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WIN! - RHP's Wild Winter Getaway!!WINNER ANNOUNCED! Check now to see if you're the lucky winner!

RedHotPie Editor | June 01 2021

WIN! - RHP's Wild Winter Getaway!!

WINNER: Hardkisssoftlips

Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be reaching out to get your prize out to you ASAP! 


Winter hits next month and we’re here for you!

To combat the winter blues, we’re giving away a wickedly wild getaway, complete with a nights accommodation, great food, a few drinks, a naughty toy or two and transport.

We want you to forget the winter chill and turn up the heat, all thanks to RedHotPie!!

Here's what you can win...

Mantra $250 gift card

Mantra Hotels are one of the most beloved getaway brands in Australia with locations just about everywhere! Get away for a naughty over-night stay with a $250 Mantra Hotels gift card. The room's on us, the mini bar and cheeky flicks are on you.

Best Restaurants $100 gift card

No wickedly raunchy adventure would be complete without a little romantic dining – so we’ve sorted you with a $100 Best Restaurants gift card. With hundreds of options to choose from, whatever your palette demands, you're sure to find something to delight your taste bus and set the mood for dessert!

Lovehoney $50 gift card

Look, we all know there's probably gonna be some sexy business taking place during this holiday, so let's lean into it shall we?! Thanks to this $50 Lovehoney gift card, you'll have the right equipment for the job. Got batteries?

Dan Murphy's $50 gift card

A little social lubricant is no doubt going to make any weekend getaway that much cheekier, and we’re here for that! Grab your favourite bottle at Dan Murphy's, hell, if you’re not overly discerning, grab two.

Uber $50 gift card

You have to get to the hotel, and what if you have a few drinks at dinner? Well, forget about driving, we’ve included a $50 Uber gift card so you can kick back and be carted around in style.

For your chance to win, in a sentence or two, describe your sexiest holiday memory in the comments section below, the naughtier the better! 

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Competition closes midnight Sunday, May 30 2021. The winner will be chosen at random from eligible entries and notified after promotion concludes. Disclaimer: All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.


  • naughtyandspice

    12 Jun 2021

    In the infinity pool at a private bungalow in Bali overlooking the rainforest and the guests below

  • sweetnsensual

    31 May 2021

    I was surprised to know for my birthday that my partner had booked a weekend holiday in Noosa. The weekend arrived and we boarded our plane and suddenly we were on the sunshine coast staying in Hastings street. Our first night was very romantic and we went to a tapas bar where the staff were attentive and lovely giving us hugs as we both left to go back to our room to make love till we fell asleep. Saturday morning was a beautiful fishing trip where we caught some amazing fish and saw the beauty of the Noosa estuary. This was followed by a sunset cruise with champagne then we went to a beautiful restaurant where we met a couple we had been chatting to on RHP. He was handsome and dressed in a lovely suit and she was stunning and had one of the most warming smiles I had ever seen. We laughed talked and enjoyed our meal and the wine was amazing too. When we had finished I asked them if they would like to accompany us back to our room. They agreed and we walked back along the beach in the moonlight wondering what the night would bring. When we arrived we opened some champagne and chatted and laughed some more. I whispered in to her ear we should get changed. Both of us girls went to the bathroom where we changed. I had been bought a new Honey Birdette outfit which was sensual and sexy. She changed into what i can only describe as the prettiest sexiest sensual lingerie i had seen. She turned to face the mirror to apply lipstick and i admired her long blonde hair flowing down her beautiful back.. We both stood and stared at each other with desire and entered the main bedroom holding hands. The boys were amazed and surprised to see us in our lingerie. They both commented on how beautiful we both looked as i led her to the bed. I kissed her lightly on her lips slightly parting her lips. Our tongues touched and my hands roamed over her perfect body. We were pressed together and I could feel her body heat and took in her scent. She smelt amazing and tasted just as good. We fell onto the bed and I took my time exploring every part of her body with my eyes, hands, lips and tongue. It was my birthday and I was with a goddess. We were one together kissing touching caressing. I took her tongue in to my mouth and fely our bodies pressed together. I removed her top and she did mine and we both explored each other. It felt like we were the only two people in the world. I could hear music in the background but my focus was on this beautiful woman i was about to make love with. We made love for an hour before inviting the boys to join in. He was a gentleman and very attentive in bed. He pleasured me with slow sensual sex before bringing me to an intense orgasm as I looked at my partner. he was enjoying our new friend and they were entwined and making passionate sex together. We all cam e and just laid there in the moonlight caressing and touching each other. For me it was my most romantic holiday away and to meet such a sexy classy couple topped of a perfect weekend. Loved Noosa

