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Photos of Women Before, During and After Orgasm"The photos unveil the slow or, in some cases, rapid progression of each woman’s facial changes as she reaches...

Rebecca Daniels | June 24 2020

Photos of Women Before, During and After Orgasm

In the professional world of photography, some photographers have relatively boring jobs, and take pictures of beetles for Wikipedia, or something.

Others, however, like certain fashion photographers, live the good life and take pictures of beautiful women for a living. 

But then, there’s a totally separate category of photographers who have really, really cool jobs, like Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti, who takes pictures of women before, during, and after they have an orgasm. 


In his aptly named “O Project,” Alberti teamed up with sexual well-being brand Smile Makers, and photographed 20 women who were getting themselves off with vibrators, and made a collage of each woman before, during, and after orgasm.

But if you're thinking that Alberti got to see everything and took some ultra sexy photographs of actual the action, let me be the one to tell you that he didn't. Sorry. He only saw what was going on in their face-area.

"The headshots are fun and sexy, but tasteful, keeping everything below the waist hidden from view – ­­­­­­­­­­even from the photographer," the project description on Alberti's website reads.

“The four photos unveil the slow or, in some cases, rapid progression of each woman’s facial changes as she reaches and recovers from orgasm. All women deserve to be in control of their sexuality, no matter their background. Women should be free to be empowered by - and have a little fun with - their sexuality.”

“I love that we were able to speak so frankly with these women about sex and pleasure,” Alberti says. “When you approach the taboo topic of sex through the lens of humor, people start to open up and share opinions more freely, which can lead to a monumental change in people’s mentality.”

"We are sending the message to women everywhere that this is not a shameful secret," he added to Men's Health. "This is real, it is raw, and it is beautiful."

Commenting on their orgasmic mission, Fan Yang, the global brand manager of Smile Makers, said: “Female sexuality is more often shrouded in shame and secrecy. Our partnership with Marcos allowed us to create this series to upend that social stigma around female sexuality, and encourage the normalization of female pleasure.”

“All the women who modelled were in awe of their photos, especially the final shot where they were glowing and radiant,” Yang continues. “That final shot, of a strong female grinning into the camera, is exactly what we want people to see. We hope that everyone viewing this project will feel more confident about their bodies and sexuality. All it takes is one smile at a time.”


What does your O face look like? Describe it below in the comments!


  • Casanov

    12 Aug 2020

    There is a company in Melbourne running exaclty the same project!

  • livelifegohard

    09 Jul 2020

    I can relate to @Beingjustme

  • plaster79

    06 Jul 2020

    Id like see guys faces😂

  • dadshotdick11

    01 Jul 2020

    If there's any women here who wants to try this out, feel free to hit me up 😎

  • dylan26

    30 Jun 2020

    if you did this with guys the faces it would be smile/ blank/ shame

  • FarmBoy45

    27 Jun 2020


  • Sawadee

    26 Jun 2020

    Seeing the afterglow of a woman post orgasm is one of life's pleasures..

  • ChrissyBoots

    26 Jun 2020

    Love these 🍾

  • mensbits

    26 Jun 2020

    Don't stop till the smile changes boys😊😁

  • kitekite

    25 Jun 2020

    Now for a male version...all fair in the genders right?

  • ExhibitionistEve

    24 Jun 2020

    Reminds me of the website Beautiful Agony. They do artsy porn where you can only see above the shoulders as people masturbate. It leaves the best bits to the imagination 😈

  • Aimtoplease83

    24 Jun 2020

    Definitely a pattern to those shots...fantastic!

  • EtherealMagician

    24 Jun 2020

    I love it! Those smiles are so honest.

  • Jasmin_Yoni

    24 Jun 2020