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Sex And The...Country!!They say there ain't nuthin' like a country crowd, and if the salacious lifestyle events hosted by RHP Country...

Rebecca Daniels | March 25 2021

Sex And The...Country!!

They say there ain't nuthin' like a country crowd, and if the salacious lifestyle events hosted by RHP Country are anything to go by, never were truer words spoken. One of RHP's favourite and most prolific party partners, RHP Country, have been keeping rural Australia sexy for years, and since Lockdown restrictions were lifted, they've been going from strength to strength!

We caught up with one of the organisers recently to have a chat about the RHP Country brand, and what the lifestyle looks like for those living in rural areas.

(RedHotPie) Tell us a bit about RHP Country.

(RHP Country) Hi RHP country was started as we could see that was lots of options for city people to enjoy swinging and sexual exploration but couldn’t see anyone connecting people in the country. We created RHPcountry after attending a sex ed class with MisJif at OSS and could see that there was a real need for education and networking out west. RHPcountry is a non-judgmental space for couples and singles to explore their sexual desires and fantasies in a safe and supportive space.

You host different kinds of events, tell us about the different sort of gatherings you’ve put together.

We mainly run social meet and greets in regional NSW as well as events on the fringes of Sydney. We have worked with OSS and helped in organising a great party out west a year ago. We also like to bring the country to the city and work with OSS to have a night where country people can experience Australia’s premier swingers club with us supporting the couples with the fantastic staff and owners of OSS. We normally arrive at the OSS before it opens and the owners organise a tour and answer any questions from the country people and generally make them feel at home.

We have also organised camping weekends where couples can enjoy a few nights camping with like minded country people. We have some great camping weekends and have met some wonderful people from RHP.

We have recently started running dinner parties and that has been really successful in bringing people together and getting couples and singles comfortable over a meal. There is never any pressure to play and we try and educated couples on consent and how to approach the world of swinging.

They say there ain’t nuthin’ like a country crowd – are there any differences you’ve noticed between crowds at city events and your crowds in country areas?

Yes the country crowd is much wilder that what we have seen at city events. I thing country people are so genuine and they really know how to let their hair down at an event. I am also amazed at how welcoming the country crowd is and really enjoy meeting people from all over NSW. We have had some wild nights with some of the characters from RHPcountry but it’s also a very inclusive group and everyone is very supportive of new members and also of any events we organise.

Obviously living in the city means there are a lot of lifestylers about, how does geography impact being a part of the lifestyle when you’re living in rural areas?

Its interesting that yes we are spread further in the country than Sydney but country people are used to driving long distances for work and we often have people drive over 300kms to attend an event sponsored by RHP. Being in the country obviously it’s a smaller community in towns and we have had neighbours and friends meet at events but normally everyone is ok and really enjoy the events and don’t stress too much about running into someone they know.

How do people in the lifestyle connect in the country, when distance can be a factor, what resources do they utilize?

We use a group on Facebook and also use whatsapp and kik to communicate with groups as well as RHPcountry on RHP. We have an active group who communicate and participate in group events and we have opened the group up to others to help moderate and organise the group.

So what sort of people are attending events, do you have consistent demographics?

We generally have couples from 20 to 50 attend our events and we honestly just aim for genuine people. We welcome anyone that wants to learn and understand how swinging works. We have a group of gorgeous single ladies that help and attend our events as well as a core of great couples who are always first to register for an event. We do vet people to make sure they are not going to disrupt an event and always make sure every event is secure and safe.

Are you events capped or are the numbers managed at all?

We have run events from 35 to125 people. With Covid and the venues we have out here in the country we have had to work to the public health orders which are 2 square metres per person so yes our events are capped at moment depending on the size of the venue.

In your opinion, what’s the best event you’ve put together thus far?

We ran three that stand out. One was our first event in the country and we had no idea how many people would turn up! We had 65 attend the evening and was a great night and a learning curve for us running events. The other event that we really enjoyed was 'represent your nation' on Australia Day last year. We co-hosted at OSS and we had 125 people attend. It was a fun evening and we had country couples and city couples attend. We also ran a camping weekend at the coast which was a lot of fun, MisJif helped and co-hosted with us.

