Archived Videos

Videos from the past month

  People Rate Their Last Shag !!!!!
05 September 2019
How was you last romp? Was it a sexual masterclass or a complete flop?? We took to that question to the people and the results are rather interesting. Check out people rating their last shag!
  Do People Like Anal Sex??
20 August 2019
Are you a fan of a little bum fun, or do you steer clear? It's been around since the dawn of time, but how do people feel about anal sex? We asked the punters at Sexpo recently to rate anal sex!!
  Brisbane Sexpo 2019 - Hottest Ever?!
09 August 2019
Brisbane just got raaaaunchy!! Sexpo just set QLD on fire with an inferno of sex, skin and scintillating sin - lucky for you our team was there to capture all the fun, take a look at what we got up to!
  Red Heaven's 9th Birthday Party
14 June 2019
Red Heaven recently lit Sydney up with their ninth birthday extravaganza, and we got along to film it all, baby!!! Check it out!
  Cupids' Playground Adult Party 2019
01 March 2019
Cupid ain't got nothin' on the Red Heaven crew!!! Around Valentine's Day, there's no sexier place to be than amongst the very delectable Red Heaven party crowd... check the video now!

Videos from 2018

  Red Heaven's Sexy Halloween Spectacular!!
19 December 2018
Red Heaven - known not only for Australia's sexiest parties, but now also the SCARIEST! Their recent Halloween bash was full of skin, scars, blood, booty and a heaping serve of naughtiness... check it out!
  Perth Erotic Ball - 2018
30 November 2018
A mansion above the glittering Perth skyline, hundreds of sexy, scantily clad guests and RedHotPie stoking the flirtatious fires... the 2018 Perth Erotic Ball was always going to be crazy hot! Check it out!!
  People Rate The First Time They Had Sex!
18 October 2018
Remember the first time you did the deed? Of course you do! It's different for everyone, so we asked the people how they'd rate their first shag out of ten... check out what the had to say!
  Ex-partners - people rate theirs out of ten!
17 September 2018
Ex-partners - most of us have a significant ex; but how do we rate our former flames? Well, we went out and canvased the people, and here's how ex's rate!
  Scrotums - Yay or Nay?!
14 September 2018
Scrotums - do we like them? Are they sexy little fur bags or are they gross, wrinkle covered walnut sacks? We asked the people to rate the humble scrotum on a scale of one to ten - find out how it fared now!
  Red Heaven Neon Nights
04 September 2018
Red Heaven, Australia's hottest adult party brand, threw a Sexy bash recently and we were there to capture it on film.
  Inside Sydney Sexpo!!
27 June 2018
Sexpo Sydney just happened and OMG - it was HOT!!! Skin, sex, flirtation, titillation, seriously, folks, Sydney Sexpo 2018 was lit. Luckily for you, we had our cameras there, so check out all the action now.
  Passion In Paradise - Luxury Swinger's Retreat!
24 April 2018
Passion in Paradise is Australia's premier swingers' retreat. Held annually in lush Far North Queensland at a luxury resort, Passion is the absolute pinnacle of lifestyle travel. Tickets are selling fast, so visit for info now!
  Cupid's Paradise - Ivy Pool Party!
16 March 2018
RedHotPie and Red Heaven recently threw one of the sexiest pool parties Sydney has ever seen. We're talking nek level, peak sexy. We had some cameras there documenting the occasion... just take a look!
  Crazy Sex With Jamie Zhu!
09 February 2018
Our intrepid roving reporter, Jamie Zhu, hit Melbourne Sexpo recently to ask people about their craziest sexual experiences... the answers got very saucy! Check it out.

