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walked her through to the same snug area she had been in and gave her such a big workout
It was an evening when my wife and I were partying, it was my wifes workmates birthday. There were lots of people there in a cosy lodge which had a main dance floor area, then little snug areas where people could venture off to have a quiet chat or something more intimate. My wife would often flirt, especially after a few drinks. As the night wore on we were both mingling, but it caught my eye that a young guy, many years my wifes junior was paying particular attention to her. They were flirting heavily with each other and as I turned away,( I was about 20 meters away), he moved towards her and gave her a short kiss on the lips. As the night wore on it happened again several more times and it was causing my member to get aroused and buldge in my pants. About 10 minutes later both of them had disappeared from my view, the room was dimly lit, so I thought I would venture off to see where they were and if they were together.

To my amazement, in the very end snug area, which was sort of hidden away from the others I thought I could her a groan that would come and go, but I wasn't sure as the music was quite loud. As I discreetly popped my head round the corner I could see my wife sitting on the edge of a small table, she was wearing a small red dress with straps and high heeled shoes, the guy I had seen was facing her, she was sitting back on the table with the straps of her dress lowered and I could see her small pert breasts, with the biggest and hardest of nipples like rocks sticking out in front of her. I knew she was in seventh heaven as her nipples only got hard like that when she was very very aroused.

Her legs were raised around the guys midrift and then I realised as she let out another groan he was deep inside her. I stood there hidden away until he picked up speed and she held on tighter until he exploded in her pussy totally unaware of my presence. Once he had cum I moved away into the main room and about five minutes later my wife appeared. I asked her where she had been as I had been looking for her, she was looking quite flushed and said to me with the widest smile on her face, that she had been having a very interesting get together with someone she had never met before. We the walked over to the end of the bar and in full light I could see this 'wet' running down from inside her dress down the inside of her knee, I knew exactly what it was! She then said to me she was extremely horny and her pussy was wet. I walked her through to the same snug area she had been in and gave her such a big workout until I exploded twice deep inside her. It made it extra special and exciting that I had known what she had been doing, but little did she know I had been watching her.  
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