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'I was determined to give her what she so desperately sought...'
Sara was amazing. When i first dated her we flirted and tease each to no end by txt, video chat or any which we could.

I was working fifo at the time, which meant disposable income. The first we shared each other was an amazing room at the Treasury Casino. We fumbled and toyed with each other for a ages that night. Sara had never been with another man beside her ex husband i think i was something fresh something taboo. As a fifo you spend a lot of time wishing and hoping for thing out of the norm. Tonight my first night back i had thought about, mulled over and gone over every possible scenario, how wrong i was.

We meet at the casino and shared a chat, a drink and a nervous conversation or two before checking out the room. We showered and played as people do. After our sex as tired as i was from fifo work we cuddled and discussed out thought and enjoyed being together. Sara lay down head propped up upon a pillow of dreams and comfort, myself I lay across her body. My head just resting in her bosom, her chest rising and falling as we spoke. I began caressing her nipples thinking nothing of it other than comfort for myself. How selfish could I be just suckling like a tired sod. Its amazing our bodies and thoughts and how far apart men are from woman. As i was suckling i could feel her body beneath me quiver and quicken. Without knowing my suckling as it felt to me was a sense of comfort but to Sara it was breath taking and a multiple orgasm. Its funny our perspective of how ate actions are taken and a lesson to me to be in the moment of each and not in myself.

It was this lesson that I took to our next meet.

I was determined that I would be present .

I was determined to give her what she so desperately sought. It was affection, it was appreciation and it was the attention.

We fucked for hours I never once blew. I put Sara in every position i could think of, never once thinking of myself but her. The screams the excitement and orgasm after orgasm that she shared with me i am forever grateful for. Her gift to me was utter pleasure, and joy.

Sara thankyou

You will forever be my greatest joy.  
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Posted: Mar, 06 2019
Sounds fantastic

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