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Influencer Amy Jane Brand accidentally shows sex toys!!!Perth influencer Amy Jane Brand showed off more than she planned during a tour of her hotel room when she forgot...

Rebecca Daniels | March 09 2021

Influencer Amy Jane Brand accidentally shows sex toys!!!

An Australian influencer who was giving followers a glimpse inside a luxury hotel she was staying at accidentally showed off more than she intended.

Amy Jane Brand, an Instagram model with over 520,000 followers, posted a clip inside a Perth hotel where she was staying with her boyfriend.

But when she flipped her camera from selfie mode to its standard settings to show her other half making her a drink, she momentarily shared the couple’s bed that was littered with sex toys.

On the ruffled sheets was an S&M restraint, a bright pink butt plug and a black cuff – a detail quickly spotted by Instagram page, Celeb Spellcheck.

“Influencers will plug anything,” the account wrote, alongside the clip revealing the R-rated items.

Thankfully Amy Jane wasn’t embarrassed by the social media blunder, owning the mistake in her response to the post.

“HAHAHA always have a safe word kids,” she wrote, alongside a chain emoji.

Social media is lapping up the relatable mistake, praising Amy Jane for handling the situation “like a boss”.

“No judgment, love a bit of kink,” one follower commented.

“Good on ‘em, looks like fun,” another said.

“Dyyyyyying,” someone else declared.

Others said they’d watched the clip several times and “still don’t get it”, promoting users to point out the “whole bed has sex toys on it”.

Amy Jane is best known for her skimpy outfits and regularly shares photos wearing bikinis and risque ensembles.


Have you ever been caught red-handed after leaving your sex toys out by accident? Tell us your story in the comments below!!