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SUPERCHARGE your SEXLIFEBuckle up boys and girls, spring has sprung and that means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and fire up those...

Bessie & Geoff | September 02 2008


Buckle up boys and girls, spring has sprung and that means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and fire up those pheromones. No more crawling out of bed: cold, bitching about the boss and watching mindless crap on TV. Now is the perfect time to be reminded you are at the wheel of Mother Natures #1 sex machine. Yep that’s you!

There is not another creature on the planet that has the ability to experience pleasure in as many unique and naughty ways as us humans do. We are every inch, inside and out, custom built to experience sensuality, excitement, passion, fun and delicious delights of delectable deviance and what do most people do with it? Nothing!!

It may not feel like it all the time but underneath that same old routine and daily yawn lies a walking Ferrari of erogenous possibility. So this month we are going to help you pull back the roof, find a play mate, slip yourself into gear and discover what’s really purring under your hood.

Getting back to nature is definitely the first step to finding your transcendental titillations! There is no better way to instantly remind yourself of all those forgotten erogenous zones than to let it all hang out. Skinny dipping or flapping in the breeze may sound terribly uncivilised, but it’s guaranteed to get the circulation going and flood your brain with all that chemical good stuff. Naked is after all our natural state and there is something raw, exciting and liberating about getting back to what was intended. Even if it’s just dropping your drawers the moment you walk in the door from work, it helps your body and mind remember you’re so much more than just a nine to five and guaranteed at very least to make the neighbours lives more interesting.

While you’ve got your knickers off why not take a few photo’s with your partner or a friend. Unleashing the exhibitionist within is fast becoming a popular past time for the libertines of this world and there are lots of sites you can post your new found freedom on anonymously or other wise for the viewing pleasure of others. Exploring your inner porn star without ever revealing who you are or leaving the comfort of your house can be lots of fun, and you may be surprised at just how appreciated those wobbly bits are by the multitudes of like-minded ardent admires online.

If you don’t want to do it yourself why not grab a few DVD’s with a partner and check out how the experts do it. But rather than sticking to the bog standard, why not stretch those sexual synapses and dig out something different. No matter what you have fantasised about you can pretty much bet that someone has made a movie about it, so pick a few ‘brave choices’ between you and have fun getting inside your partners head, finding out what and how their fantasies turn them on. You may be surprised at what gets you going when you put your mind to it and it could open up a whole new world of exploration you had never thought of before.

The number one killer’s of all things sexual are self esteem, stamina and stagnation. Too little of the first two leads to too much of the last. It’s a vicious circle that’s hard to break, but sex and sexual stimulation are not just for fun. They play a vital role in our physical and mental wellbeing and are well worth looking after. The reality is you’re never going to have chandelier swinging, supercharged sex if you’re 30kg’s overweight, smoking a pack a day and feeling crap about yourself. As much as you may feel like a broken down Ute, sometimes your body can only perform like a supercar when it’s looked after.

The hard fact is, life has enough mediocre in it without us sabotaging our ability to experience the one thing our bodies are designed to make us feel good about. Sex! So remember if you want to enjoy doing ‘IT’ more, do something, because doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Think for a second of all the wonderfully exciting areas of your body just waiting to be teased, twiddled and turned on. Now think of all the wonderfully enticing places you could try it. Different scenery and locations can entirely change the sexual dynamic between two people, firing up sexy lost memories or creating exciting new ones. Of course if you’re really up for some serious sex-ploration why not check out the sexy travel packages. Yes there are even travel agents especially for adventurous perverts like you.

With luxury resorts in beautiful locations around the world often frequented by the rich, famous and other people who enjoy living life a little larger than most, there is plenty of room to explore nature in more than one way and meet like minded lovelies like yourselves.

If going overseas is all too hard why not shake off the winter woollies and give your comfort zone a good stretch at your local swingers clubs. People are often surprised at how easy going these places can be. After all everyone there was once standing at the door thinking “Oh my god am I really going to do this’. So even if you’re not up for anything more than a new perspective on life, why not pop in and see what all the fuss is about. Most have a strict politeness policy which means new people are quite welcome to hang out at the bar and just get to know others, just like in a normal club.

So hit yourself over the head with the daring stick and find out why the word spice rhymes so nicely with life!!! This spring it’s time to use every single thing Mother Nature so generously gave you to explore all the incredible experiences waiting out there for you to have. Life is too short to let others have all the fun so make sure you get your piece of the pie. Turn off the TV, turn on a friend and supercharge your sex life.