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RHP's Massive Australia Day Party Give-Away!!!RHP's Massive Australia Day Party Give-Away!!!

Rebecca Daniels | January 05 2024

RHP's Massive Australia Day Party Give-Away!!!

WINNER ANNOUNCED - Congrats Lmpussy!!! Keep your eyes on your inbox as your prizes will be on their way!!!

We're determined to make 2024 the sexiest year on record, and for Australia Day this year we're gonna have to go LARGE!

With that in mind we're giving away a massive party package so you can celebrate in sexy style - all on us! We’ve got you covered - food, drinks, tunes, threads, hell we’ll spring for a new esky if that’s what you need! Check out the prize-pack below and get your entry in now. 

Dan Murphys 

Nothing says Australia day like knocking the top off a cold one or sipping on a cheeky vino! Well, we’ve got your Aus Day tipple sorted thanks to a $100 Dan Murphies card – cheers, big ears!


Those snags and salads aren’t going to buy themselves! Hop on down to Coles with this $100 gift card and load the trolley up with all the goodies your party will need. So that’s booze and food covered… what else?


Tunes! Every bangin’ party needs a red hot soundtrack and we’ve got you sorted. 6 months of Spotify premium will ensure your neighbours know where the party’s at. Phil Collins, Pantera, Diplo, Beyonce, just pick your jams and crank the volume.

The Iconic 

As the host of this very sexy, very patriotic shindig, you’re going to need to look your best. Load up this $100 Iconic gift card and refresh the wardrobe with 2024’s hottest fashions.


Every party needs some practical items; think eskies, chairs, barbies etc. This $100 BCF gift card will ensure your backyard’s decked out with all the gear required to host your monster Australia Day rave!

So don't wait - get your entry in now - AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE... RED HOT PIE!


  • Lmpussy

    04 Feb 2024

    Yewwwwww thank you ❤️x

  • Blueeyes66

    26 Jan 2024

    Awesome 🤩

  • KatCat

    22 Jan 2024

    Let play let win

  • Manicmedic

    11 Jan 2024

    Thanks RHP.

  • Kezandtatia

    11 Jan 2024

    Good luck everyone! How good would this be though?!😍😍😍

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    09 Jan 2024

    Great 👍

  • KenandBarbie

    08 Jan 2024

    Currently living in the UK, I will be celebrating hard as a very proud Aussie on Jan 26, I’ll be showing the Poms what it’s all about, Its my wish that 26/01 will remind everyone that from that great day in 1788 the first fleet started something that is greater than anything else that has ever happened in history.

  • Serendipity69

    08 Jan 2024

    this could be good for the party we are attending with some very sexy friends.

  • Happymeal752

    07 Jan 2024

    So excited! Here’s to 2024!!

  • lonelygypsy

    07 Jan 2024

    Hmmm entered but I’m going to a 😉 party Aussie Day so don’t need to throw my own 😂

  • bopper1

    07 Jan 2024

    Can't wait to see if I win I got the worst luck with competitions ✌️🤙

  • Liveonce

    07 Jan 2024

    Love Australia Day …. Red head beach is a great spot for Australia Day .. plastic slides they use to put down the sand dunes into the creek … awsome day

  • FNQgal

    07 Jan 2024

    Definitely need this prize for a well earned break

  • TheDoorMan

    07 Jan 2024

    Hi is RHP hosting a Australia Day party in Melbourne as in past years.

  • Zippycactus

    07 Jan 2024

    Best competition this year so far. Love it!!!!!