  • Hazzaau

    28 May 2021

    Early last year i went on a cruise with a friend. One night around 11pm after partying all night we decided to hit the spa. When we got there there was 5 other people already there probably a few years younger there was a 2 gay guys 2 hot girls & another single guy. They said they all just met at a bar a few hrs ago. This group was still partying. After a little while the drinks started flowing again. One of the gay guys got out to get his drink & we noticed he was wearing nothing but white seethrough Ck's. He jumped back in & started making out with his boyfriend. Things started getting a little kinky daring each other to kiss. First up it was the two girls. They went as it for what seemed like an eternity while grinding their breast together. Next up was the straight guy & the guy in his Ck's. When they stood up we could see the day guys cock was hard. They reached in to kiss but the horny gay then layed over him before making out with him. Shortly after i noticed the other gay laughing & bouncing around. He then pulled his cock out & flashed everyone. One of the girls i was sitting next to was getting turned on. Her hand slid down the front of my pants beneath the bubbles before grabbing my cock. She pulled my cock out from the leg of my shorts & started to jerk me. Things were real roudy by this point as he was moaning a litthe while playing with the jets. We thought he was taking the piss but he was actually cumming hands free. The girl then sat on my lap as we started to make out. I quickly slid into her as noone was any wiser. It wasn't long until i was busting my nuts deep inside her. She slip off me & started makining out with my mate. She was a real slus who wanted everyones load. About a hr later we all decided to hop out & heas back to our rooms. I looked down at my legd & thought what is that. It was white sticky stuff stuck to the hair of my leg. My mate also had some on his arm. After looking closer at it we both disvovered it was actually cum that had stuck to us. It could have been from any 5 guys that were there. So we hit the showers before going to slerp. The next morning we walk past the spa whils heading to the buffet. The spa was getting drained. One of the indpectors runs his fingers along the side wall of the spa. He shouts to his coleague fo u know what this is with a baffled look on his face. It was sticky, stringy balls of cum stuck to the side. The spa remained closed for the rest of the day. At breakfast i run into the hot girl i fucked in the spa hrs earlier. She was still a bit of a mess & looked like she haddnt been to slerp yet. Whilst standing behind her again i notice some sticky clump of cum in her hair. I honestly dont know how many loads mudt have been shot in the spa that night but it stuck to everyone as a reminder.

  • DsDelight

    26 May 2021

    Throwing a party with 5 other couples, single girl and a single guy in a mansion we'd hired for our bucks and hens nights... And having everyone play with everyone 😁

  • sayyessasha

    26 May 2021

    Midnight walk to the lighthouse. Bending over the rails. Making eye contact with the fisherman on the rocks belle while I Screamed in pleasure.

  • repor

    26 May 2021

    A couple who liked to invite a solo guy to let the wife have some fun. He has diabetes and could not get it up, but liked to watch the wife in action. Great afternoon and evening encounters.

  • BiUnicorn

    26 May 2021

    Dressing up like an innocent school girl with a friend and giving my boyfriend at the time a MFF threesome he will never forget when holidaying on the Gold Coast! We even wore matching short pleated skirts and lacy panties!

