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Couple Seeking Single Bi GirlA threesome consisting of two sexy girls and one very lucky guy is the ultimate fantasy for a good number of...

Alison Cox | January 20 2021

Couple Seeking Single Bi Girl

A threesome consisting of two sexy girls and one very lucky guy is the ultimate fantasy for a good number of couples on RedHotPie. For some, it is the only form of fun they are looking for. Unfortunately for many, what could be the most common couple fantasy is possibly the most difficult to realise. We look at why this is the case, as well as why couples want that coveted single girl. We’ll also suggest ways to make that fantasy a reality based on the real-life experiences of RHP couples who have successfully enjoyed FFM threesomes.

Why Do We Want Ms Single?

Three is fun but isn’t four even more so? In which case, shouldn’t a couple just meet other couples for fun? It certainly is easier to arrange foursome fun but some couples simply want to reserve their bedroom for themselves and Ms Single.

It may be because the presence of another male in the bedroom repels the male partner of the couple. This reluctance can stem from his discomfort with another male being in close proximity during a sexual scenario, or it can arise from jealousy he feels at the thought of his partner being touched or even seen naked by another man. Conversely, it may be the female partner who has no desire at all to be sexually involved with a man other than her own partner, and is only seeking an FMF to fulfill her bisexual leanings.

For couples who are new to the idea of introducing extra people into their sex lives, an FMF threesome is often viewed as being the safe, or soft option, before gaining the confidence to progress to couples and single men. For some others, they just purely want to experience the hot intimacy of a threesome, be it an FMF or MFM. In Kylie’s case:

”I didn’t have anything against meeting couples but I am definitely more into girls than guys so I loved the idea of having a single girl over just for me to focus on, knowing my partner was the only guy around and I could tell him when and how he could join in. It took me a while to meet a girl but once I did, it was amazing.”

Impossible Dream?
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that for every actively participating single girl, there would be at least twenty couples looking for her. Why single girls are few and far between is simply answered by placing yourself in their shoes. If you were a single female, would you be willing to place yourself in a vulnerable situation with two strangers? Have a think about what you’re also asking from her: sex with one or both of you (preferably both) with no strings attached. It can be more than a little daunting for a lot of single ladies.

Also, it takes a woman who fantasises about being a ‘toy’ for a couple to consider a meeting, and more importantly, a whole lot of courage to go ahead with it. Take Tricia and Brad’s experience:

“Brad and I contacted a single girl called Janine who sounded hot. She was keen to be pampered and pleasured by two people and had no obvious hang-ups about sex. After swapping photos, we arranged to meet over coffee one afternoon. Just girls. The meeting went well so she agreed to come over to our place on the following weekend. Janine sounded excited about it right up until the night she was supposed to come over. But then, we got a text message from her saying that she couldn’t come around because of some problem with her car.”

After a lot of questioning by Tricia, Janine admitted that she was highly aroused by the idea of being in a threesome but as the reality dawned on her, it wasn’t something that she felt completely right about. Tricia and Brad’s experience is not unusual and not surprisingly, it leaves many people frustrated and suspicious of other single females supposedly looking for a good time.

When You Least Expect It

The key issue seems to be the fact that when faced with the potential pressure of an organised a threesome, many people (not only single females) find it easier to not go all the way. It is therefore not surprising at all that many successful threesomes occur spontaneously with people a couple may have met prior to the event socially, which is what happened with Jo and Paul.

“Jo and I were at a wedding some time ago and we ran into an old school friend of Jo’s. I remember Jo enjoying the flirty catch-up and swapping numbers. She got a text from her a few nights later saying she was bored so Jo suggested she come over. Add a bottle of wine to that and the rest is history ”

How to Find Ms Single

We’ll assume that most couples don’t conveniently have a female flat mate/best friend/co-worker who they can get into a spontaneous threesome with. Naturally, if you do know someone who might be interested, then you can always investigate the possibility as long as your suggestions won’t cause offence.

For those who don’t know where to start, then RedHotPie is the best place to start. Many women are listed as seeking couples. If you’re replying to an ad, be mindful that you probably won’t be the first person to approach this single girl. Be friendly and honest about what you’re seeking, and with any luck, Ms Single will drop you a line back.
Parties and Events posted on RHP are also a great way to meet single ladies. Many girls enjoy a fun night out as a group so this could be the perfect opportunity for the female partner of a couple to mingle with singles. Get ready to jot down phone numbers! Alternatively, even if meeting couples is not the preferred option, it is still a good idea to network with other couples who may have a number of single girlfriends who are seeking to expand their circle of play friends. Finally, it is not uncommon for many couples who have formed close friendships to organise threesomes amongst themselves. Says Dean:

”My fiancee Emma hates being on her own while I am away overseas for work so when she told me that our swinging friends Mark and Michelle invited her for dinner one night (and they meant just dinner), I told her to go over on her own and get her own little party started. I trust Mark and Michelle so knew Emma would be in good hands. I got a huge hard on thinking about her being the centre of attention.”

