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Swing Back Into The Lifestyle!!One of RedHotPie’s closest party partners were recently featured on an exclusive behind-the-scenes special on...

Rebecca Daniels | February 19 2021

Swing Back Into The Lifestyle!!

Celebrate good times, COME ON! Let’s not mince words, the last year has been a bastard, but it finally feels like we’re turning a corner.

There’s no better indicator of this return to semi-normalcy than the amazing lifestyle events starting to take place again around the country. After a frustrating hiatus, RedHotPie’s national party partner network has roared back to life, hosting ravenous lifestylers at raging parties and explicit events.

One of RedHotPie’s closest party partners were recently featured on an exclusive behind-the-scenes special on the Seven Network. Lawrence and Jess from Our Secret Spot in Sydney have long been amazing ambassadors for the lifestyle and did a great job at explaining the ins and outs of a Swinger’s Club.

Take a look at the special below, and don’t forget to check out our events page for the hottest adult and lifestyle parties happening right around the country!

Have you been to a swinger's club? What was your experience like? Tell us below in the comments!


  • Whynot23

    09 Mar 2021

    OSS is an awesome place! Jess & Lawrence really make you feel comfortable! X

  • sugerbaby2084

    02 Mar 2021

    I never Been to One

  • 1971Tighttwo

    02 Mar 2021

    Yes in Australia though

  • Kiss50

    02 Mar 2021


  • Foxy50

    27 Feb 2021

    Smells overwhelmed me had to leave

  • SensualHottie

    26 Feb 2021

    Great vid!

  • mrwonderfull

    25 Feb 2021

    I am not sure about this place but when done right these sort of parties are the most comfortable fun and and surprisingly really nice normal people go!

  • Nothingbutfun69

    25 Feb 2021

    I’m sooooo keen to try this but I’m now single and o don’t think single males attending is a good look or am I not correct in saying that? If there are any single ladies that would be keen to go with me and show me the ropes, please message me. So keen to tick this off my bucket list!

  • Zeuos65

    24 Feb 2021

    Hi guys,I really have fancy to try swing with my wife but she kind of religious girl how can I persuasionher ? will you give me some practical advice, please? Thanks.

  • kingcock007

    23 Feb 2021

    Is there anywhere that a single guy could go if ur really in to it but yet to find a partner that is??

  • sweetco

    22 Feb 2021

    We should try it once. Just wondering what if our fantasies and talks are more ideal than what we would see there.....

  • DanyBR

    21 Feb 2021

    Very cool guys, I`m even more curious to try it now, I just need to find a girl to come with me =)

  • RHPCountry

    21 Feb 2021

    Such a great insight! Well done we loved it!

  • funinnoosa

    20 Feb 2021

    What beautiful ambassadors for the lifestyle. Love these two so much. Well done guys.

  • JoeLiKori

    20 Feb 2021

    That was such a good feature! It’s so fun to watch yet it’s also very thought-provoking. I liked how he said that everyone should try it once in their lives

  • stuffedolive

    19 Feb 2021

    We used to live in Sydney and our first real dip into the scene was at OSS and we never looked back. We only met Jess & Lawrence a couple of times but they, and their staff, made the whole thing easy and comfortable. Sometimes we wonder if we hadn’t started with OSS would we still be in the scene. We think yes, but we might not have quite the same, mature understanding of what it’s all about if we hadn’t. Thanks to their club and their ways of communicating desire, limitations, respect, nerves etc. whether after meeting them, seeing their “tell all’s” on TV or listening to their podcast, we’ve actually introduced quite a number of our friends to the scene or at least illuminated their understanding of what it really is and means to people. Love you OSS!