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‘Squirting’: Mystery surrounding female sex act finally solvedA new study has ended the “long-running mystery” surrounding female ejaculation – but some men aren’t ready...

Rebecca Daniels | September 19 2022

‘Squirting’: Mystery surrounding female sex act finally solved

A new study has solved the “long-running mystery” surrounding female ejaculation – but the findings have been cast with doubt by some “defensive” men.

During sex, women can produce a few different forms of fluid. The first is the lubricating kind, released when aroused, to aid with sexual intercourse.

Then as orgasm is reached, a “milky fluid” is excreted from the urethra, the hole we urinate from.

About 5 per cent of women release a clear liquid from the urethra at orgasm, often in much larger quantities than the milky stuff, a process known as “squirting”.

However the origin of the liquid has never been determined.

While studies have determined the milky fluid comes from the Skene glands, tiny structures that drain into the urethra, the liquid those who “squirt” expel has remained undetermined — until now.

Scientists in Japan have just published research that claims the fluid comes from the bladder, stating only the “milky fluid” excreted can be classed as the female ejaculation.

The findings, published in the International Journal of Urology, were made after Miyabi Inoue, a urologist at the Miyabi Urogyne Clinic and her colleagues injected blue dye mixed with water into the bladders of five female volunteers who could squirt, New Scientist reported.

After being stimulated to the point of climax, a researcher collected the ejected liquid in a sterile cup, and in all five women it was blue.

“This confirms that squirting does seem to originate from the bladder,” Jessica Påfs at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden told the publication.

“But there are still so many questions, like does the liquid have the same composition as urine? And why is it that some women expel this liquid and others don’t?”

Inoue said the women in the study all had good bladder control, suggesting their squirting wasn’t caused by urinary incontinence.

At the time of squirting, four women in the study also appeared to experience female ejaculation, which contains prostate-specific antigen (PSA), also present in male ejaculate produced by the prostate.

The squirted liquid from four of the women in the study was found to contain PSA, suggesting they produced female ejaculate around the same time as they squirted urine, and the two fluids mixed together in the urethra.

Despite the fact previous studies have also suggested the phenomenon known as “squirting” comes from the bladder – the findings have been met with scepticism from hordes of men online.

“It doesn’t taste like urine and it has an unlimited supply,” one bloke lamented on Facebook.

“There might be urine in it, doesn’t mean it’s urine,” another guy argued.

Women were quick to mock some of the shocked men and their responses, explaining it was something “women knew it all along”.

“Men need scientific study to admit they are being peed on and not actually gods in bed,” one scoffed.

“Never understood men’s desire to make a woman squirt, surely getting a woman to actually orgasm would be a better achievement?” another added.

“Why are the guys getting so defensive about this?” someone else mused.

While one woman remarked it was “astonishing” that in 2022 still so little was known about female sexuality.


What's your take? Are you curious about squirting? Have you experienced it? Are you a fan? Do the results of the latest studies change your perceptions? Give us your hot take below!!


  • minx911

    17 Dec 2023

    I squirted from a young age , then stopped, likely my partner didn’t work for me so much anymore . Got back in this scene and bang it’s on . Not many men can do it , more should learn! Definitely an art……. And next level for a woman . I love it with fingers and then love it when riding a man , big hot wet mess 😻💦💦

  • Pegging_unicorn

    23 Oct 2023

    I have been squirting for years it's usually a wonderful release but sometimes I squirt hard and it gains altitude I recently squirted so hard it went as high as the guys head and when I looked up at him after it was like cum all over his face, like thick white cum. Didn't look like pee that's for sure I always pee yellow from vitamins I take When I squirt it's always clear or milky white 🤔

  • Sexy69cum

    09 Sep 2023

    My wife always squirt on my mouth and I eating all and last drop, we both make sure we both cum after oral and we always eating each other cum

  • Plonka1

    03 Aug 2023

    My partner loves to squirt multiple times and I love helping her reach an orgasim. Does it really matter so much what it consists of ? I thought it was about pleasure and making each other happy

  • him14

    20 Jul 2023

    Personally I’ve experienced a lot of women squirt . Best one being a woman from Japan and she really let it go like all over the ceiling. Super hard . Was awesome 😎

  • perryhump

    14 Jul 2023

    Luv a squirter never had one hose me down an wash my face gana take up gardening just so it's always dirty

