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The Top FREE Features on RHP!They say the best things in life are free, and a lot of them can be found on RedHotPie!

Rebecca Daniels | July 30 2021

The Top FREE Features on RHP!

They say the best things in life are free, and a lot of them can be found on RedHotPie! One of the planet’s hottest dating brands, RedHotPie offers amazing value for new guest members, giving them the chance to access a raft of features absolutely FREE.

So, what exactly can you do for free on RHP? Well, we’re glad you ask…


DateFinder is one of RedHotPie’s most powerful tools. Putting the power in your hands, DateFinder lets you specify when, where and what your ideal date would look like, and then post it for potential date buddies to express their interest. DateFinder is especially suited for the post-pandemic world as it includes great virtual date options! It’s bespoke dating done the RHP way, and it’s free for all.


Ahhh, how about free stuff! We run numerous promotions throughout the year for all our members, subscribed and guests. We give away amazing holidays, fashion, adult toys, lingerie, movie tickets, you name it, we’ve giving it away to our members for free. So, there you go, we’ve already covered free love and free stuff, pretty awesome right!

Chat Room Access

Who doesn’t love a party?! And the RedHotPie chat rooms are almost always hosting sexy types chatting about this and that. Not wanting our guests to miss out, we introduced happy hour, or more precisely, four happy hours! From 4pm to 8pm each day, guests can jump in the chat rooms and take part in live conversations with other members, but be warned, the discussions get pretty saucy.


Whilst not as real-time as the chat rooms, the RedHotPie forums are an amazing interactive channel for all users to exchange ideas and opinions on any number of subjects. Back and forth with the community and be a part of the sexy dialogue, all for free.


What’s more exciting than a sexy hook up? A holiday hook-up, and there’s no better tool out there for finding a hot holiday hook-up than RedHotPie’s Travel feature, just another awesome product we offer guest users free of charge! If you’re planning a trip, or want to do a little virtual holiday date, just create a Travel listing which will include your travel dates, destination and the types of connections you’re open to, then post it. Members in your travel destination will see your listing and hopefully, reach out and arrange a little welcome party or virtual date, wink wink.

Deal Breakers

If certain relationships or activities are a no-go for you, you can select them as Deal Breakers. When viewing member profiles, if any of their seeking Intentions are Deal Breakers for you (such as open relationships or sugar dating), you’ll see them listed in red. Just another free tool we give all members to ensure people can find quality, highly relevant matches.

Messenger & Customization

We might be biased, but we think the RHP Messenger system in the best in the world! It includes amazing features like Instant Messaging, Video Chat, Photo Swap, Messenger Control… and now, Disappearing Photos! It’s all free and it can make your RHP journey that much hotter! Now let’s explore some of these tools and customization settings…

Instant Messenger - Chat and flirt in real time with RedHotPie Messenger. Guests are able to message matching Platinum and Diamond Club members – FREE! And if you have the App installed, we’ll even notify you the instant you get a new message or a reply to a message. So get searching and start messaging now.

Video Chat - Our video chat system is awesome, and even as a guest member, we give you the chance to experience it. As a guest you can opt in to receive incoming video calls from any matching members whilst you’re online, for free! And of course, you can initiate chat with and use Video Chat with any matching Platinum and Diamond Club members absolutely FREE.

Photo Swap - As a guest, you can not only chat for free with matching Platinum and Diamond Club members, and receive chat requests from all other upgraded members, you can also swap sexy pics in real time! Sent pics are blurred until you choose to view them, just another feature we give all guests for free.

Messenger Control - We’ve opened up custom Messenger settings to all users, letting you choose who messages you, how your messages are sorted and more. On top of those customization settings, we also give all users our standard raft of Messenger features including Quick Messages, Messenger folders, compatibility filters, hide status options, and lots, lots more.

And if You Want it All…

So, there’s a bunch of ways to make RedHotPie work for you as a guest. The second you join the Pie you’ll get access to everything listed above… BUT! The true unbridled power of RedHotPie, which includes unrestricted messaging and video calls, 24/7 chat access, photo access, advanced search filters, matching insights and much, much more, guarantees the best possible chance of hooking up with amazing members. So come in, join the community, enjoy the free features, and when you’re ready to supercharge your sexy, check out some of our amazing subscription options, you’ll be very, very glad you did.


  • Dudejustwantsyou

    18 Apr 2022

    Cheers for the advice.

  • jonesjay38

    04 Mar 2022

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  • macca67

    09 Dec 2021

    How do u access the chat room ??

  • shaikraheem

    03 Dec 2021

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  • Kitii

    15 Aug 2021

    Hi all! I’ve had an account for a while, haven’t been on in years. & it’s all a little overwhelming! Just a guest, but it won’t let me reply to a single message I’ve been sent?! I feel so rude not replying to people but don’t know how to get it all to work!!! Can anyone help me 😢

  • MsSuperFoxy

    01 Aug 2021

    Events. What about the events pages. There is always events happening from local to interstate. Including Adult clubs, to private parties. 👌

  • MsSuperFoxy

    01 Aug 2021

    Great article Rebecca. I'd say the forums are the best.

  • SparklingEyes

    31 Jul 2021

    These are great features thank you RHP

  • Love2share

    31 Jul 2021

    Thanks to RHP to provide this great app and powerful tool to connect to the awesome people with endless fun and lifetime experience