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RHP "Date Doctors" - Cougar TimeShe may be a Demi Double, a Sassy Samantha from Sex in the City or the Diva Divorcee from next door, your very...

RedHotPie Editor | May 02 2011

RHP "Date Doctors" - Cougar Time

She may be a Demi Double, a Sassy Samantha from Sex in the City or the Diva Divorcee from next door, your very own Mrs Robinson.

So what is it about the Cougar that seems to be getting all the young and older men frothing at the mouth these days?

Is it the knowing smile that has launched a thousand ships and is confidently waiting to launch yours? Is the those expert fingers primed to play you like a cheap piano? Is it the mature, no nonsense, lets get down to business attitude that ‘knows what she wants and ain’t afraid to go out and get it’? Or perhaps it’s the great conversation that’s not just confined to the content of New Idea and a twilight movie.

Any way you look at it, the Cougar has a lot to offer as 40 becomes the new 25 with a little help from modern Science.

But before you get out your elephant gun and embark on your very own Cougar Safari, there are a few things you should know

1) Remember Cougars get their name because they enjoy the hunt. So make the experience fun for her from the beginning. But beware, this is not a cat and mouse game. Don’t waste her time. She knows what she wants and will be watching the clock, so keep up.

2) Cougars can literally smell fear on a man, and like their namesake it can really turn them on. So find out early on if she is a sharp fanged hunter type looking for a tender morsel to tear to pieces, or a doe eyed Bambi type looking for unabashed ravishment of her own. Either way don’t let her down or she’ll get bored and leave what’s left of you to the vultures.

3) Cougars can spot players from a mile a way, so whilst knowing your role, remember to be yourself. If you can’t read the wine list give it to her and make her feel like all those trips around the block have made her sexier and smarter than ever.

4) When she tells you her age just look bored, ‘tisk’ and say ‘As if’, then state ‘even if I believed you, which I don’t, what exactly has it got to do with anything? And change the subject.

5) Don’t brag about her age to your mates. That includes whistling the theme tune to the graduate. your ticket to the Cougar experience is subject to a code of mutual respect. If you do right by her you will be king of the jungle. If you mess her around you will be stuffed and hung on her wall along side all her other trophies.

But most of all remember that a Cougar will change your life if you let her. Just don’t be surprised if 10 years down the track a little smile still creeps over your face when you remember the lessons you learnt on your Cougar Safari.