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How to Take a Perfect Dick PicFirst impressions count! Want to get your hookup/partner hot and bothered by the sight of your penis?

Christina Miller | September 15 2021

How to Take a Perfect Dick Pic

Dick pics get a bad rap, partly because far too many are sent without consent or warning. Not to mention, get snapped without any planning and creativity. The point of sending a dick pic is to get the receiver aroused. A penis can be sexy to look at, only if photographed nicely. First impressions count!

Want to get your hookup/partner hot and bothered by the sight of your penis? Build the anticipation for your potential sexual encounter with some teasing dick pics. Spark their curiosity and erotic imagination. You want to get them excited about what is to come.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to take a dick pic that women will actually like. 

1. Get consent First


Getting consent is the number one rule. Nobody wants unsolicited dick pic, it’s tacky and a turn-off, plus your success rate is a confirmed zero percent. If you want to send one, just ask; “Hey, can I send you something naughty?” Obviously, this shouldn’t be the first thing you text someone. You have to have established a rapport and have exchanged some flirty texts before you ask.

2. Don’t just show your dick

A dick pic needs context, show some abs, a peek of that butt or include your torso. This will help the receiver have a greater idea of how big your member actually is. Close-ups on their own might give the receiver the impression that you are trying to deceive them. Zoomed-in pics look too clinical and they belong in a medical textbook. There is nothing wrong to be on the smaller side but it’s the false advertising that doesn’t go down so well. Accurate representation is important. Adding a ruler, a can of coke or a metric tape around your D comes across as a bit cocky, seriously it’s unnecessary.

3. Camera Angles & Pose


Get creative with your angles, women enjoy being teased and seduced. So play around with angles and comfortable looking poses. You do not want to look stilted and uncomfortable; get into a comfortable looking pose. Work every detail to your advantage.

4. Lighting

Flattering light works wonders here too. Dick pics are often taken in a dark, dingy bedroom or bathroom at night. Sometimes this is unavoidable; horniness and nude-sharing tend to happen at night. However, if you want to impress; you will need bright enough lighting to take a clear shot and natural light is the best. Or go for warm yellowish hues. Don’t be an amateur and don’t settle for anything less than a perfect nude dick. The more effort you put into your dick pic, the more likely she’ll respect both the content and the provider.

5. Clear the clutter from the background / Consider the background

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your dick is, if your recipient can see a pile of dirty laundry or the toilet in the background, your dick will fail to hit the mark. Clean the space you are going to use to snap away some great dick pics. Make sure the focus is on the prize and not the unsightly mess behind you.

6. Do some manscaping


Tidy up down there and take your time getting your junk camera ready. Nobody wants to see a limb, drooling dick looking just dull and finished. 

7. Consider adding your hand 

Holding your D in your hand or simply touching it in some way will give some sexy connotation to your dick pic. There is nothing hotter than a guy who is good with his hands. If you are holding it make sure your hands and fingernails are clean because otherwise, it’ll send the message that your dick is funky.

8. Think of privacy

Protect yourself and do not include your face or other identifying features in a dick pic just in case it gets leaked online. Better safe than sorry. 

9. Wait for the right time to send your dick pic

Think about timing. Sending a dick pic at an appropriate time might cause embarrassment for everyone. Let’s suppose she is in the middle of a meeting and her phone is connected to the screen. It might be a very unusual situation but all the same, timing must be considered when sending a dick pic. Send a text before; asking - “Hey are you busy? I want to show you something. Is this a good time?” Better yet, save those pics for the weekend or the evening when they are more likely to be alone.

10. Have fun

Don't be afraid to get creative with your dick pics, you know what women think about a man with a sense of humour. Sending a dick pic should be fun. Enjoying taking the pics and the sexy banter that comes with it. Leave them feeling ready to move to the next level. When all parties enjoy them equally, the act of sharing dick pics can be a positive experience. 

Please remember.... ALWAYS ask before sending dick pics. I cannot stress this enough, no matter how much a woman likes it, if it's sent unsolicited, it's an instant turn off.

What are your thoughts on receiving D pics? Are you a fan ? Tell us below.


  • Zippycactus

    13 Sep 2022

    I do love a good dic pic torso included. Yum yum

  • SherpaWarrior

    12 Jan 2022

    Under 8- specially you have unique tattoos and piercings so easily can recognise you if it leaks

  • Selfless_lover

    15 Nov 2021

    According to many studies only about 2% of men have a cock over 7 inches, so if you're unlucky enough to be one of those under 7 then don't embarrass yourself and send women pics lol. And lets be honest most cocks are bloody ugly anyway.....

  • guywifi

    02 Nov 2021

    Some may need a zoom lens or macro function. Lol

  • goodlad

    01 Nov 2021

    Every guy on this site seems to be over exaggerating their dick size by 2 inches!