  • No Username

    25 May 2021

    I really should get published! I've been lucky enough to have accumulated my own A-Z catalogue but... I'm not at all shy, I refuse to be a deposit in a random 'wankbank'... I'm suffering from the COVID:can't cum cock up. Would be just so fab to win, then document, film our weekend for those who are appreciative. Would be great to add a new vid to our collection.💜💋🙏😈💯🍆🎫

  • lambertmartins

    25 May 2021

    After a long drive from Brisbane, arrived at this private party at Noosa nearly at the end of the fun but still got lucky to make a 3sum with 2 milfs, so much fun that we had to book another place next morning to keep partying! 😁😈

  • Swappers

    25 May 2021

    Wife and I parked on the Mount Panorama racetrack when visiting Bathurst and fucked each other silly

  • kristen_red

    25 May 2021

    Years ago I was living in New York. On New Year’s Eve I met another Australian guy. He asked me back to his hotel. We found the ballroom which had just had a New Years party been held there. We got naked and had sex all over the ballroom. The best part was having sex on the window sill, over looking Central Park as the sun came up.

  • ArtandYen

    24 May 2021

    Boyfriend and I (now husband) are both very passionate with each other! We once went on a camping holiday with his two best friends. We were playing card games outside our tent on our first night camping. I went away and pulled the portable hammock away from the tent to stargaze and brought my blanket with me cos it was too cold. Hubby followed me and cuddled me. He has been kissing me and I felt he was starting to get hard!! His two other friends followed and brought their chair with them. We were under the blanket and I was just slowly grinding on my husband while he is cuddling me sideways, I was being cheeky and smiling and he couldn't stop and pulled down my short. He was so hard and he started going inside me. It was so hot! I was trying to have a conservation at the same time and it was a challenge LOL :) He kept doing it until we both actually came. His friends have no idea as we still trying to hold the conversation as normal! Husband and I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was the hottest thing so the next night, we did it again! :D

  • showmenow

    23 May 2021

    Watching the Manya rays wings peaking out of the water as they swam and “danced”, we sat and watched with a beer in hand. As the sun set, creating a pinkish orangey sky, I straddled him on a camp chair. He came as the sun set on the horizon.

  • Roxy4U

    23 May 2021

    On a cruise a few years back I met a cute guy on deck and said to him "My mother is from ICELAND! My father is from POLAND! So I suppose that makes me an ICYPOLE!! Fancy a LICK?!?!?" In which he did until we got busted by security O'h what a fun sexy nite that was

  • rainbowpie

    22 May 2021

    Many years ago, I worked as a tour guide for overseas travellers in Cairns. One day I met a young local guy on the beach and we spent the evening together, watching the sunset and flirting. He offered to take me on his motorbike to the resort where I was staying, as I had missed the resort bus. Of course I invited him to my room for drink... and we had sex all night and it was really difficult to smuggle him out in the morning (because of his loud motorbike)- it felt like everyone had noticed it! I had to guide a 4WD tour through the rainforest and nearly fell asleep several times, but it was worth it.

  • Honestly

    22 May 2021

    Once upon a time in a Vietnamese village there was a very horny traveller who stopped to have a drink in a bar. After one 2 many drinks the girl realised her wallet had gone missing. Oh no what was she to do. Lucky the Irish bar tender had seen it fall between the floor boards beneath her. Her hero. The Irishman offered to ensure she made it safely back to her hotel. Wanting to offer the very sexy Irishman a cold beverage for his kind gestures, unfortunately her roomate was asleep. Lucky for the Irishman, the stairwell was free. After a few drinks.. the passion grew until finally the girl ripped he clothes off and jumped on him, She watched his face screw up and... a shrek, they turned their heads.... a shocked hotel employee ran away. They smiled and said their farewells never to be seen again.

  • hotass78243

    21 May 2021

    Xmas time with ex partner and he made me go to church Xmas Eve. 😈 I made sure he had a huge new list of sins to confess to. So many things inside a Catholic church that work so well as sex aides

  • dimples4fun67

    21 May 2021

    Went ho Cairns on my own . Met a cpl and we had a party on their hotel along came others and we were all swimming naked at midnight trying to be quiet and in sure guests were watching. It ended up bjs on the pool fucking on the sun chairs. It was so hot .Then back to the room and 3 girls had a soapy hot bath. He other couple that came Then kidnapped me to their hotel for more debauchery. I fell to sleep snoring while they continued fucking next to me hahahah. Was their first 3some. I set them aĺ up to start having meet and greets in Cairns. Then off I went home. A very sexy naughty weekend.

