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Bessie Bardot on how to hit the G-Spot!!!Let’s face it, there is good sex, bad sex, dirty sex, romantic sex, funny sex, wild sex, cold sex, hurried sex,...

RedHotPie Editor | June 24 2010

Bessie Bardot on how to hit the G-Spot!!!

Let’s face it, there is good sex, bad sex, dirty sex, romantic sex, funny sex, wild sex, cold sex, hurried sex, tired sex, make up sex………the list is endless. But they all have one thing in common.

The pursuit of pleasure. Our pleasure, someone else’s pleasure, it doesn’t matter. The trouble is when it comes to inflicting serious pleasure on our partners most of us have no idea where to begin.

So, we thought we would give you a guided tour around some of more elusive and mysterious hard core knock your sox off techniques.


The elusive G-spot! You may not believe it but it wasn’t until just this year that science proved it actually existed. Up until then it was considered an urban legend, like a vaginal loch ness monster.

However as many young ladies will attest, just because nerdy men in little white coats couldn’t find it, didn’t mean it didn’t exist.

Now to be honest chaps, hitting the g-spot comes with a health warning. USE WITH CAUTION!

In other words you may not want to use this if you don’t plan on making her your girlfriend for life! IT’S INTENSE and can make her believe you are a better catch than you probably are. Having said that plenty of women just love the ultra intense rush a good g-spot orgasm can provide, often accompanied by the now famous ‘porno squirt’.


Well the good news is it’s not easy for the ladies to reach for themselves without having double jointed wrists, so they won’t be able to do it better than you! Which is great news for the guys who still stare at the clitoris like it’s a Rubik's Cube from Mars.

Just for the record not ALL women have an active g-spot, but the majority do, so it’s always worth a try if she is willing to have her head literally blown off!

Relaxation and intimate comfort is the key. If she feels uptight or nervous about it she won’t let the orgasm rip through her the way it should. So take your time.

1) Lay her on her back, get lots of lube and massage her bits slowly working your fingers inside. Two fingers is usually more than enough and a steadily build up is important for maximum lift off!

2) Now start massaging the inside upper of her vaginal wall in a beckoning ‘come here’ movement with your fingers. Applying pressure from back to the front almost in a milking fashion over her pubic bone

3) Start lightly and adjust your pressure until you find what is working for her. Then allow it to build as your movements get a little more firm and frantic. Don’t forget sometimes its fun to stop and tease. Then go back to the light touch build up

4) You’ll sense when she is ready to climax as your movements get firmer and faster and she gets more uncontrollable

Note at this point she may experience a pleasurable ‘peeing’ sensation. This is normal and part of the climax. She needs to accept it and let go to get to the next level.

5) About the time she gets the ‘What the hell is happening to my body’ look on her face you know it’s you cue to up the intensity and watch in awe as she literally loses control

After she climaxes it’s not unusual for her to quiver uncontrollably or not be able to stand for some time, so don’t expect her to reciprocate. Just lay back and bask in the glory of at least temporary being a sexual god.

If it doesn’t happen – DON’T PANIC. Some women need practice to open up this seldom used area. So try, try again. Eventually you’ll get it and she’ll never ever look at you the same way again!

NOTE :- on a very few women this may hurt or be really uncomfortable, foreplay is vital with them to get maximum enjoyment. And don’t forget while your down there, you have a perfectly good tongue. USE IT!


  • Troublemaker1

    01 Oct 2018

    I found this spot about 10 years ago does this make me a scientist and there is two ways that you can do it