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Bessie Bardot's spring dating tipsI absolutely love this time of the year. To me, spring is better than New Years for shaking off the old and...

RedHotPie Editor | September 06 2010

Bessie Bardot's spring dating tips

I absolutely love this time of the year. To me, spring is better than New Years for shaking off the old and embracing the new.

So this spring how about we step out with a fresh exuberance, uncluttered and emboldened by the fact that we are lucky enough to get yet another shot at loving life.

So here are this springs’ must have dating tips

Smile – Studies show that people are 87% more attracted to people who smile. Sure the sultry sexy type adds an air of mystery if you pull it off, but it can just look plain miserable. In an era where half the population is on Prozac, that person with a warm genuine smile wins.

Learn Small Talk – For 2 weeks, say something to absolutely everyone who comes into your vicinity. What do you say? Well start with ‘hi, how’s your day?’, then have fun with it. See how much you can find out about the person. Pretty soon your brain will take over when the uncomfortable silences kick in and you’ll never be stuck for words again.

Show Interest –Most people these days are starving for attention, to be noticed, recognised, wanted, appreciated. It doesn’t take much effort to listen. So, instead of worrying about how YOU come across, simply pay total attention to others and watch them fall for you.

Don’t Argue – So many great relationships die because we are too busy fighting to make things the way we think they should be. The reality is, the second you ask (demand) someone to adhere to your version of the relationship, you are disrespecting theirs!

Be Honest – Sure you may lose a few dates but the ones you get will stick around, why? because people want to be with people who are not deceptive. Does that mean tell your date everything? Hell no! Too much honesty freaks people out sadly, but don’t tell great big porky pies just to make yourself sound better. Be real, even if that’s not what they want. Better they go now than break your heart later.

Open Your Mind – Too many people have big long check lists and preconceived notions about the perfect match. Studies suggest there has never been so many single people on the market, so what’s the problem? Simple, we have lost the art of seeing what’s good in someone. Many, many great people are missing out on happy relationships because we are all waiting perfection. Something we forget we are not!

Look within – Would you go out with you? HONESTLY! If the answer is no, then how can you expect someone else to! There are reams of self improvement advice and help out there. Take some time to be the best you, just as you would like your partner to do the same for you.

Don’t Get Hung Up - It’s easy to believe that a relationship or the pursuit of one is everything. It’s not. Work on loving your life and you’ll find others will want to love you.