  • MrandMrsEss

    10 Jun 2023

    My experiences: I’ve experienced pure urine and squirt fluid with varying consistency. My partner squirts quite often and the volume is always much more than she can ever urinate. Sometimes if she hasn’t urinated then there is a discernible taste and scent of urine but most times it’s completely different. Last night she really let go and over one session produced so much fluid over several squirts with some being a continuous flow to others being short bursts. It was all colourless, odourless and somewhat sweet. I would hazard a guess that most of this must come from the bladder but that doesn’t mean it is urine per se. It seems the stimulation must cause increased rate of fluid build up, possibly faster than the kidneys can filter so may well be drawing more water content into the bladder and less kidney filtrate. As far as piss, well when I want my partner to piss she finds it almost impossible when she’s aroused and must wait for her arousal to diminish before she can do it. No matter what it is I hate the assholes here with their derogatory opinions of both men and women. For those of us who enjoy sex and all it’s fluids may we flourish in them all and the only thing we need to know is that a squirt blanket is compulsory :)

  • Borntobewild007

    22 May 2023

    I feel that 5% of the female population is an underestimated percentage. Judging by the volume of squiirters here we make up more than 5% of the population. So we are the masters of the female race or someone’s not fucking the best they can. It’s not pee and those who have tasted and seen it is good can testify. (Nothing wrong with pee) woman are lucky squirting, pussy orgasm, anal orgasm and of course multiple orgasms. Variety is the spice of life

  • Rosseup

    03 May 2023

    Hello r u there

  • Lookinghard2340

    01 Apr 2023

    I only learned to squirt a few years ago. I'm 53 now. So now flood gates are open look out. I don't hold back. And no it's not pee! Pee is not lubricated like cum. Apparently it's a real turn on for men.

  • ddlbm

    10 Mar 2023

    Funny how guys are so adversed to getting pissed on , but call it squirt and the gladly open their mouths and pat themselves on the back 😂😂😂

  • InsatiableItch

    15 Jan 2023

    I'm still not convinced. A friend and I indulge in watersports and the flavours are distinct. Years ago a more mature partner only began to squirt when was on hormone patches to assist with menopause. Bear in mind it has only been in recent years science has discovered our lungs produce red blood cells. So for mine I would still call a 5 person test inconclusive just as yet.

  • letmeblowurload

    06 Jan 2023

    Yer well urine isn't slippery but sticky and milky or often clear

  • Vixstarr

    22 Dec 2022

    I love to squirt. What I don’t like is having to wash sheets several times a week!

  • TheHappyCouple

    11 Dec 2022

    The taste of the squirt is so addictive, I’m not done until I lick it all from the partner!

  • Flirty2020

    24 Nov 2022

    If the blue dyed liquid originated from the bladder ( as clearly the study made mention of blue dye injected into the bladders of the 5 women in question) then it can only be urine. Case closed!! There are no glands, within the female body, capable of squirting nor ejaculating that much “fluid” - the skenes glands might only produce a tiny droplet. The problem is that the porn industry has romanticised this and of course the average make thinks it cannot be urine . PS if you are healthy and very well hydrated, your urine would be clear, tasteless, colourless and odourless.

  • sayyessasha

    18 Oct 2022

    Who cares?. It feels amazing. I love the feeling right before it happens. I get it from fingers or cock.

  • joynmike

    14 Oct 2022

    Ok in my experience there are three types of orgasms that lead to squirting. One the clit/ urethra two gspot and three ASpot Depending on which one is getting attention. Rubby quickly Eg triggered fingers is most effective. Most cocks can’t move that fast. The cowgirl position is the most effective for my body. I can move fast enough to make my self gush. I’m a gusher not so much squirting Rubbing a hard cock across my clit can produce a squirt across the bed. The liquid is not completely urine there might be traces of it but it does smell if not cleaned up with an hour it so. Either way most partners love it feeling good that they have made me a happy lady. Only discovered it in my first threesum at 44 so I’m making up for lost time. I’m exploring the art of squirting in swinging since.