  • FitCouplexxx

    16 May 2021

    Wife and I went to a local Greek night club, she soon spotted a friend of mine at the bar and said he’s hot, I then told her to go and say hi and tell him, within minutes she came back and said I’m going to the car with him and meet them there in 5 , Hottest sight ever..🌹

  • Raebabe79

    16 May 2021

    So I went to a swingers club with a male friend . And we watched a few whipping sessions before I decided I wanted to have a go and have it done with people watching. Throughout the night I had been chatting to a few people. And then a couple of guys came up to me ana asked if I would whip them. I then said yes sire let’s give it a go. To which my make friend said let’s all go to a private room and then I find myself with three guys and all my holes to fill. What can I say it was an amazing night😛

  • Nickii1000

    14 May 2021

    I was in a night club in Bankok, we were all dancing, I was sweating so decided to get another drink, a man at the bar was giving me the most intense stare as I was ordering my drink, his look said it all, I said Hi, he said " I would love to lick your pussy", now normally I might freaked out or laugh depending on who said it, but talk about turned on. I said "let's go", we walked around the corner to his motel, he wasn't even speaking, took me to his room, pulled up my skirt and ( only supposed to be a cple sentences) pretty soon I was nearly screaming with pleasure, I exchanged the favour and then he bent me over...., it was so so hot, we walked back to nightclub, he left, my friends were wondering where the hell I was, ha.

  • givingatry

    14 May 2021

    My partner surprised me for a weekend getaway for my birthday Drove me to the tablelands outside of cairns on the way she pulled over to a look out for some oral relief as cars drove past Got to the room with a fire place and outside spa We had amazing sex in both Then she handcuffed and tied me to the bed and played with some toys she got me from Love Honey When we checked out the manager said I’m glad you enjoyed your stay He saw us having sex in the outside spa multiple times It’s was great and that turned her on again

  • PhoeniXandB

    13 May 2021

    Took my partner to Townsville for Groovin the Moo music festival a couple of years ago.. saw the main act (Hilltop Hoods) we'd planned to see, then wandered round checking all the eye candy out. I needed to pee, off to the dreaded portaloos we go.. but like a miracle the first one i opened was more immaculate than Marys firstborn! In shock I turned and looked to B, who didnt need any convincing - we climbed in, locked the door, set up our phones and recorded ourselves shagging in every possible position the tiny space allowed for. Eventually we hear a radio approaching and loo doors being opened- we'd been in there so long we were the last ones standing, getting ushered out of the empty showgrounds! In fact we were so late we almost missed the last ferry to our accommodation, which wouldve been a disaster.. the next morning, we realise our all-night sex marathon is going to make us late for something else - our flight home!! Oops! Making the necessary phone call to Jetstar was not made easier by B not stopping his exploration and devouring of my body for even one second, even making me cum when the consultant put me on hold for a few mins. I actually put a clip of the portaloo adventure on pornhub - called it "Groovin the Loo" - and to date its had over 80k views!! :) Now THAT'S a memorable holiday ;) 10/10 recommend the whole experience. We have had a romantic weekend away planned for this weekend for months now, headed to melbourne to see Jimmy Nice (one of Australias most talented rappers) perform and hopefully get up to hijinx just as memorable. Everything booked, paid for, even bought extra tickets for any date who wanted to join us. Late last night I got the news that in Adelaide my dads had a fall, spent 2 days on the floor and is now in emergency with severe dehydration and suspected fractures. Hes frail and already disabled from polio, so i have to go see him - or it could be too late. It would blow our minds to get a second chance at a romantic getaway!

  • scandu4fun

    13 May 2021

    On a cruise ship, had a balcony and made love while coming into port, port side, finished with Mrs over the rail both fully naked and she had cum so much she left a puddle on the floor. Ship was docking so went in for a shower and get ready to explore a new city.

  • Adventurefunguy

    12 May 2021

    On a college bush walk holiday in the wild Victorian Alps my girlfriend gave me "that glance" over her shoulder. With a cheeky grin we sneaked away off the trail... found an amazing tree with low hung branches, both got naked, she climbed up first, then I entered from behind....thrusting in deep & fast, gushing wet & pulsating orgasms dripping down our legs.... Tarzan and Jane... beat that... Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh😈🔥😈🔥!!!!!!

