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  • Date Doctors - The Art Of The Flirt

    Bessie & Geoff | August 26 2022

    Date Doctors - The Art Of The Flirt

    There are few things in life as fun as a good flirt. For my money flirting is an essential, healthy, revitalising part of living, no matter how old, young, single or attached you are. Whether it’s in the safety of an online chat under the guise ‘ruup4it’, making a friend’s day with a cheeky observation or simply complimenting the check out chick at the grocery store on her great smile. Flirting is the elixir of youth. And the more you practice the better you get at it.

  • How to punch above your weight - YOUR SECRET WEAPON

    RedHotPie Editor | May 30 2011

    How to punch above your weight - YOUR SECRET WEAPON

    So you’re not the smartest tool in the shed, the hottest rock in the fire or the sexiest bomb in the B52? What hope do you possibly have of hitting over your weight and taking home that 9 out of 10 Mr or Mz yummalot. Let’s face it, what hope do you have of hitting under your weight and taking home anyone at all? Well don’t panic. Fortunately for the mere mortals amongst us, Mother Nature bestowed every one of us with a secret weapon so powerful that even the meek become mighty when it’s turned on

  • RHP "Date Doctors" - Cougar Time

    RedHotPie Editor | May 02 2011

    RHP "Date Doctors" - Cougar Time

    She may be a Demi Double, a Sassy Samantha from Sex in the City or the Diva Divorcee from next door, your very own Mrs Robinson.

  • One For The Guys

    RedHotPie Editor | March 01 2011

    One For The Guys

    You may be surprised to learn that women are not as big a mystery as they would like us to think they are. In fact in most cases they are falling over themselves to meet a guy just like you! They just don't know it yet. And why should they, when you don't even believe it yourself.

  • Great Expectations?!?

    RedHotPie Editor | November 04 2010

    Great Expectations?!?

    I vividly remember the last time I was ditched. What was odd was that only one week earlier the very same girl who was now looking me in the eye and coldly declaring I was ‘not her type,’ had just about begged me to marry her. And all this just 8 months after getting divorced from a 7 year marriage from hell, to the other,‘love of my life’!! I mean, how is it possible to get so many serious relationships so wrong. Had I learnt nothing?

  • Bessie Bardot's spring dating tips

    RedHotPie Editor | September 06 2010

    Bessie Bardot's spring dating tips

    I absolutely love this time of the year. To me, spring is better than New Years for shaking off the old and embracing the new. So this spring how about we step out with a fresh exuberance, uncluttered and emboldened by the fact that we are lucky enough to get yet another shot at loving life...

  • Bessie Bardot on how to hit the G-Spot!!!

    RedHotPie Editor | June 24 2010

    Bessie Bardot on how to hit the G-Spot!!!

    Let’s face it, there is good sex, bad sex, dirty sex, romantic sex, funny sex, wild sex, cold sex, hurried sex, tired sex, make up sex………the list is endless. But they all have one thing in common. The pursuit of pleasure. Our pleasure, someone else’s pleasure, it doesn’t matter. The trouble is when it comes to inflicting serious pleasure on our partners most of us have no idea where to begin.

  • Keeping it light to find Mr/Ms Right

    RedHotPie Editor | May 03 2010

    Keeping it light to find Mr/Ms Right

    Have you forgotten how to have fun in your relationships? No I’m not just talking to those of you who have been dating for some time, although this is definitely a question you need to ask yourself.I’m talking to the boys and girls out there in dating land who have decided they have been to enough balls and kissed enough frogs, and it’s now time to start looking for a ‘real’ relationship. Whatever that might mean to you.

  • Relationship Roles!

    RedHotPie Editor | March 02 2010

    Relationship Roles!

    Are you a sexy, smart, articulate person with a J.O.B & plenty to offer, but just can’t get past the first few dates? Or a sensitive, shy Mr/Ms reliable with more love to give and no one to give it to? Or perhaps you’re a horny cougar with a pile of cubs to play with but none to scratch your itch on a more permanent basis. Well if you are looking for something more than few dirty weekends and a strawberry daiquiri or two you are definitely NOT alone.