  • Couples2020

    09 Oct 2022

    My toy boy was the first to make me squirt 👅 I love tasting my own squirt on others!!!!! The feeling is addictive - I tell my friends squirting is like 8/10 but you can keep playing and playing and playing and squirting and squirting Orgasim is a 10 but when this happens I can’t be touched 🤑 and this is rare the hubby is the only beasts that gets me to this level

  • gotcha123

    05 Oct 2022

    Fuck yeah

  • swingingisfunm80

    03 Oct 2022

    I'm not really fused about what's in it or the science behind it, all I know for sure is I find it HOT ASF and the bestest turn on ever, gents if you have a lady that squirts you are a lucky man, and to lovely squirting ladies keep up the good work

  • aims_toplease

    03 Oct 2022

    my understanding of this is that the ,squirting, is clarified urine , How? , I have no answer to that , is it the truth - Don't care, but , that, for me, explains the lack of aroma and associated taste. LOve when it is achieved , Love to ring a girls Bell properly.

  • SLplay

    01 Oct 2022

    It was always going to be piss, right? I mean at least it comes from the bladder and out of the urethra? Why would there have been some kind of magic involved? Fine by me either way!!

  • pirate66

    23 Sep 2022

    Perhaps the question that needs to be asked is what is the purpose of squirting . I reckon that squirting is a leftover from primal times , in those primal times hetro sex was performed with the woman positioned on all fours and getting entered from behind ( like most animals ) and perhaps the purpose of squirting is that after the woman orgasms and has been impregnated and has finished having sex , she squirts to flush out all her lubrication so that it makes it uncomfortable for the man to continue having sex. As most men know , that after a woman squits , all her lubrication gets washed away and replaced with a watery fluid that make it uncomfortable for the man to continue , and for me it is a bit of a horrible feeling to the extent of having to need wipe away the watery fluid to continue. So I believe the finding of what they found about the ejaculate fluid is not urine and it is a seperate fluid containg PSA that builds up in the bladder during sex. Also from my experience , there are different amounts of squirting volume from the full on squirt to a squirt that just leaks out.

  • Black_Velvet

    23 Sep 2022

    So far I've only squirted from fingering and/or oral not from actual intercourse (yet). It feels really nice when it happens but can be messy so a towel is good although once I went right through a blanket, a doona and the sheets to completely soak a mattress! It doesn't look or smell like urine at all and feels amazing ☺️

  • squirtingmilf1

    22 Sep 2022

    When chatting to men about squirting I have found that most go almost in a euphoric / hypnotic state! It is defined as part of the Fetish field, yet to me it seems normal. I remember the first time I squirted and how surprised I was that my body have done that and the most out of this world feeling that I had experienced. The man I was with was quite the expert and knew his way around the female body. Visiting him after work I was leaning against his car and we were kissing, and fooling around. I had purposely dressed quite sexy in a short skirt and no underwear, wanting to tease him knowing we never kept our hands off each other so today would be no different. As he went to kiss me again very passionately, he lifted me onto the bonnet of his car. I was just about laying on his bonnet when he bent down to taste me and fingering me also when all is a sudden I said “I need to go to the bathroom”. His reply was “no you don’t just go with it and enjoy” Almost, immediately upon him saying that, I had this most intense feeling coming over me. My body felt stiff and the pleasure factor was off the charts. He continued fingering me and almost like a tsunami with power and the amount, I squirted! Thinking I had wet myself, I guess I was a little shocked until he said “Baby, you just squirted” As he helped me off the car, we saw that I had not only left a huge puddle on the ground, but also dented his bonnet. Apologising profusely, he couldn’t have cared less about his bonnet and only cared that I had experienced such a powerful and amazing feeling. That was many years ago, and to this day squirting is a pleasure that can’t truly be described. I have learnt over the years being with men and also self pleasure learning about my body, exactly what and how i can do this. For me, I can do it in a number of ways. Not only through oral sex and fingering, but different positions sexually and I can control it some times. I can feel the difference between squirting and the need to urinate. And although the feeling is similar somewhat, however the pleasure factor is not. One is to get rid of and has a urine smell whilst the other has no smell and tastes quite nice. Taste you say, yuk! Actually, just like giving a guy a bj and tasting his cum, the consistency and taste largely depends on his diet. Squirting is the same. I eat fairly clean but wasn’t always like that and no male has ever said to me they didn’t like drinking it or being squirted on. I find it a massive turn on for a man to want to taste me, and an even bigger one when he goes down on me, then starts kissing me. I squirt a lot and have three mattress protectors on my bed. It became expensive to replace mattresses as often as I was but I am not going to stop squirting! It is an almost daily occurrence, whether by myself or with a partner. Men say they need to cum regularly, wellI feel exactly the same about squirting. *This is 100% true and my introduction to squirting*

  • Revengelover

    22 Sep 2022

    Has anyone else came across a multiple squirt situation .It’s only happened a handful of times but you can find yourself in a three set s of squirts over a 5 to 10 minute rain.Let me get technical and say one large squirt followed bye to smaller squirts makes up a “set” of squirts.So three sets of squirts is equivalent to 9 squirts of varying degrees.That’s a shitload (no pun )and as one dude commented it’s like a fucking slip and slide out there today.It would be tuff to go back to the norm so I think I’ll keep this one close.Fuck Yeah!!

