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'Whilst I don't identify as bi sexual, my best sex experience was a twisty one...'
Whilst I don't identify as bi sexual, my best sex experience was a twisty one. This goes back couple of years. I met a couple on one of the parties I attended. We clicked quite quickly and were playing together in no time. We found we were quite compatible as conversations and communication while playing was easy and fluid. Did the normal things like me going down on her while she was giving her friend a sensual blow job, spit roasting and the normal threesomes stuff.

One thing led to the other, and we ended up in a position where I was fucking her doggy style and she was in a 69 with her friend. He kind of indicated he wanted to play with my balls. I was a bit wary because I am straight. But given the position I was in, I didn't say no. It soon led to him kicking my balls while I was fucking her. She got turned on when she realised what was happening and soon led to an orgasm for her. She then decided to turn around and blow me while her friend was at my balls. May be my experience is not as great as many in here, but the orgasm I had was earth something I will never forget. Both did not stop when I came, I was still coming when they went on lapping up my cum. After a few seconds I lay back taking in what just happened. I wanted to help the guy out, but by the time I came to and got to them, she had already blown him off too.

We spend some time entangled and commenting on how good it felt. I went over to the kitchen to get a drink and chat with hosts a bit. Unfortunately, when I got back the couple were gone and I didn't get their contact details. If you twos are out there, you know who I am :) Wouldn't mind round two or three :)  
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Posted: Apr, 26 2019
Sexy as...
Posted: Apr, 13 2019
Always been "curious". This sounds like somethingI would enjoy
Posted: Mar, 27 2019
I wish something like this would happen in Mount Isa
Posted: Mar, 12 2019
I couldn’t believe it when a girl friend of mine asked me to help her seduce her boy friend and make love to him in front of her.. thinking that an opportunistic adventure was there to be experienced I did agree an the best scenario of how everything came together made for thinking why over the years missing out on the feeling of stiff hard cock was jus sillly..love girls but only to be there while you playing with a cock.. girls had it to good for too long.
Posted: Mar, 12 2019
It’s a new experience that you can fall in love with going to bed with a couple an feeling a cock get hard in your mouth for the first time. Or just the feeling of a stiff cock in general
Posted: Mar, 11 2019
Definitely nothing sexier than sucking a cock with another man
Posted: Mar, 09 2019
Typo!!!!! Haha!! Not kicking 😜
Posted: Mar, 09 2019
Posted: Mar, 08 2019
ovely.i wish I could find a couple to play with like that,
Posted: Mar, 07 2019
Hehehe ... thanks to my dyslexia I read your typo as it should be ... 😁😁😁😁
Maybe you need to explore a little more and push your boundaries ... sounds like you could enjoy a lot more than you realize xoxo
But what you've shared has got me twitching ...
Posted: Mar, 07 2019
Posted: Mar, 06 2019
Sounds lovely.i wish I could find a couple to play with like that,
Posted: Mar, 05 2019
Hmm sounds exactly like what I've been so turned on fantasizing about! I've had lots of hot mmf, mmmf..... sharing, hotwifing type fun but never done anything with a guy. Not bi as such but the idea of wanking or maybe even sucking a guy off with his gf/wife in the heat of it all is a major turn on. Have msgd a few cpls but find it hard to word without sounding too forward most times. Love to hear from anyone either interested also or just to discuss. K ☺
Posted: Mar, 05 2019
When I read about him kicking your balls I thought this was going to go in an entirely different direction but then I figured it was a typo...

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