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Interview with author K.G.B plus 5 copies of Behind Closed Doors -The Society to WIN!We sat down for a chat with K.G.B, the author of the outrageously steamy novel Behind Closed Doors - The Society...

Rebecca Daniels | April 20 2021

Interview with author K.G.B plus 5 copies of Behind Closed Doors -The Society to WIN!

Behind Closed Doors - The Society is the debut erotic novel from Australian author K.G.B, and it is STEAMY! Sex, drama, betrayal, money,'s all there - and K.G.B does not pull punches. Set in one of the most glamorous cities in the world, BCD follows the lives of 4 affluent women and delves into their individual friendships. It's a titillating drama with explicit sex scenes that will leave you breathless, and shows that no matter how well you know someone, you never really know just what is going on behind closed doors. 

BCD has been steadily gaining momentum and fans, not just in Australia but internationally. It was reviewed - nay, raved about - by Dave Hughes on Hughesy and Kate's book club segment on HIT radio, has been featured in New Idea and That's Life Magazine, and KGB has been interviewed on Studio 10, 2CC Radio and appeared at Sexpo.

We were lucky enough to sit down with K.G.B for a chat about the novel, AND have been given a few copies to giveaway, so stay tuned at the end for details on how to enter!

(RedHotPie) What inspired you to start writing Behind Closed Doors?

(K.G.B)  I’ve been writing since I was a young girl, not erotica of course! Lol! I always knew that I would sit and write a book and then the day came where I was ‘in the zone’ and I couldn’t put the pen down. I always loved Sex and the City and am one of four in a group of single girlfriends and just thought about our stories and all the laughs we’ve had and the sex some of us have enjoyed and decided that was going to be the basis of my story. Had to add some spice – sex sells after all!

Career-wise, you transitioned from Air Hostess to erotic novelist, that's quite the sea-change! How did this pivot come about?

I have always written, I was always going to write a book, it was just down to timing. Working shift work, across different time zones and in a pressurised environment is so taxing on the body, jet-lag is a constant, it never leaves you. Combine that with being a wife and Mother, I was too exhausted to put in 110% in to taking my writing any further.

And then a few years after saying goodbye to my flying career, my Father passed away, suddenly. A very significant time in my life. Life-changing. I realised then that none of us know what tomorrow will bring. Writing was my passion and I hadn't moved forward with it. Every High School teacher told my parents that I should be focusing on that talent. There were still things my Dad wanted to do. Dying suddenly, he didn't get to tick off his bucket list. I didn't want to be the same. After grieving for my Dad and getting my family through our first significant death, I picked up my pen . . . And I haven't stopped writing since!

How have your family and friends reacted to your new career path?

People that are close to me know that I have always had drive. People even closer know that I have 'a way with words', so it wasn't really a surprise for them, it was more excitement and pride, which was a great response. But the best statement ever made to me, the moment that I realised what an accomplishment it is to write and publish a book, came from my son, who was sixteen at the time. He said 'Mum, I hope you are really proud of yourself, even if not ONE person buys your book, out of ALL the people we know, YOU are the only one we know that has written a book, so you should be proud'. I run those words through my head all the time. And I am proud. I don't regret a thing!

You've said that some of the material was drawn from your own life, are there any particular parts that fans might be surprised to hear are non-fiction?

There are parts of every character that I have drawn on in my own life experiences. I wrote the book whilst married, so previously, I would have said the storyline was part experience, part fantasy, but since becoming single almost 2 years ago, the scales are definitely now weighing more heavily on the experience side!

Which of the 4 main characters do you most relate to and why - Karly, Hannah, Leia or Sharna?

Karly, definitely. I am a confident woman, both in life and in the bedroom, so I definitely resonate with her the most. I think sensual women are confident and confidence is sexy, without being overtly so. A Lady on your arm and a freak in the sheets – wasn’t that a line in a song? Lol!

How do you feel about the comparisons that are being made to Fifty Shades of Grey and Sex and the City?

Sex and the City I get, my girls even have a signature cocktail – The Pomtini. 50 Shades? Well I haven’t just covered one sexual type, I’ve covered an array of likes and varieties, oral, toys, lesbians, escorts . . . . . and more, so Behind Closed Doors can reach a much wider variety of audience. Then of course, there’s the sequel, with cross-dressing, anal, squirting and . . . . well, you’ll have to read to find out more.

Behind Closed Doors was years in the making as well before finally being self-published in 2019. What was the most challenging part of the whole process for you?

I’m impatient, so the out-sourcing and the time it takes for others to do their part was probably the hardest. There are so many more aspects once you have finished your manuscript, writing 100k words was the easy part.

The ending really left me wanting more and we're sure everyone's dying to know - when can we expect the next instalment?

I’m working on the sequel now. I have read that ending at least 25,000 times I love it so much! I’m not kidding, I absolutely love the ending and I already have the ending of the sequel which I am equally excited about. I very much wrote the book to satisfy how I like to read. I don’t enjoy cliché endings and I certainly don’t want my readers to foresee what’s coming, I love the shock in a reader's face, the unexpected twists. Keep your eyes peeled for that sexy little red wax seal, the books are only part of the Behind Closed Doors brand . . . . . watch this space!

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  • Swappers

    02 May 2021

    When will this book be available on Apple Books? I don’t use Amazon or buy physical books

  • fun42ormore

    23 Apr 2021

    I’m with KGB, confidence is the key to living a full and rewarding life.