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Swing into Spring - Bessie & Geoff tell allHot Bodies, bums, flowers, fresh scents, sex n sun, at last spring has sprung! You may have already noticed...

Bessie & Geoff | October 01 2008

Swing into Spring - Bessie & Geoff tell all

Hot Bodies, bums, flowers, fresh scents, sex n sun, at last spring has sprung! You may have already noticed the subtle sensations coursing through your veins changing everything from how you feel to how you’d like to be felt.

The wonderful thing about spring is that unlike New Year, probably the worst day of the year to be making life decisions, natures rhythms are on your side, meaning you actually do have more resolve, energy and willpower this time of year.

So rather than looking for inspiration at the bottom of another glass of punch, stuffed full of turkey and melting into a puddle of 98% proof perspiration, lets put to use this natural alarm clock as it kicks into high gear all your favourite hormones and sensations, frisky, fertile and full of life.


Great relationships, Amazing moments, wild sex and exciting experiences take more than just luck. You have to be ready for them when they do come knocking on your door. So the first thing to do is to make room for the new, with a big spring clean. And I mean BIG!

Yes every year Geoff and I agreed to put aside a whole weekend dedicated to cleaning everything out. Not just the obvious like winter clothes, junk food from the fridge and dirty mags under the bed, his side of course, but anything that is not conducive to the ushering in of a new improved you. Things like names in your phone book of people who don’t make your life better, email addresses and files on your computer you no longer use and habits you may have fallen into over winter you would be better off without.

Think about it. It makes perfect sense. How can you be open to a great new relationship, wild and sexy experiences, exciting new careers or wonderful new friends if you’re wasting your efforts maintain and moaning about the old ones. Places like RHP are ripe with opportunity, new beginnings and potential if you make the effort to use them. There are literally thousands of people out there and thousands of ways to make contact from turning up at RHP parties to chatting on line, messaging, dating, seminars, socialising, clubs, events and that’s just on this site!!! So make use of the incredible facilities you have access to and start to create a sexier future for yourself.


The next thing that sprang to mind as I sat in the warm jasmine scented breeze typing the beginning of this column, with nothing on but a smile was Ohh my god I’m not sure I’m quite ready to display my additional white winter whale meat outside these 4 walls and the prying eyes of my neighbours cat.

It’s very easy to forget in winter that your body is so much more than a thing to dress, wash and ignore every day. It is a living breathing sex organ from the tip of your toes to that little spot on the back of your neck that makes you shiver when its kissed, and it’s important when nature calls to give it a chance to stretch its ‘sexy’ wings a few times a year, and that means getting back in shape.

From the everso soft bits to the everso hard, your body is the only thing standing between you and a good time. Its your personal transportation and your private amusement park. So why settle for a beat up Ute and a merry-go-round when a drag racer and dream world are just a little effort and a few workouts away.

Think about it. If you can muster the energy to get out of bed at some unpleasant hour to go to work for someone you don’t even really know, couldn’t you use just a little bit of that same willpower to do something for yourself, and the lucky person who’s going to share that bod with you. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete. Just walking every day is a great start, with some proper nutrition to power up the luvin machine.


With all this talk of hot new bodies in clean scrubbed houses, with no annoying negative friends and a great outlook on life it brings us back to the whole point of spring. Sex. Yes the birds, bees, flowers and just about every living thing on gods green earth are frantically doing it! Uninhibited, unhindered, unrepentantly, without a care in the world. Nature is a great place to learn a thing or two about living so how great would it be to step out this spring just like nature intended you to. With some sensual enthusiasm.

Just like clothing in winter many of us rug up our sensuality, desensitising ourselves from our own full range or sensual emotions. We over censor our own feelings and start to lose that wonderful spontaneity that make us feel really alive. So this spring let’s try and re ignite the areas of your brain and bod responsible for bringing you deep sexy satisfaction and watch how that awakening stimulates other areas of your life, like your well being and self confidence. Use it (or lose it). So here are 3 ways to re nudge your ‘sexy’ synapses’ to get you feeling like a spring chicken in the sack again.

1) Make a list of everything you haven’t done sexually but have thought about. Now take a deep breath and resolve to take each thing to the next level. E.g if you have fantasised about threesomes, bi sex or a one night stand hop online and chat with someone like it’s the real thing. Or if you have already done that arrange a time to catch up and explore a little. Don’t forget the next step can be as simple as a drink, chat or phone call. So don’t panic but do take action. You’ll learn so much about yourself and have a whole slew of new experiences to draw on for the rest of your life.

2) Do the opposite. If you have lots of meaningless sex take some time to nurture a single relationship and discover the sexiness in that. Alternately if you are the quiet type, try a wild sexy one night stand. Challenge yourself to find the pleasure and excitement in the new experiences and feel new areas of your sexual brain spring fresh into life.

3) Be less judgmental. This applies to yourself as well as others. Start looking for the sexy in everyone especially you. A fun game to play is to challenge yourself to find it even when it’s not obvious. Why? The #1 reason people have bad relationships is boredom, complacency and unrealistic expectations. After the initial rush we just go numb and forget that our partners are humans too. Don’t let numb brain cells kill your love life. By looking for the sexy you strengthen the connections that see novelty and sensuality in people and you awaken your body’s ability to experience heightened sexual experiences and deeper, more enjoyable long term connections.

Finally don’t forget to revamp your RHP profile, take some fresh shots, include your new found experiences and start remembering how lucky you are to be healthy, young, free and single/or partnered and playful this spring.