  • SandeGiny

    22 Sep 2022

    I'm on the fence when it comes to squirting. I've had girlfriends who do and some who don't, and at times I have been known to - depending on the orgasm. What bothers me are the people - BOTH male and female - who brag incessantly that they "can make anyone squirt" and then proceed to viciously finger women and press on their bladder to make something - ANYTHING - come out, be it squirt, piss or anything else. I have learnt to avoid these people like the plague. Even as a kinkster who adores a good caning and the biteyness of a tight jute rope, I have NO interest in having my sensitive genitals abusively jabbed or rubbed raw by someone who thinks they know my body better than I do, and then have the audacity to act as though something is wrong with me if I ask them to stop because it hurts, or I don't "squirt" for them. Please don't be like these people. If a woman squirts, then great. If not, please don't try and force it.

  • squrting

    22 Sep 2022

    As long as the wife or partner is enjoying and I love smell,taste I’m very happy to continue 👅💦💦💦💦

  • biggdaddy

    22 Sep 2022

    Anyone women in Carey Park Bunbury WA 6230 looking for a fuck hit me up asap

  • Buell

    21 Sep 2022

    Hmm...believe in the science they say 🤔If this liquid is indeed urine then it has gone through some sort of inner body filtration process as people have said it is virtually tasteless.I have dabbled in watersports with a previous partner and urine tastes unmistakably bitter where as only the first bit of a females squirting has the same bitterness. I do hope this is not the end of the study and further info will be in time provided.

  • jusso

    21 Sep 2022

    I've been with a few squirters over the last few years and while most of the time it taste absolutely delicious and I could drink it for days, there have been a couple that have a very bitter taste and I can only assume there was more urine in it than usual. I can't say for sure as I've never drank urine straight but one can assume from the bitter taste in those experiences that the fluid caused by squirting definitely has urine in it. I don't care either way because I'm more into the reactions of my partner at the time when she is squirting. Very sexy watching her squirm and the body shakes 🔥😍😈😈😈😈

  • Aussiegang

    21 Sep 2022

    Interesting. One wonders what it took them so long to find a basic fact. Volunteers or need to validate it 😉

  • VoluptuousVixen

    20 Sep 2022

    Thick n creamy my squirt can be or very fluidity depends on how much hydration I've had....

  • BRlover

    20 Sep 2022

    I love when a woman squirts… i always try to make sure of that too! I’ve made several women squirt for the first time too!! I love the look on their faces when it happens 😎

  • BubblesnMalt

    20 Sep 2022

    After years of research on this very subject, both practical and theoretical, we think it is from the skene gland, secreted via the bladder where it does pick up a small amount of urine. Therefore hydration is the key, the better the hydration, the better the taste and volume. Most importantly, we enjoy it!

  • HumanTouch

    20 Sep 2022

    Squirting is amazing, I love how mysterious it is, and how slippery two bodies become afterwards 🔥

  • pleasureseekers

    20 Sep 2022

    Make her feel desired, gorgeous and comfortable in whatever you can inspire and she will certainly follow that up with a series of deep, thorough orgasms knowing you’ve got her.

  • Zippycactus

    19 Sep 2022

    And a man should feel like a god in bed if a woman has orgasmed because of him. I feel pretty special when a bloke cums too. Fair dinkum some women are cruel

  • Zippycactus

    19 Sep 2022

    Isnt it funny. If I have an intensive orgasm i squirt. I dont understand why people think the two arent the same. If i haven't orgasm im not squirting. And yes it tastes sweet and doesnt smell of urine. I remember reading it contains lots of prostate markers.

  • Dylans

    19 Sep 2022

    It’s such an interesting read but like the last couple of paragraphs said what does it matter as long as she is getting to climax and experience an orgasm.

  • gcguy1990

    19 Sep 2022

    It makes sense that it comes from the bladder given how much volume there is. I thought I might need a lifeguard when going down on a squirter in the past