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New Year's Sex Resolutions for 2024!Out with the old and in with the new... 20 new and sexy things to try out in the New Year!

Christina Miller | December 20 2023

New Year's Sex Resolutions for 2024!

Let’s be real for a minute, resolutions are generally a pain.

But not so fast.

We're not talking about your ordinary NY resolution that gets tossed out of the window by the second week of January.

We're talking about your sexy resolutions for 2024!!!

New Year, new adventures - right? This is why sexy resolutions are the best and fun to stick to. 

Whether you choose to make New Year resolutions or not, every January feels like a new beginning, ripe with possibilities and opportunities.

Here’s a list of sexy resolutions for 2024 that you might want to tick off your list. Don’t try them all at once, wink, wink

1. Most importantly - Have more sex!

2. Try at least one new toy.

3. Figure out how to do it while standing up in in the shower without slipping.

4.  Get over your inhibitions about being LOUD!

5. Try anal … even just once.

6. Have sex somewhere other than on the bed.

7. Conquer a position you find weird and difficult.

8. Have a threesome or foursome.

9. Be tied up - go on, use those fluffy handcuffs.

10. Or heck, why not tie someone else up.

11. Sex in a car - dogging anyone?

12. Indulge in some spanking.

13. Play strip poker.

14. Sex in the broad daylight - secluded beach.

15. Using ice cubes for foreplay - tingly fun.

16. Sexual role play.

17. Sex while someone is watching.

18. Spending all day naked - nude beach, anyone?

19. Try your Hotwife fantasy.

20. Or be a cuckold couple.

It's 2024, live it up, experiment, experience, be adventurous, be safe and consensual.

A very Happy New Year to you all.

How many of these have you tried? Has any tickle your fancy? What are your resolutions for 2024? Tell us in the comment below.


  • pinkpant25

    13 Jan 2024

    I wanna try the shower thing x

  • beingnaughty67

    04 Jan 2024

    tried all and would do it again.....

  • JazCon

    04 Jan 2024

    Great list - Wow, makes us realise how much ground we covered after starting 2023 as such newbies - Is there an advanced list? 😜🤣 TO-DO 1, 2, 5, 13, 14, 18 DONE 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 19 NOPE 20 - But loving Stag/Vixen

  • Winedinelaugh

    04 Jan 2024

    1,10, 15 all look fun

  • Funguy52

    04 Jan 2024

    I want to try a few things, and I have done a few things

  • Maracus69

    04 Jan 2024

    No 14 for me

  • LetMeDownSlowly

    04 Jan 2024

    Might redo some. But 15, 19 and 20 to go!

  • TrickandTreats

    03 Jan 2024

    Very nice list indeed. Happy to re-tick a few and go through it all in 2024… 😘

  • sexcouple

    03 Jan 2024


  • Bucketlisters

    03 Jan 2024

    Next for us on our🔥 list for 2024 is 11/17.👹😁

  • Maracus69

    03 Jan 2024

    Would love to have my first MFF session

  • Bikenut

    03 Jan 2024

    The strip poker sounds like fun, played strip pool a few times which was great

  • Aussiehunk1

    03 Jan 2024

    my 2024 is number 8,13,14,17 and 18 but im new here and i don't have many friends because im always working and same applies to sex i miss out because im always working, it be nice to have a couple or group to venture this to boost my confidence im 47 with nice beach body to share and nice ride car to play in, im not far from Scarborough beach xx be nice to let my over worked not noticed sexy cock bounch berween the waves.. ps im not bi im str8, replies welcome

  • CowboyBunnytop

    02 Jan 2024

    Bugga, you missed one. Engage a professional photographer to create great photos to keep or share with your special friend or partner from boudoir to erotica, depending on your confidence level. Every image will create a memory that you can treasure for life.

  • Jade81

    30 Dec 2023

    13 already ticked off (usually multiple times 😈) - I feel like I’ve achieved something ha ha - bring on ticking off the rest in 2024.

  • JoandJe

    29 Dec 2023

    Love the list. Might see if we can tick them all!

  • samandjay

    26 Dec 2023

    ooooh great sexy list you have there......

  • Conlicker

    20 Dec 2023

    Hello, Ola I mean Namaste Privet everyone. I wish you best.... BtW is there any one in Bucharest, Romania???