  • New Year - New Goals

    RedHotPie Editor | December 30 2009

    New Year - New Goals

    How has your year been? If you are anything like us, this time of year gets you thinking about what was, what might have been and what might be to come. I remember it was this time 15 years ago, after the implosion of my third serious relationships that I thought 'Holy s#%t this boyfriend/girlfriend lark sux. So I made a vow then and there for my own sanity, to seek out and study all the knowledge and science available on the apparent madness of dating, heartache, passion, romance and love...

  • Striking out is the new getting lucky…

    RedHotPie Editor | October 30 2009

    Striking out is the new getting lucky…

    As some of you might know Bessie and I have set off on our little Life Change Experiment’. – Off into the wild blue yonder to shake life up a little. To be honest, I got fed up sitting on my ass watching other people doing cool stuff on the discovery channel. So I decided to do something about it.

  • Taught By A Tantra Goddess

    RedHotPie Editor | September 01 2009

    Taught By A Tantra Goddess

    A while ago Bessie and I heard about a tantric sex workshop that actually included a one hour private session with someone of the auspicious title, ‘tantric sex goddess’. Well my curiosity got the better of me so I booked myself in for a session.

  • Little changes for big results!

    Bessie & Geoff | July 01 2009

    Little changes for big results!

    It’s kind of ironic that the only thing in life we can be sure won’t change is the fact that everything changes. Whether you love it or hate it, without change we humans probably wouldn’t exist and neither would all the lovely toys we get to play with everyday, like RHP and the internet.

  • Surviving Life’s Little Crunches

    Bessie & Geoff | May 01 2009

    Surviving Life’s Little Crunches

    Aside from wowing you with astounding facts, scintillating insights and our hilarious repartee one of the points of this column is to actually try and make a difference in this crazy old world. So we decided in the spirit of the economic downturn, to help you put a bulge back in your pants where your wallet used to be, by showing you how to deal with some of life’s more emotionally and financially costly crunchy moments.

  • Date Doctors - The Art Of The Flirt

    Bessie & Geoff | February 03 2009

    Date Doctors - The Art Of The Flirt

    There are few things in life as fun as a good flirt. For my money flirting is an essential, healthy, revitalising part of living, no matter how old, young, single or attached you are. Whether it’s in the safety of an online chat under the guise ‘ruup4it’, making a friend’s day with a cheeky observation or simply complimenting the check out chick at the grocery store on her great smile. Flirting is the elixir of youth. And the more you practice the better you get at it.

  • 2008 wrap up - life, love and lust

    Bessie & Geoff | January 02 2009

    2008 wrap up - life, love and lust

    Let’s start this month with the most important part of any New Year, our what’s hot and what’s not in 2009 list... then we're going to break down all the big do's and dont's that have been heavily in plAy over the last year... 2008 was massive year and we're going to take some valuable lessons on life, love and lust away from it!

  • Red Hot Christmas!

    Bessie & Geoff | December 01 2008

    Red Hot Christmas!

    Christmas comes but once a year, which of course proves it’s not a member of Red Hot Pie; so we thought we’d stuff your stocking with a couple of essentials chestnuts of wisdom to make you, your Christmas and anyone else you get your hands on during this period, go off with a bang!

  • Naughty November - Shake it baby, shake it!

    Bessie & Geoff | November 03 2008

    Naughty November - Shake it baby, shake it!

    Only two months left to make 08 great! I must admit I love November. It’s time to squeeze the last drop of life out of the year as the subtle scent of anticipation and sins of the flesh signal the imminent arrival of orgiastic Xmas excess. This month the Red Hot Pie Gods have decreed ‘Naughty November’. Perhaps not quite Shakespearian in its originality, but none the less, appropriate for a time of year with such unique energy. It’s a time to shake out the fake, re invent, self express and roll into the New Year with some decent sins worth absolving and hopefully a renewed outlook on your life.

  • Sexy Speak - the ultimate communication guide

    RedHotPie Editor | October 15 2008

    Sexy Speak - the ultimate communication guide

    We’ve all been there, whether you’re looking lovingly into your partners eyes or losing yourself in the face of a new friend… your heart is melting and you just want to put the moment into words and say something profound. Of course instead of breathtaking prose flying from your lips you mutter something about sniffing their hair and stuff the whole thing up! Well communicating with the opposite sex isn’t as hard as we sometimes make it, so RedHotPie is here with the ultimate coupling communications guide, a speaksheet that will make that guy or girl fall head over heels for you. It’s easy, achievable and proven in the field, so read on for all the sexy speak answers!

