021

    My hottest night was the night I met my partner. He wined and dined me, then took me back to his place and we fucked in every position imaginable while watching ourselves in his floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Later I found out his flatmates heard the whole thing, so hot!

  • Coolc72

    16 Jul 2021

    My gorgeous gal was invited to visit a couple we met when I was away at work They wanted to take her to the swingers club to start with then back to their place. She wanted to go I said wait till I return and we’ll go together. I returned she didn’t want to go back and visit them. I think she went back and was wary of getting found out. I told her she could tell me all without fear of consequences. She still didn’t say she did though I think she did oh well it’s my fantasy she did who knows.

  • Margo99

    15 Jul 2021

    My new bull was curious to explore his sexuality so he invited me over for a night in for the old Netflix and chill. But I turned up to his place wearing my dominatrix gear with my whips and cuffs hanging off me. He wouldn't even wait until I was inside to start trying to submit to me. So hot.

  • YngCouple91

    15 Jul 2021

    What was meant to be a first meet-up at the beach, between ourselves and another couple after weeks of teasing over the phone...became a lot more. In such a public setting, we agreed to catch up a few hours later together as everyone knew what we all wanted... The door was left unlocked and they had both been blindfolded and tied up waiting for us when we came over, it a hot few hours of getting to know each other even more...a few days later we were able to catch up over a lunch break and all sat in a car away for some lunch fun.

  • WesternSydCouple

    15 Jul 2021

    We met a guy on here not to long ago. Started off with me and my wife fucking from 11.30 am with lots of drinks. Was supposed to just be a Skype chat. Instead he travelled four hours to come and fuck us. We are both bi so I sucked my first cock in 13 years and had a wonderful night spit roasting my wife. Swapping sides so she could taste herself. Needless to say we all still keep in touch.

  • TacticalTomas

    15 Jul 2021

    I am looking for fun on the Gold Coast for the next couple of days

  • Swappers

    14 Jul 2021

    We were new to this lifestyle and thought we’d check out a swingers club. Saw a couple we both found attractive and started chatting. Soon their friends joined us and we were all heading to a room. Door open but chain closed, we all ended up entangled on the bed. The sheets were drenched by the time we were finished! Didn’t expect our first experience was going to be an orgy! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • herewebe

    14 Jul 2021

    I brought home a gf as a surprise for my hubby, with our ever discussing, all of his porn searches were FFM and I saw my window of opportunity… whilst he poured a drink we disappeared to the shower, then to the bed and sent him a text to let him know, and the rest is history. He has his every fantasy watching us pleasure each other with him occasional joining in and when she left- we went to town- hot as hell!

  • Madambutterfly78

    14 Jul 2021

    At the footy(AFL) watching the game together with some friends. All very squished, jacket on my man's lap and my hand under the jacket getting him nice and hard and very frustrated. So we couldn't take it anymore! Stuck off to the disabled toilets for a hard and fast fuck. Mmmm, might have left a puddle oops😁

  • cheeky_monkeys

    14 Jul 2021

    Well it’s with my cheeky monkey partner in crime 😋 first night we meet up at a surf club after speaking for a few weeks on the phone, eventually we decide to head home, but first we need to go for a walk on the beach. One thing leads to another and we are fucking on the beach in front of the surf club we were just drinking at with a beautiful full moon to show everyone else we were having a great time 😊 first met up to first sex on the beach and now crazy about each other and continuing to do all these first things together without hesitation 🙌🙌🙌 soo much fun 🥰

  • PrivateParties

    14 Jul 2021

    We had jus left the club after a night of fantastic sex, watching each other fuck and play with sexy new friends!!! The drive home was long and we were not done so we pulled over on the freeway!!! he bent me over the bonnet of our car and started to funk me hard while cars were driving past !!!! he said it’s OK they can’t turn around, we bother came so hard !!!