  • nginrh

    25 Oct 2021


  • anwarp

    19 Oct 2021


  • Maxfun2

    18 Oct 2021

    To summarise. Dic, pics, it’s what you do with it that matters. 😈🌺

  • MrFit71

    15 Oct 2021

    Someone one ask me for a dick pic once, I responded by sending a pic of a rooster I took while in Hawai'i, they stopped responding! I think I broke their mood. Also no sense of humour, I'm not interested.

  • bianca_dd

    14 Oct 2021

    No I think it is pretty sick,if I ask to see it yes But if some fellows just decided to send me one Not a turn on to me. And lots just send them. They say they like yours you say ty,and then pop they send a dick pic

  • ozmelbcpl4cpl2

    30 Sep 2021

    I'll send you one if asked just 4 u from me lol xx

  • clove

    27 Sep 2021

    I love dick pics

  • Pure_Wild1

    20 Sep 2021

    While we’re putting this much thought into it... Does anyone know where I can buy a cock ring-light? I want that perfect lighting that gives it a smooth texture and makes it pop. It’s getting a bit awkward with the neighbours trying to take one in the front yard just as the sun comes up.

  • Charlea

    20 Sep 2021

    oh yes, definitely important to see before trying or even meeting its owner. And needs a good old tidy up as well. If the dicpic doesn't stand the pub test then pretty sure the owner won't either! Creative angles are good too.

  • FoxKnots

    20 Sep 2021

    I have 1 tucked away in my 2nd private folder....I'm more asked to flash the pearly white smile

  • skynbeen

    19 Sep 2021

    Nice points never thought before in such details.

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    19 Sep 2021

    I usually send my pictures when asked for pictures. And people who saw it where love it

  • mattbytheocean

    19 Sep 2021

    Surely letting someone know or waiting for someone to ask is like a normal thing? I know i have a dick pic in my private gallery but always let people know before opening? Maybe thats just me?

  • 1973a1980man

    19 Sep 2021

    Lol clean lubed with coconut oil mine are great piccasso penis lol

  • D_Dubz

    18 Sep 2021

    Always have to be asked 1st. Otherwise that convo may end very abruptly.

  • Sexy_2016

    17 Sep 2021

    I don’t mind a dick pic but keep it at one & if you’re uncircumcised it’s always looks way more appealing if you retract your foreskin..

  • Suspended

    17 Sep 2021

    I found the best way is don't take one 😂

  • HighlandFox

    17 Sep 2021

    Simple rule: Never send unless asked!!

  • hardtime1

    17 Sep 2021

    So who wants a dick pic... more the point.. 🤣🤣

  • Mischeviouslad

    16 Sep 2021

    I send a photo of a giant rooster Women love it 😂

  • BDE420

    16 Sep 2021

    I like to tease with chat and make a girl ask to see it ( I'll always oblige )

  • Sexy_Pom

    16 Sep 2021

    There's plenty of bad pics out there! But love a good one 😉 Appreciate being asked first for sure, unless it's in a private album, then I know what I'm going to see.

  • Kissnhug

    16 Sep 2021

    i usually get good comments when i post dick pics, only once did i get a why did you send me that for . when profiles ask for no dic pics then of course i oblige , some women say they want to unwrap the present and be surprised but then again some women prefer average to large ones and not into smaller ones so they want to know before hand to ensure a good evening . Men are usually visual so we want to see pics, girls like to be emotionally charged and taken on a journey before the first meeting , all natural built in biological wiring we where born with

  • Virgo_Taurus_xxx

    16 Sep 2021

    I would have to say my experience is that I have a much greater chance of meeting someone once they have seen mine? But %100 agree consent is the key, the kind of women who would want to be sent an unsolicited dick pic I am probably not going to like when I meet them anyway. 😬. Also some of the best experiences I've had have been when there are no photos exchanged. If it all works out then it's a pleasant surprise which can be quite exciting in the moment ☺️

  • Sweet_Cherry_Pie

    16 Sep 2021

    I hear a comparison to something like a coke can can be an impressive and swoon worthy addition! With consent of course!

  • DynamicCouple36

    16 Sep 2021

    It’s a pity that the majority of the idiots on here think that it is acceptable to send unsolicited messages, containing penis pics to all & sundry. It’s an absolute turn off. We often ask them if they walk up to a woman / couple at a bar and show them their penis / a photo of their penis . And if not why not .

  • 4_seasons

    15 Sep 2021

    Don’t bother showing dic pics unless you are asked for them

  • Lion_and_cub

    15 Sep 2021

    We got together without a single dick pic exchanged. Cub was shocked when she discovered the D pic bank existed 🙈 from a past single life… But yeah. Consent, consent consent. 🦁

  • TopFun

    15 Sep 2021

    I NEVER send a DickPic without first making sure the recipient is interested in seeing and also pretty much gagging to see! Have to say us guys also don’t like seeing your pussy close up without some of the rest of your body like your hips, legs and torso.