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Thirst Gallery - Hot Guys Being Hot!This one's for the gals (and some of the guys!) - a collection of sizzling dude being super hot. What more needs...

Rebecca Daniels | July 16 2021

Thirst Gallery - Hot Guys Being Hot!

This one's for the gals (and some of the guys!) - a collection of sizzling dude being super hot. What more needs to be said? Sometimes it's good just to sit back and appreciate beauty. Enjoy!


Let's just ease you into this smorgasbord or sexy shall we? How wholesome is this bae tho?! The Clark Kent glasses, the flirtatious little wink, the humble, biteable pecs. All the yes right here.


That's right, Ryan, it's very hot in here. You should absolutely take that top off. Just throw it over there somewhere. Now, just stand there, perhaps put your hands in your pockets. Shhhhh.


Explicit indeed! The old 'tear the shirt off to reveal a chiselled set of rock hard abs' move, eh? It's a classic employed by strippers and excitable gym bros the world over. It's a stalwart in exhibitionism for a reason!


Oh no!! Joe Manganiello has become stuck whilst trying to remove a very heavy, waterlogged tank top. Who would like to volunteer to rush into the surf and help him get undressed properly??


Soooo, who else likes the pec thing guys can do? I mean, intelligence, kindness and sense of humour, all amazing traits, but sometimes it's just about taking a minute to appreciate some bouncing boy boobs... guy, we appreciate you!


So we're pretty sure we've just discovered why the ice caps are melting - some IDIOT dropped a smouldering Jason Momoa in the ocean. Scientists, stand down.


That's right, we've straight doubled up on Jason Momoa, and you know why? Because it's Jason frickin' Momoa! As far as babes go, JM is the Babemaster General... good lord!


What are those little V lines called? You know the ones shredded guys have, the ones that point straight down at their, errr... well you know the ones. Point is, they're hot damn it!


It's raining men. Hallelujah. It's raining men. Amen. I'm gonna go out, I'm gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet. It's raining men... is this anyone else's favourite kind of weather?


There's nothing quite like a 'guy emerging from the surf with a "hey, girl" look on his face wearing soaking wet Levi 501s that you both know he's going to have to get out of immediately otherwise he might catch a nasty cold' gif. Look at this guy... if that isn't proof there is indeed a God, well, we just don't know what else to tell you.


Because guys helping out around the house is legit sexy - gender roles be damned!! You get that dish, boyfriend xx

So which maleshake brings you to the yard? Which of these hotties gets your vote?? Let us know in the comments section below!


  • Madambutterfly78

    25 Jul 2021

    Finally!! Mmm

  • Stylistic001

    18 Jul 2021

    Have to say it’s a tie between Jason and Joe!! Would love to be tied between these two!! 😛

  • Sugar_n_spice72

    18 Jul 2021

    All incredible, but why aren’t there any hirsuit men to make me 💦

  • MrsLinaMae

    18 Jul 2021

    #8. I was captivated by the tearing of the shirt, all the way to the final snapping of it across his tight abs. Too bad there was no face photo in his profile gif. So I probably would have messaged #10 instead 😉

  • JaneDoe40

    17 Jul 2021

    Oh my goodness 🤪 JM in #4 💦😍🙊


    16 Jul 2021

    Joe l'd be happy to cum help you undress. And you get my top body Hot Guys being hot vote sexy.

  • ButterflySign

    16 Jul 2021

    No. 9 hands down hot as 🔥

  • yourminxxx

    16 Jul 2021

    Hands down all of these guys are gorgeous and I’m finding it impossible to cast a vote for only one. Can I split my vote between my two favourites? Half a vote to cheeky Clark Kent and half a vote to Jason Momoa and his luscious locks.

  • Sweet_Cherry_Pie

    16 Jul 2021

    Whist I can’t resist a sexy guy that knows his way around the kitchen as well as he does the bedroom, in this instance Ryan has my vote 💯