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Erotic Fantasies - The RedHot Interview!Anyone lifestylers living in Melbourne would have no doubt heard of Erotic Fantasies over the last twelve months....

RedHotPie Editor | August 31 2023

Erotic Fantasies - The RedHot Interview!

Anyone lifestylers living in Melbourne would have no doubt heard of Erotic Fantasies over the last twelve months. Run by your sizzling hosts, Marty and Mishka, their inclusive, salacious party brand has been going from strength to strength. We caught up with Marty to find out how they got things up and running, and what it's like running one of the country's sexiest party brands!

(RedHotPie) Let’s start with the big question – how did you get into the lifestyle?

(Marty - Erotic Fantasies) We got in the scene because we had been with each other for about eight years, and we were looking for something different to add to what was already an amazing sex life.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that we mustn’t have loved each other because we got into the scene, but actually, we both agree that it is more a display of true love that we can feel secure enough in each other and our union that we could let each explore another sexual desire in a different form.

How did you go from attending events to deciding to start your own brand?

We had been to many events before we decided to attempt to host one ourselves.

Our aim was to improve the scene, with a strong view on making it safer, especially for women.
We want our daughters and sons to one day be able to attend events that are completely safe without them having to worry about the underlying intentions of the host, the hostess or the venue owner.

Sum up Erotic Fantasies – what did you want it to be?

We wanted Erotic Fantasies events to be the all-inclusive party you have with both new and old friends, where everyone feels comfortable and able to be their true selves.

We strived to create a relaxed, sexy vibe with some entertainment and music, allowing people to introduce themselves to others in an open conversation without feeling like a nightclub or a meat market. We pride ourselves on the community that we have built, and our parties are a reflection of the inclusive and comfortable atmosphere that our guests get to experience.

We make an effort to make everyone feel invited, and we ensure that we are visible throughout the event to help introduce people to others. We recognise that one of the hardest things people first find coming into the scene is striking up the first conversation with others; we are here to help them break the ice.

We continue to promote the importance of consent and conversation, with a primary goal of ensuring that everyone has a good time, whether they spend the evening playing, watching or just relaxing with conversation and making new friends.

How has the journey of promoter been so far? What has worked? What hasn’t?

The journey has been overwhelmingly amazing; we have had so many people volunteer to work alongside us, willing to give their time because they believe in what we believe in and want to help us create quality events for those who attend.

We have the community at heart; we are not about making huge profits, and we don’t allow money to be the focus or the priority. It’s very rewarding for us to see and hear the feedback we have had about our events. It has been so complimentary, with so many people willing to help validate our parties on our socials and our RHP pages; everything about our validations suggests that this scene needs events like ours. We also like to encourage and promote other events when we feel that the organisers follow the same ethos as we do.

We have a number of couples who have attended many of our events from interstate and regional Victoria. The fact that they are willing to travel to attend is a testament to the experiences they’re enjoying.

The only negative we have encountered is the typical ‘Tall Poppy’ syndrome that is evident in many walks of life. Some people can’t be happy for other people’s success, but we find this crazy because we’re not in it for our own personal gain, we are in it to provide an outlet for those in the scene to explore and interact.

What, in your mind, makes a great lifestyle event?

Fun, enjoyment, education, safety, and most importantly, the right people, and that’s not an elitist snobbery kind of thing – we’re not looking at inviting only perfect 10s to our events. By the right people, we mean personality and a willingness to be inclusive and welcoming of new and old in the scene. We get so many new couples coming in and enjoying our parties, which is extremely rewarding. We’re about building a community so that we can collectively educate people on how to do things right, so that everyone feels safe and comfortable. Luckily we haven’t had any drama at any of our events because we only invite great people, we don’t discriminate in any way, but if you’re a dick head we don’t want you. That’s our main rule – which is why we make a conscious effort to talk to everyone before an event to get a sense of what they’re about and their interests and expectations.

What's the sexiest scene you’ve ever seen at one of your events?

Each event has its highlights; they differ each time.

It can be the performances that occur at each party we hold, but more often, it’s something as simple as seeing people connect in such a real way; people let their masks slip in the comfort of our parties, allowing them to reveal their true, uninhibited selves, something that most say they’re unable to in the ‘real world’.

It’s hard to describe, but you get a certain vibe when everyone is having a great time, and that’s sexy as fuck.

What sort of people does EF cater toward?

We cater to everyone, except single males who can’t attend the majority of our events. We can honestly say that our parties attract every kind of person; we don’t discriminate at all.

We have a thorough vetting system in place, as we want to know who’s coming to our events; we don’t want anyone to ruin what we are creating.

We employ the ‘anti-dickhead rule’ which essentially means if you can’t act like a decent human, then we don’t want you attending and ruining things for everyone else.

How can first-timers get involved?

We love having the chance to welcome first-timers to our parties and showing them how amazing this lifestyle and the wider community can be.

We have a reputation for taking the time to speak in detail with people who want to attend their first event but are shy, nervous, or simply terrified about taking the first step!

With single ladies especially, we try to partner them up with one or two other first-timers, so they don’t feel they are alone in the journey. Otherwise, we will match them, or new couples, with others who are trusted regulars to chat before the event. This allows them to ask any questions they have as they come up, or simply to reach out for reassurance as the event draws near.

Where will EF be in 12 months' time?

In 12 months time, we want to be bigger and better, but not at the risk of losing the ability to personalise what we offer.

We want to continue to make genuine connections with those who attend our events, and those who follow our socials; to us, having the biggest party numbers-wise is less important than having the best party.

We want to be talked about for all the right reasons and to provide a safe and sexy space for people to explore and grow. If we can continue to do this, then we are achieving what we initially set out to do.

If you'd like to know when the next Erotic Fantasies event is taking place, be sure to keep an eye on the RedHotPie Events section.


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    03 Dec 2023

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