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10 ways to get wild this Australia Day long weekend!These 10 wild places are just the thing to make your Australia Day unforgettable

Christina Miller | January 17 2024

10 ways to get wild this Australia Day long weekend!

Doing it in the bedroom is fine, but there are so many places to have sex that can make it even hotter.

Why not go a bit wild this Australia Day? 

We’ve compiled the list of steamy spots to do the deed, from being out in the nature, kitchen bench, cars, boat and beach…. Read on for some suggestions. PS no judgements.

1. In the pool

Wet and wild.

2. In the back of a car

Out in the open, under the stars? Get dogging in the mix. So hot.

3. In the plane

Perfect place for a quickie.

4. In the shower

Very sexy . . .

It can be tricky -  where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

5. On a boat

Get it on with the motion of the sea.

6. At the beach

Unforgettable fun. Just watch for the sand… it can get everywhere.

7. On the kitchen bench

Let the heat of the moment take you, even if right on the kitchen bench.

8. Against the wall

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

9. By a window

Enjoy some exhibitionism. Nothing like the thought of being caught to kick in that rush of adrenaline.

10.  Sexy outdoor romp

Frisky in nature. 

 Happy Australia Day 


  • Forfun75

    29 Jan 2024

    Pretty happy with my 8/10 in the last few weeks without even knowing it was a competition 😂👍

  • RagnarPrime

    27 Jan 2024

    Fingerblast round the back of the pub.

  • AnjelinaNAntony

    26 Jan 2024

    On the bonnet of our Ute during the wind and rain of the cyclone

  • bambamshalam

    26 Jan 2024

    Outdoor fucking..mmm🤤

  • HotMilf81

    25 Jan 2024

    I've got all of these on my list for the long weekend 😘

  • F2023

    25 Jan 2024

    2/6/ 10 work 👌🏻


    23 Jan 2024

    9/10 isn't too bad, obviously could easily be more !

  • samandjay

    17 Jan 2024

    Great topic xx I love ALL those xxxx HAPPY OZ DAY xxxxxxxxxxxx