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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles!!Single as a pringle? Flying solo this Sunday? Well, we say don’t sweat it.

Rebecca Daniels | February 12 2021

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Singles!!

Single as a pringle? Flying solo this Sunday? Well, we say don’t sweat it. No longer must bachelors and bachelorettes cower away on V Day! That’s right, Feb 14 is no longer the exclusive domain of cooing couples, we’re making it a party for one and all are invited to celebrate their own special awesomeness.

So don’t resign to another crappy Valentine's, let’s put together an action plan of self-love, positive inner-affirmation and fun. Follow a few of the tips below and show yourself a good time this Valentine’s Day!

1 – Get the gang together.

The tendency for singles on V Day is to feel alone – well forget that noise! Round up your other single peeps and get a hang booked. Hit a Sunday sesh, barbeque in the backyard, go bowling – who cares, it’s just a chance to re-enforce your circle and make everyone in it feel loved… you included!

2 – Take the restaurants back!

Couples don’t own your favourite restaurant, so buck the trend and make a reservation for your own V Day feast at your favourite eatery! Who says you can’t have a date with yourself, and don’t bother trying to decide whether you’re having the entrée or the dessert – have both!

3 - Get yourself something nice.

Everyone loves getting something special from someone special… well you’re pretty darn special, so treat yourself. Go small or go big, doesn’t matter, but everyone should get to unwrap something on V Day.

4 - Clear the calendar.

Adulting is hard. If you’re like most, you likely work too hard and rarely give yourself the down time we all need to recharge and recuperate, well let’s make V Day that day! Clear the calendar and gift yourself the day to do, well, nothing. Make it up on the day; read a book, go for a hike, have a cocktail or three… who cares, it’s all you, baby.

5 – Upgrade your RHP life.

Who needs V Day – you should be having sexy fun 365 days a year! If you haven’t done so already, treat yourself to a RedHotPie upgrade and unleash the full power of the Pie. Whether you’re after hookups, dating or social fun, an upgraded RHP account is an awesome investment in yourself, because hell, you deserve it!

So what are you planning for Valentine's Day? Celebrating solo? Let us know in the comments!


  • SandeGiny

    16 Feb 2021

    Acknowledging the life and deeds of 3rd century priest, Saint Valentine, who was stoned and beheaded for marrying happy couples in contravention of the rule of the Caesar who believed unwed men made better soldiers. RIP, dude.

  • Peachlover69

    14 Feb 2021

    All Alone ... Not even a friend to hangout with if not a gf 😑

  • Punker_at_heart

    13 Feb 2021

    Solo and sick of it! Lol I'm going out tonight, first-time in forever and I'm looking for a gal to share my cunnilingus addiction with. Other than that I'm sorry ladies but as I've done for the last few years. I'll take my mum out to lunch, so she doesn't feel alone without my Dad there on Valentine's Day. Xx

  • aw2018

    12 Feb 2021

    Maybe upgrade my account and work on my profile