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Sexy Australian of the Year 2021 Winners Announced!!Australia's hottest roll-call is back! The RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year list has been crowning Australia's...

Rebecca Daniels | January 25 2021

Sexy Australian of the Year 2021 Winners Announced!!

Australia's hottest roll-call is back! The RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year list has been crowning Australia's sexiest citizens for over a decade, and 2021 is one of the best top tens yet!

Whilst outer beauty is definitely one component considered when putting the list together each year, we also look at attitudes and actions, because sexy is so much more than just looks. These Aussies are all crushing it in their fields, they're chasing their goals and looking good doing it, and that's what the Sexy Australian of the Year is all about!

#10 - Ellie-Jean & Holly-Daze Coffey

We can’t recall a stronger start to the honours roll than this year’s openers, the Coffey sisters, Ellie-Jean and Holly-Daze. The pro-surfers turned OnlyFans celebs have turned their content journey up to ten by graduating from racy Insta snaps to sizzling OnlyFans pages, thrilling their followers in the process. Travelling your own path is always sexy, as is being young, brash and beautiful – so congrats, girls, a straight fire start to the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list!

#9 - Isaiah Firebrace

At just 21 years of age, Aussie pop heartthrob, Isaiah Firebrace has already put together a ridiculous CV. He’s won X Factor, cracked the Eurovision top ten and racked up over 300 million streams on Spotify. Whilst drop dead gorgeous, it’s his ‘get shiz done’ attitude that thrust him into this year’s top ten. Throughout 2020, Isaiah continued to perform, drop singles and pursue various other projects. He himself recently said “Sexy is not a look, it’s an attitude”, and we couldn’t agree more. Congrats Isaiah for being number nine in this years’ Sexy Australian of the Year list!

#8 - Sasha Morpeth & Her Mum

TikTok stars be blowin’ up! But few are as hot right now as TikTok phenom, Sasha Morpeth. The Gold Coast bombshell has the looks, the social smarts and has made our list with an equally deserving family member in tow… her mum! Sasha’s mum, Therese is a stone-cold stunner and has helped her daughter’s videos go viral by starring alongside her in some hilarious skits. The pair took 2020’s lemons and made cocktails, and then drank them, by their pool, in their mansion. Congrats Sasha Morpeth and Mama for landing the number 8 spot in this year’s Sexy Australian of the Year honours.

#7 - Brodie Moss

Not since Paul Hogan’s iconic ‘shrimp on the barbie’ tourism campaign have we had anyone sell Australia to the world quite as well as Brodie Moss. The shredded YouTube celeb has made it big in the nature content game, showcasing his fishing and camping adventures around Australia’s spectacular coast lines and building a colossal following in the process. He’s the typical bronzed Aussie, brash and beautiful, a bit cheeky, and very, very sexy. Congrats Brodie on a very deserved 7th spot in the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year honours.

#6 - Mikaela Testa & Anna Paul

If you were wondering where sexy lives – it lives on the Gold Coast, in a big mansion, occupied by OnlyFans success stories, Mikaela Testa and Anna Paul. This pair of beautiful buxom babes have been killing it on the subscription media front, so much so they moved into a crazy big party-house with each other and their boyfriends – living the dream much?! Their reign at the top of the OnlyFans scene appears set to continue into 2021, to which we say reign on Mikaela Testa and Anna Paul, and congrats on a very deserved 6th spot in the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year honours.

#5 - Eric Bana

Remember when Eric Bana first cracked Hollywood, he was all young and hot and brooding… well the years have been very, very kind to Eric who has settled nicely into the salt and pepper hot Daddy club! Eric has just blasted back onto our screens in the gripping thriller, The Dry. Whilst his sexy face may have a few more lines, it still does brooding better than anyone - drooool! This year marks Eric’s first inclusion in the honours list, an inclusion we feel is long over-due. Congrats Eric Bana on taking out the number five spot on the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list.

#4 - Renee Gracie

2020 forced many of us to pivot, and one of the biggest and sexiest pivots of the year was that of Renee Gracie who left professional motor-sport behind for the cash-rich world of naughty nudes and sexy subscription-based content. In 2020’s most highly publicised career swap, Gracie walked her own path, ignoring detractors and backing herself in what has subsequently been an extremely lucrative move. After the fun-police canned her Instagram page recently, Renee has bounced back with a new one, and as you’d expect, it’s super-sexy! Big congrats Renee Gracie for taking out the number four spot in the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list!

#3 - Chantelle Otten & Dylan Alcott

We love nothing more than when two top-shelf legends find each other, and that’s exactly what we have in the paring of stunning sexologist, Chantelle Otten, and her sports legend beau, Dylan Alcott! Champions in their respective fields, the couple are now podium finishers in the Sexy Australian of the Year honours list – take that 2020! Both Dylan and Chantelle are driven, capable, positive and inspirational, all qualities we look for in our Sexy Australian candidates, but also, they’re both effing hot! Congrats to Chantelle and Dylan Alcott for taking out third place in in the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list.

#2 - Daniel Ricciardo

What do you get when you take boyish good looks, an unforgettable smile, the Aussie larrikin spirit and the high-octane world of Formula One racing – you get Daniel Ricciardo, our runner-up in the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list! Daniel has been on our radar, and in our hearts for some time… in 2020 Daniel made it onto the podium twice, announced a huge move to F1 legends, McLaren, and told Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast that he no longer abstains from sex before a race – all excellent things! So raise your glass, or… your shoe… and toast Daniel Ricciardo, a very deserved number two on the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year list.

Sexy Australian of the Year

#1 - Rebel Wilson

Damn, Hollywood A-Lister and Aussie legend Rebel Wilson straight up made 2020 her beeyatch! Rebel dubbed 2020 her “year of health” and embarked on a fitness regime that has resulted in a complete physical and mental transformation. Not only did Wilson overhaul her approach to nutrition and begin working with a personal trainer, she took stock of her relationship with herself. Wilson looked inward as well as out, finally allowing herself to accept love from others and to love herself – and we are so here for that! Nothing is sexier than self-improvement and this comedy queen has been crushing it over the last 12 months – so congratulations Rebel Wilson for being named the 2021 Sexy Australian of the Year!!

Are you here for Rebel? Did we miss someone? Give us your thoughts on the list below!