  • lotsofpuddles1

    12 May 2021

    At a popular Bluemountains lookout. Watching me no touching me or you . A older jogger that may have watched from a distance not sure . Finished with a hot blow job All in all a great day

  • hoppingbunny

    12 May 2021

    Awwh would be so much fun. Nights in hotels are fun 💋👅

  • Brownlover204

    11 May 2021

    I was on my RNR from fifo work met this lady in gym start with smile and small chat then some how she found me on RHP and msg me when I m going gym again we met for workout end up in gym washroom and since then we meet in hotel ,public ,cinema ,car and always walk out sweaty and relaxed 😜

  • Ourfantasy242

    11 May 2021

    Our sexiest holiday memories were at Passion in Paradise 2019 where we met some of the most amazing sexiest couples. Days filled with sun, drinking and laughter and the nights were filled with dancing, mingling and naughty fun. Hottest 4 days filled with exciting and unforgettable memories 😈🌞🥰

  • AsingleguyWA

    11 May 2021

    In a "previous" life I had been at sea for some 5 months - no female company on an American (dry) ship .. engine broke .. and we ended up docking in the Philippines for repairs. Got ashore went to nearest bar for a lovely cold beer .. spotted a gooooorgeous woman at the other end of the bar ... until mate I was with pointed out the "adams apple" .. sort of killed the libido for a while! A few days later an "all girl" crew sailing in a competition arrived .. the company we worked for were sponsoring them .. so the ships officers (all 5 of us) "Corporately" entertained them in a nice hotel bar .. that lead to a night of entwined bodies and a lot of fun every evening for a week or so until they left :-)

  • Aussie_Tiger

    11 May 2021

    One time we were at a nude beach (location to remain a secret) and there was a lone female among a sea of men it seemed. Not sure how many of the guys were gay or straight but the usual lurkers, shirt-cockers, pervs and weirdos. She kind of beckoned us over...given we were a a strength in numbers kind of thing. She was absolutely stunning!! Long raven hair, glistening tanned skin with no lines, massive natural boobs, Kardashian ass before there was such a thing, fully waxed and a gorgeous face with cute smile. I'm not lying. In no time flat we were all chatting together and lamenting the "talent" on the beach but laughing and flirting as well. It was obvious she was into both of us and I kindly obliged when she asked if I wouldn't mind putting some more sunscreen on her back. Needless to say I made sure to move my hands ever closer towards those poppin' cheeks and she arched her back slightly giving me silent permission to proceed with my job. My fingers working deeper into her crevices and now on the inside of her legs. Next thing I knew, I was now massaging her pink lips while she blissfully carried on with my missus in chit chat. I could no longer take it as my cock was by now rock hard...and obvious to our audience of perverts (let alone my lady) that I was aroused. So I slipped a finger inside her moist snatch...and she let out a moan so I added another. She was completely creamy inside as my fingers worked in and out with ease and up and over her swollen clit. She abruptly sat up and asked us both if we wanted to fuck her!! I/we couldn't believe our luck. Not wanting to overly indulge the gallery of onlookers any further, we all departed the beach and made our way to a secluded spot outdoors to finish the story. Perhaps in another competition I can finish it. Lol

  • Sanguine12

    11 May 2021

    Overcome with her beauty and the smell of her pheromones, I pursuaded Carolyn to let me go down on her on a secluded part OT the creek in the national park. Halfway through, a gang of boys out's came over the hill laughing,ended up retreating to the inside of an ancient tree to fuck.

  • happytocum

    11 May 2021

    After ariving in Monte Carlo a few years back I decided to rent a motor bike and drive around. The town was very quiet as off car racing season. I went to a restaurant and found this beautiful lady dining by herself. I pulled up and sat behind her. Her English wasn't great but enough. We partied at a bar then I took her back to my hotel room that overlooked the harbour. I had been given a black condom by a friend. We had the greatest sex for hours that night as she rode my huge black cock up and down for what seemed hours. The next day I was catching a train to Brussels, I never thought I would see her again then she showed up on the platform begging me to stay. What a beautiful girl.

