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'Throuple' reveal their bedroom issueA husband and wife who began a three-way relationship with a woman have revealed the issue they encountered...

Rebecca Daniels | August 06 2021

'Throuple' reveal their bedroom issue

This couple has now become a throuple after they invited another woman to join their relationship – and she accepted. Eliana Cuchietti and Nazareno Fernandez started out as a couple like any other in the Argentine city of Mendoza, where they managed a call centre together. Maira Fernandez was just 18 when she joined the company and the three quickly hit it off, becoming friends and often socialising outside work hours.

“We started seeing that we felt things we didn’t understand,” Maira, now 23, told local newspaper Dario Los Andes. “The three of us got together without problems, but if I got together just with Eli, we would miss the other one. Something was going on.”

“If there were just two of us, whatever we did, we would miss the other person,” she said. “This led to the question of how we would continue. We have a polyamorous relationship of three. We’re not in an open relationship, we’re not swingers. We’re a throuple and we love each other.”

Though neither Eliana nor Maira had previously had a same-sex relationship, it was the women who made the first move.

“We had organised a get-together at our house and we decided not to go out dancing,” Eliana said. “We were having a meal after spending the whole day together. At one point, Mai and I decided to play a prank on Naza, and we told him we were going to be girlfriends because we no longer liked men. We had dinner, I offered him wine. He said no and she said yes. Then we kissed. It all became clear.”

Nazareno described that moment as a male “fantasy” but he didn’t believe it was going to lead to a lasting, meaningful relationship.
“As a man, it’s a normal fantasy. I was in the middle of two beautiful women, but I didn’t believe that I was about to form part of a three-way relationship. Everything was natural and problem-free from the outset. What we were feeling happened: The three of us loved each other, we protected each other. It was what the relationship was missing because we had previously noted that just the two of us felt incomplete.”

Months later, Maira moved in with Eliana and Nazareno – who has three daughters, each from different relationships – and they bought a bigger bed. Nazareno’s father accepted his son’s new three-way relationship straight away, as did Eliana’s parents, even though she initially found it difficult to tell them.

With Maira, it was a different story – she initially told her dad she was in a relationship with Nazareno, now 41, which was difficult for him to accept because she was just 19 when she told him. He eventually accepted their relationship, and she and her mother – who already knew – then told him about Eliana.

She said: “He went through a process and he now asks me about them more than about me.”
The three will shortly be celebrating their fifth anniversary and they would like to get married, even though polygamy is not legal in Argentina.
Nazareno added: “We would like to be parents … but it’s still too early.”


What do you think about throuples? Have you ever had experience with one? If not, would you try it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • danmary

    03 Dec 2022

    A beautiful relationship between any number of people is a great way to live

  • REALnaughty

    07 Sep 2022

    Would love this but so hard to find

  • CoastBiGuy2021

    19 Dec 2021

    What a damm lucky guy , both women are stunners 🔥👌

  • MILFandMr

    11 Aug 2021

    #narcissists#cough bullshit# your 15 mins of fame is up kids! Ha ha

  • Noddy2706

    11 Aug 2021

    What was their bedroom issue that the article headline claimed to reveal? Seems like they have a good thing that works for them...

  • Pandd2000

    11 Aug 2021

    Most certainly would like to try it. On a casual basis, three has proven to be much more enjoyable than two!

  • countrycpl4

    11 Aug 2021

    So long as everyone is happy 🤷‍♂️

  • Hottieandblondie

    09 Aug 2021

    Loved it. Either FFM or MMF as long as everyone is happy

  • sweetnsensual

    09 Aug 2021

    We tried that for a while but the other woman go greedy so we had to end it unfortunately

  • Powercouplevic

    08 Aug 2021

    Love this ! what a dynamic don’t really here of too many mfm throuples though we could see that been more our style of relationship if it ever happened

  • abcplus1

    06 Aug 2021

    It's somewhere close to our ideal, while we would love a partner like that, we don't necessarily want to live permanently together.