What’s the sexiest scene you’ve ever seen at one of your events?

Well it would have been our play party with OSS and seeing all the country people engage and enjoy the freedom of being able to express themselves with no judgement. It was an eye opener for us and great to see people enjoy themselves. Our first event we ran we also invited some people back for a small after party and we had a gorgeous lady do a floor show with stripping and lap dancing for 45 minutes. Everyone who attended were amazed at the sensuality and athleticism she exhibited.

So what’s coming up event-wise?

We have monthly events organised one per month till the end of the year. We have meet and greets organised for Newcastle, Wollongong, Bathurst, Tamworth, Camden, Wagga Wagga, Dubbo and Orange; we find events sell out very quickly as the need for these events increases.

And more broadly, what do you want to do with the RHP Country brand over the next couple of years?

We would like to expand the RHPcountry brand to symbolise a voice and place for country people to feel comfortable in contacting and exploring their sexual desires, we want to be an open and inclusive group to welcome people and also provide an educational component for country people to learn about sexual issues whether it's swinging or sexual health. We will work with our city partners to continue to be able to bring swinging and education to the country communities.

Are you living in the country, and if so how do you find the lifestyle experience? Tell us below in the comments!


  • Jade81

    30 Dec 2023

    I realise I’m late to this post, but are there any similar events in Victoria? Would love to attend.

  • Pauly197317

    05 Aug 2022

    Rural way near Bunbury

  • Pauly197317

    05 Aug 2022

    Anything over here in Western Australia? Be great to hear of anything.

  • ronnn

    13 Aug 2021

    Good evening all lockdown sucks and sex life went dry I guess lol .. anyone active in my rhp community in nsw Blacktown council or near by councils please text me or hint me for contact I will do myself. Thanks. Hoping to see you all

  • Myrafire

    12 Aug 2021

    Hello check my profile and see what u might like. Feel free to disturb my inbox ✌🏽

  • Dunco

    11 Aug 2021


  • livelifegohard

    25 Jun 2021

    Yes... definitely makes it difficult being extremely remote to meet up with like minded soles. I would love to see RHP Country FNQ or any other areas start up. Country people love traveling and don’t usually have any expectations other than a good chat with a good vibe.

  • davidson1

    11 May 2021

    How is in Cairns looking for a hot time

  • MsE88

    27 Apr 2021

    I love this. Im from country NSW and I didn't know about this.

  • A2Bpassion

    19 Apr 2021

    Love the idea of country events. We’re from Victoria which means lots of travel to Melbourne. All for events aimed at bringing people based in regional Australia together for sexy times

  • Oralistic

    11 Apr 2021

    Is there a Queensland version of this?

  • AAHFun

    08 Apr 2021

    Great to hear from RHP Country on this forum. Love to hear more.

  • RHPCountry

    03 Apr 2021

    Rebecca is the the lady that helped us with the article. RHPcountry is run by two couples

  • sweetnsensual

    02 Apr 2021

    Camden, Penrith and Wollongong we are going to so look forward to meeting everyone there!

  • RHPCountry

    01 Apr 2021

    We love running the country events and love meeting new people! We try and mix up our events with dinners drinks dress up Parties and visits to our favourite swingers club in Sydney OSS! Message us if interested in attending any events. Single guys you are very welcome so don’t be shy either!

  • sweetnsensual

    01 Apr 2021

    All events are advertised on the RHPCOUNTRY events page so please look there for dates and links to tickets

  • sweetnsensual

    01 Apr 2021

    We love RHPcountry and the members! MisJif rocks!

  • cpl_01

    29 Mar 2021

    We are definitely a country couple🤠❤️🤠 Living where we do kinda makes it a little difficult to meet others in this lifestyle.,.but we manage to make it happen when we can and have met some wonderful people😀

  • Angeleyesxoxo

    29 Mar 2021

    Would be really interested in these!!!! Can we have some dates please?? 🤠

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    28 Mar 2021

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    26 Mar 2021

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    25 Mar 2021

    Love the event you ran at OSS.... great atmosphere. Would love to come to a Newcastle event, there's a few hotties we want to meet there ;)