  • Pandd2000

    11 May 2021

    Met up with some new friends on the Gold Coast one night. After a few drinks and dinner, I suggested to the lady of the new couple, knowing that she was Bi, that she might like to seduce my partner! Well she did just that, while us two guys looked on. It wasn’t long before the boobs were out, nipples being licked and kissed. Ended up in bed as a foursome and my partner having the time of her life. So much for not wanting to play with others :-)

  • boobsandbusted

    11 May 2021

    On a trip to Thailand many moons ago , we decided on a couples soapy massage which started our swinging lifestyle because we enjoyed it so much, it was meant to be just about Mrs B being touched by females butt that turned out Mrs B quite enjoyed watching females pleasuring me as well to our surprise. So as with most things in the lifestyle good sexy fun experiences lead to more good fun sexy experiences and that has certainly been our case all because of that holiday and spontaneous decision that afternoon

  • MissShy

    11 May 2021

    Ski resort in Eastern Europe. He was the pool boy. Days of glances and exchanges of the eyes only turned into a follow me into the laundry room where we fucked like crazy and walked away never to see each other again. I still wonder where and who he was.

  • Eager2pleas

    10 May 2021

    Our first ever couple meeting by accident on holidays in the Gold coast after a night of drinks it started in the outdoor spa then moved to our hotel room and continued on I never knew that girls could use a banana and a sambuca bottle like that finished up a hot night watching and playing together

  • dt_580

    10 May 2021

    Met a group of russian girls on a night out in Miami, one was amazed that I was Aussie. After a few shots and a dance, we took the rest of the night sneaking to a quiet spot in my hostel where i’d experienced my first hook-up.

  • cpl8683

    10 May 2021

    A sexy holiday in Melbourne with a couple we met on rhp. We hired a house and had our own jacuzzi. There was lots of playing and hot sex

  • AllBlacknRed

    10 May 2021

    Went to the Wellington Zoo and fucked in the kiwi enclosure. Good times!

  • sexynewieguy

    10 May 2021

    I'll never forget the time I fell asleep in a ping-pong bar in Phuket... I woke up hands tied behind my back and feet tied to a chair on stage getting the hottest lap dance I've experienced, which ended with me being stood up still bound and my pants being yanked down to expose me to the whole crowd who cheered and gave me a standing ovation. I then got to go backstage with the dancers to thank them for the experience. Needless to say, I was then completely wide-eyed and awake! Lol


    10 May 2021

    Travelled to Melbourne for work and used the trip to meet a few friends at a swingers club having a 7 on 1 gang bang.

  • Spaghetticouple

    10 May 2021

    Holidays at Rapid Bay SA and snuck down to the beach at night, having sex on the beach while other campers were walking past but couldn’t see us as it was a very dark night. So erotic 😈

  • taffyone

    10 May 2021

    One week at Desire Pearl Cancun in Mexico 2019. A sensual massage class with 16 other couples that ended in EVERYONE fucking like crazy at the end. Fucking every night in the hot tub with many many couples around. So damn sexy. Never seen anything (or been involved) like it.

  • Firemat86

    10 May 2021

    A sunny day out in the city short get away, leads to spontaneous visit to nude beach, nude swimming finishing up with a visit to a local swingers club. Very hot sexy and spontaneous evening.

  • Hardkisssoftlips

    10 May 2021

    Sex on an adventure on the southcoast trying to find a fisherman's cave that overlooks the ocean up high on the cliff edge. We were trekking for a good hour and along the way lots of naughty playing and sex ! teasing and pleasing. We eventually found this cave where we had to climb off the cliff edge into this amazing cave overlooking the ocean. I was stripped down and fucked allover that cave with the best view. My moans echoing thru the cave to discover there were ppl abseling nearby . haha .. they definitely would have heard the echoed moans. It was hot as up there being bent over and smashed so hard .

  • kerm69

    10 May 2021

    Spending a couple of nights in a hotel and seeing the sights. At night romantic dinner followed by a bubble baths and some time between a d in top of the sheets.

  • Wellhung4fun81

    10 May 2021

    As we only met here in December 2019. We haven’t had a chance to get away thanks to COVID! 🙁 Would love ❤️ a chance to have a sexy night in a hotel room together 🙂😈