  • Swing into Spring - Bessie & Geoff tell all

    Bessie & Geoff | October 01 2008

    Swing into Spring - Bessie & Geoff tell all

    Hot Bodies, bums, flowers, fresh scents, sex n sun, at last spring has sprung! You may have already noticed the subtle sensations coursing through your veins changing everything from how you feel to how you’d like to be felt.


    Bessie & Geoff | September 02 2008


    Buckle up boys and girls, spring has sprung and that means it’s time to shake off the cobwebs and fire up those pheromones. No more crawling out of bed: cold, bitching about the boss and watching mindless crap on TV. Now is the perfect time to be reminded you are at the wheel of Mother Natures #1 sex machine. Yep that’s you! There is not another creature on the planet that has the ability to experience pleasure in as many unique and naughty ways as us humans do.

  • Bi is the new black!

    Bessie & Geoff | August 04 2008

    Bi is the new black!

    It has to be said that if you haven’t pashed your best mate at a party then you haven’t lived! Or so say many singles today. Don’t panic lads I’m not talking about you. YET! But since the top selling song in the U.S. is ‘I kissed a girl’ and everyone from MTV to Sex in the City is using a little ‘lady on lady luvin’ to get you to tune in, you might just wonder “if life is passing you BI”?

  • BomChicka Wah Wahhhh

    Bessie & Geoff | May 02 2008

    BomChicka Wah Wahhhh

    BomChicka Wah Wahhhh! Don’t you just love that BomChicka feeling of hot, compatible, getting to know you sex? Its one of those feelings you don’t forget and want to keep as long as possible. Just imagine how much easier it would be to hold onto a relationship or avoid infidelity if night after night you were swinging from the chandeliers totally abandoned just like the first time you met.

  • Surviving the Morning After

    Bessie & Geoff | April 01 2008

    Surviving the Morning After

    As sunlight streams through the drapes and the sound of city traffic rouses you from slumber a niggling feeling comes over you as you begin to wonder if it’s time to get up. Pushing the cat off your bed you lazily roll over to gaze at the alarm clock… Hold on! You don’t have a cat! You don’t live in the city and the lump in the bed next to you is definitely not part of your anatomy.

  • Forbidden Fruits

    Bessie & Geoff | February 29 2008

    Forbidden Fruits

    To date or not to date? That is the question... Okay so Shakespeare may not have had that exact scenario in mind at the time but Romeo and Juliet and Othello certainly proved the bard himself knew plenty on the topic of forbidden love. So has anything changed? Is it really still a taboo to hit on or be hit on by your ex-partners’ best friend, brother, sister, work mate, postman or personal trainer? Should there really be an unspoken law that states anyone associated with you or your partner is out of bounds after you are broken up?

  • Surviving Valentine's Day

    Bessie & Geoff | February 05 2008

    Surviving Valentine's Day

    If you've ever been one of those people who has despaired at a Valentine’s gift, or wondered what it really meant, spare a thought for the Roman women back when Valentines first began. The blokes would gather around, slaughter a poor little goat and strip its skin to make mini whips. They would then proceed to dip the skins in the goat’s blood and run through the streets slapping women on the ass with the gory mess. Hence branding the lucky woman officially cute and fertile.

  • Tis the Season for Pleasin’

    Bessie & Geoff | December 07 2007

    Tis the Season for Pleasin’

    Christmas is that wonderful time when boys and girls add up their Christmas lists and contemplate just how naughty and nice they have been over the last 12 months. So in the spirit of all things festive we thought we would have a look at some of the ups and downs of silly season dating and the activities available to curl Santa's toes and warm the cockles of your heart...

  • Where have all the good guys gone

    Bessie & Geoff | November 13 2007

    Where have all the good guys gone

    Lavish me with attention but don’t stifle me, acknowledge my equality but treat me like a lady. Express your feelings but don’t be soft. Have a healthy sex drive but suppress it around others. Want me desperately unless I’ve got a headache, would prefer a back rub, or generally don’t think you deserve it.

