Best Friends Forever

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they close the door, turn to me and say "We want to have a three way."
In grade nine of high school, I had met a girl who was extremely fun, she thought the way I did, she said the things most people wouldn't and she and I really hit it off, but we were nothing more than friends. Over time, we became best friends and kept in contact even after having left school. In 2011 (we would have been in year 12, but dropped out) she began dating a guy who was in his early twenties, and I secretly had the biggest crush on him. We all hung out, all the time and whenever we were together, her boyfriend would drop comments like "We should make a sandwich, I'll bring the cucumber and mayo" - he would always say it jokingly, but it always sent me into a craze, thinking about seeing him naked. One night, we were all at a mutual friends house and my friend went to the bedroom with her boyfriend, only to return fifteen minutes later, asking me to come to the room so they could talk to me for a second. After going to the room with them, they close the door, turn to me and say "We want to have a three way." - at first, I just stood there like "Okay? Why don't you?" when one of them said "We were thinking you could join in." At this point, there was never any sexual attraction toward my friend, but the thought of getting down with her boyfriend was enough for me. It ended up being a little awkward and I didn't end up getting to taste him, so I ended up leaving them to their own devices, going into the kitchen (naked) where the mutual friend was making bacon and eggs, eating then going home and getting off. The best part was, my friend and I were fine after that, we drifted a while after but still talk now.  
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