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One For The GuysYou may be surprised to learn that women are not as big a mystery as they would like us to think they are. In...

RedHotPie Editor | March 01 2011

One For The Guys

You may be surprised to learn that women are not as big a mystery as they would like us to think they are. In fact in most cases they are falling over themselves to meet a guy just like you! They just don't know it yet. And why should they, when you don't even believe it yourself.

If you want to know a thing or two about women, take a glance at any old magazine stand. The shelves are stacked to the gunnel's with fashion, gossip, glamour, business, holidays, brides, romance, and the occasional saucy playgirl magazine. Newsagents don't stock these titles for their own amusement, and I’m betting you’re not buying many of them!

So right there we have an almost CSI psychological profile of what women want. Your job is simple. Give it to them!


Women don't read these mags for the articles. They are visual creatures just like us. But unlike us they are less interested in the what the package is, and more interested, initially in how it is wrapped.

WHY? because from an evolutionary stand point it means,‘If he can look after himself, he can look after me’. Presentation, body language, voice tone, grooming, dress . Most men are guilty of looking and sounding like they just rolled out of a 1998 Lowes Catalogue. Not exactly a best seller.

But the good news is you don't have to be handsome. If you want a real shot at putting a coin in her attention meter, make an effort, and if you don't know how, get advice. Probably NOT from your mates.


Ok so I don’t mind a chick flick or two, but in-case you hadn't noticed they ALL have one thing in common. Guys who pull their act together at the last moment to ‘CLAIM’ the woman of their dreams.

Most guys have been whipped at the dating game at one time or another. We look at a woman and think ‘Nah’ she won’t want me. RIGHT! But the fact is, would you want someone who was all ‘poor me I’m not good enough’. IT becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

So the first thing to practice is building IRON self belief. Imagine every thing she does and says is a signal that she likes you. Approach KNOWING she wants to talk to you, she just doesn't know it yet, and don’t let anything shake that belief.

Of course you are not looking to be an annoying little prick. You are simply looking to radiate a sense of certainty about your interaction.

Not only are you sure you should be talking to her, but you’re sure she’s sure too.

If you’re not an alpha male don’t panic. She doesn’t know that, and actually she won’t care at the end of the day. She keeps on reading those romance novels not because she wants Tarzan but because she simply wants someone who cares enough to step up to the plate and give her, her 15 minutes of Cinderella.


Girls love to talk. They even have more areas of their brain set aside to do just this. Hence the ungodly number of trashy gossip magazines sold every single week.

So once you have made a clear, strong introduction begin the process of eliciting her bonding juices, by using the same techniques gossip mags do. Colourful, fun, scandal and opinions. Be interested in her point of view and show her you have some of your own on the subjects she deems ‘important’. Use stories to bring out emotions in her and paint a picture of you as a complete person.

The funny thing is most of us do this all the time with family members or our mates. We just clam up with the opposite sex- so PRACTICE! No one said it was easy, but if you practice letting go of the social fears you’ve had trained into you, it’s actually really NATURAL!


Most males have an in built belief that women require a certain amount of time to get to know you – a certain amount of time until you can ask them for their number, touch, kiss or bed them.

This my friends is a fallacy. A woman's ‘meter’ runs on 3 things. How sure you are, How sure she is that you’re sure, and how exciting you are making the adventure. Women want excitement, fun, a roller coaster of emotions, uncertainty, certainty and everything in between. That's why they love magazines and men that help them escape their real lives..

So the biggest mistake most men make is relinquishing their power to design a new fun world for her in order to seem ‘congenial’. Generally girls HATE congenial. They love decisive! Not rude or pushy but certain, exciting and sure.

You can quadruple your chances with a girl if your first interaction involves an assertive introduction and a fun compliment.

Follow it with some casual, interactive bonding conversation and a polite, “I have to go now”, (insert sensitive excuse), “but I really want to finish our chat. Jot your number down and let’s catch up for coffee next week”.

If you did this 5 times last Saturday you would have at least 3 dates this Saturday. SIMPLE!

But notice you’re not asking them for their number. Your telling them to write it down as you pass them your phone or a paper and pen.

The idea is as old as mankind itself. Provide her with instructions at every point and make it clear how she should respond. Intentions are always clear, actions are always confident and calculated (No i don't mean manipulative or annoying).

Allow her to feel she is on your rollercoaster ride, assume she is always ready to ride, no hesitations, no indecisiveness. Women can smell fear a mile away. Engage her 150% and put her in that romance novel she thumbs through every night before bed.

Women never turn YOU down. They only ever reject the artificial, fearful or unpolished image of YOU, you present to them.