  • The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

    Bessie & Geoff | September 01 2007

    The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

    Sitting at our desks this APEC week in Sydney it’s starting to feel more like we are back in downtown Baghdad.&nbsp; Helicopters buzzing above like angry mosquito’s on steroids, snipers on rooftops and gaggles of police ambling past our window with SS-like ‘don’t <A href="mailto:f@&amp;k">f@&amp;k</A> with me’ looks on their faces.

  • Fireworks, Feelings & Forever

    Bessie & Geoff | August 01 2007

    Fireworks, Feelings & Forever

    If you have ever had your socks knocked off, literally and figuratively, by someone whose very presence left your heart racing, sweaty palmed, flushed and short of breath, you'll know first hand just how powerfully our bodies' 'chemical' desires can influence us. Whether glued to the spot with a stupid grin on your face unable to say anything remotely intelligent, or shamelessly ripping your clothes off in the middle of the supermarket seconds after your eyes lock for the first time, one thing is very clear: logic and lust don't make good bedfellows.

  • Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

    Bessie & Geoff | July 01 2007

    Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

    They say it's the little things in life that make all the difference, which is of course reassuring for all the boys out there on so many levels, but what about when the little things amount to a huge thing like say… moving in? A toothbrush casually left over for another visit, a fave T-shirt appearing in the washing basket and a drawer finally designated his/her space at your place. Signs that the end, or beginning (depending on how you see it), is nigh. So when your single siren starts screaming should you bluff and stall the inevitable or fold (hopefully not his shirts) and admit to yourself the fact you're ready to nest!

  • Too Many Fish

    Bessie & Geoff | June 01 2007

    Too Many Fish

    Eeney meeney miney mo – should I date John, Jack or Jo? Anyone who has been in the position to have more than one potential boy or girlfriend knows how desperately frustrating it can be to narrow the field and choose just one to 'go steady' with. It seems like each person fulfils a different side of your personality. One drives you wild in bed, but when it comes to conversation your vacuum cleaner is better company, and another you can discuss the meaning of life with for hours but could have better sex with a crumpet toaster. One shows you a great time but would look better with a bag over their head and another is absolutely perfect, oohh except for the fact that they kiss like a wet rag. You adore them all for their individual traits but none are the complete package. So what can you do? Is it possible to be in love with more than one person and how do you go about finding Mr/Mrs perfect?

  • Commitment… Is it a dirty word?

    Bessie & Geoff | May 01 2007

    Commitment… Is it a dirty word?

    Has anyone ever yelled or perhaps whispered the ‘C’ word in your ear? That harsh and horrid, or passionate and inviting word can sound so different depending on whose mouth it comes out of and when. No I don’t mean ‘that’ C word I mean the one responsible for more confusion, fear and loathing between the sexes than almost any other. Commitment!!

  • The New Rules

    Bessie & Geoff | April 01 2007

    The New Rules

    If you have ever read the best selling book The Rules you would be forgiven for thinking that the good old days of dating were back in style. With words of 'wisdom' straight out of a 1920's Women's Weekly such as “Don't call him – it will make him desire you more” and “Always end the date first, it will leave him desperate for more” you have wonder what are the benefits and drawbacks of some of our more modern mating rituals versus the golden oldies.

  • Stranger Sex Qantas Style

    Bessie & Geoff | March 01 2007

    Stranger Sex Qantas Style

    What was I thinking! I am such a slut... C’mon, admit it though, despite the social stigma we have all had the urge to ravish or be ravished by a total stranger. Whether it’s being subtly seduced in the dark corner of a club, pressed hard’n’heated against a cubical wall a la Qantas’ all new inclusive first class service, or simply waking in a strange bed in a strange house, our desire to walk on the wild side once in a while is undeniable. <BR>So what is it about the heart pumping anonymity of stranger sex that gets our blood boiling, even if it’s not something you would act on for real? Why do we want to do it? And how does it affect us?

  • Monkey-ing Around

    Bessie & Geoff | February 01 2007

    Monkey-ing Around

    <P>Single and seeking, or blissfully wed, perving is a favourite past time of men and women all over the world. There seems to be no magic OFF switch a partner can press preventing you from admiring a hottie, real or imagined, on screen or in your dreams every now and then. </P> <P>Lets face it, not only does it feel good it also helps to release youth promoting chemicals associated with stress relief, complexion and skin rejuvenation as well as good health. </P>