What Is Ms Single Looking For?

It’s probably very important to consider the things that a single female is looking for in a couple. Since she has a fairly good selection of couples to choose from, it’s important to make your first impression last so you stand out from the rest.
A single female who is largely looking to explore her bisexuality probably won’t be too concerned about how the male partner looks (although I am sure she would like him to be a respectful, friendly person at least) in which case it is really up to the female partner to build a rapport with Ms Single. If there is a good amount of attraction between the two, there’s a good chance things will lead to a meeting and the rest can be worked out from there. Do keep in mind however that some single girls are not looking to play with the male partner of a couple at all but is happy for him to be present while she gets it on with the female partner. If this suits you as a couple, then it’s a win/win situation!
For couples who are ideally seeking a single female who wants to devour both partners sexually, you are in for some hard work. Without mincing words, unless Ms Single has an overwhelming attraction to one or both of you, she will happily move on to the next couple that approaches her for assessment. Take Nina’s experience:

”I was getting to know a couple on RHP with view to meeting up for coffee but without sounding shallow, I took one look at the guy and couldn’t go through with it. The girl from the couple was awesomely hot but other than her man being not my type, he also came across as an arrogant macho pig who wanted two women to pleasure him. I offered to meet her on her own or perhaps play while he watched but they didn’t want that. In the end I ended up meeting a couple who were less fixated on the threesome and treated me more like a friend.”
Try and be balanced in your approach with single girls. Do make an effort to find out what she is after from the beginning rather than try and sway her into your ideal threesome plans. Single girls also appreciate confident, friendly couples who don’t reek of desperation (yes, this seems to happen with couples as much as guys). Especially if she is new to meeting couples, she would feel more comfortable being guided gently by people who want to be her friend, rather than prodded and pushed like a play thing.

Are you a single female seeking couples? Or a couple seeking a single female? How have your experiences been so far? Let us know below in the comments!


  • sweetnsensual

    07 May 2020

    We have met some gorgeous single women and remained friends with them. They are out there you just need to find them!

  • BuffnMuff

    24 May 2018

    Sexy couple looking for Unicorns. Please contact us

  • abcplus1

    11 Jun 2011

    ......................that is a sigle bi fem (who plays with couples) In the last 12 years we have met many, but only 4 have ever eventuated to anything, 2 were from chat rooms, 1 was an old friend (spontaneous unplanned event) and one was met through a dating site like this one. We are lucky that all but one has remained a good family friend, but unfortunately they are all 'off the market' after finding long term relationships.

  • JessicaRabbit

    15 Feb 2011

    And I quote: "Single girls also appreciate confident, friendly couples who don’t reek of desperation...she would feel more comfortable being guided gently by people who want to be her friend, rather than prodded and pushed like a play thing." So true! Is it too much to ask that we be looked at as more than a fantasy-fulfilling toy? I met one fantastic couple off here - the first meet we hit it off like we were old friends and every meet after that (for a month or two we met almost every weekend) the friendship just continued to get even better! Put yourself in our's daunting enough going on a 'blind date' with one person, let alone being ganged up on by two of them! I was originally on this site as a couple so i've seen it from both sides and realise how frustrating it is that for every 50 females you make contact with, 1 might reply but that's the nature of the beast unfortunately. Some of us aren't here just for an ego boost!

  • tank__girl

    23 Sep 2010

    I'm a genuine, single female who has now met a few lovely couples off RHP. Of course not everyone that fits your 'seeking criteria' will be attracted to you, and will reply Hot_Horny, but keep at it I say! Maybe there should be some kind of automated reply you can choose, ie. "Thanks but no thanks, good luck in your search"... intsead of feeling awful you're not attracted to the person/s, and no wanting to offend or hurt them in anyway, so you just don't reply. Oh yeah....and thanks for yet another interesting article RHP! If you're near me, contact me, I say I'm genuine, friendly... single and ready to mingle... and REALLY am!! X

  • tank__girl

    23 Sep 2010

    I'm real! I saw you on webcam, spoke on the phone, was at your house within the hour, and left ten hours later. See people, it does happen, all the time! Don't give up hope just yet!? Hope you don't mind me telling everyone guys... :P It couldn't be further from the truth in my case. I find it a very special thing to share with a couple, them inviting you into their sex life. As much as I am just a 'toy', I enjoy every bit of being used as one! The thought of going to meet a couple as a single girl was a little daunting to begin with, but with each naughty text or call, the nerves slowly faded and the thrill, anticipation and endorphins started to take over!