Videos from 2017

  If Your Sex Life Was A Movie Title What Would It Be?
20 December 2017
If a Hollywood producer made a blockbuster movie based on your sex life, what would it be called?? It's a bit of a curvy question, and we had a lot of fun asking the punters at Melbourne Sexpo recently. Here's what their sex life movies were called...
  Skinny Bod, Dad Bod or Muscular Bod?
13 December 2017
So, what are women really after in a guy's physique? Do they dig muscles, do they like some cuddle curves? Do they like 'em big or small? We hit Melbourne Sexpo recently to find out... here's the illuminating truth on the subject!
  Internet Superstar Jamie Zhu Does Sexpo For RedHotPie!
05 December 2017
We hooked up with superstar prankster, Jamie Zhu recently to have some fun with the peeps at Melbourne Sexpo... so many lols! Check out what we got up to.
  How long should sex last?
01 December 2017
It's the one question humanity has never been able to reconcile... how long should sex last?! Ten minutes, half an hour, 'till the break o' dawn? Well we hit up some of the punters at Melbourne Sexpo to find out once and for all. Here's the magic numbers!
  Red Heaven's Halloween Party 2017
10 November 2017
The only thing scary about Red Heaven's Halloween parties are the thought of missing out! It's the sexiest costume party on the calendar - check it out!
  Friend, F#@k or Forget - Celebrity Sex - Guys Edition
13 October 2017
We hit Sexpo recently and asked the fellas which celebs made them go weak at the knees and which they'd rather avoid. That's right, we payed a little Friend, F#@k or Forget... and it got real, yo!
  Red Heaven's Raunchy Rodeo
14 September 2017
Red Heaven, Australia's hottest adult party brand, threw a monster bash recently and we were there to capture it on film. The Raunchy Rodeo was a seething hotbed of chiselled chiefs and carnal cowgirls. Check it out now!
  Friend, F#@k or Forget - Celebrity Sex - Ladies Edition
21 August 2017
The super sexy RHP Team played Friend, F#@k or Forget with punters at Brisbane Sexpo recently. We had heaps of fun and the answers knocked us for six! Check it out now.
  Sexpo Sex Confessions!
15 August 2017
Have you tried anal sex? Have you had a threesome? What about a foursome?!? Our sextastic RedHotPie TV team hit Brisbane Sexpo recently to ask the punters a few curly questions about their sex lives. Check out the results!
  Interview with Sex Therapist, EJ Love.
25 May 2017
From a sex-shy teen to a high-class escort, sex therapist, EJ Love's journey has been nothing short of incredible. Now, Love shares the lessons learned and helps other who want to find their best sexual selves!
  Sugar Daddy Dating - What People Really Think!
23 May 2017
Everybody loves some sugar! Or do they? We hit Perth Sexpo recently to ask the public what they think of sugar dating, sugar daddies and sugar babies!
  Sexting - How to do it better!
16 May 2017
Sexting - Everybody's doing it! So we decided to get the inside scoop on how people are flirting in the mobile space and how we can all do it better, hotter and harder!

Videos from 2016

  Sugar Daddy Dating - What Women Really Think!
28 December 2016
Sugar Daddy dating, more and more young women are seeking out older, more established and secure guys to spend time with, guys who spoil them with gifts and adventures. So, are people down with these kind of arrangements? We found out.
  Madison Missina - Porn Star Interview
06 December 2016
We recently got some hang time with international adult superstar, Madison Missina! We chatted about everything from the female form to digital dating and everything in between. Check out our exclusive RedHotPie interview with this vivacious vixen.
  RedHotPie TV - Red Heaven's 6th Birthday Bash
29 June 2016
Evil angels, delicious devils and all manner of sexy supernatural beings threw-down to celebrate Red Heaven's recent 6th birthday. We were there with our cameras so you could experience a little of the raunch for yourself. Check it out!
  Electric Sex with Sado BJ - Red Talks
09 February 2016
In this Red Talk we ask the question should sex be electric?! Well Sado BJ from Eagle Leather thinks it should be... literally! BJ gives a fascinating lecture on the pleasures of the electric sex, delving into toys, techniques and of course safety.
  Valentine's Day Sex
08 February 2016
Valentine's Day is almost here... but is everyone a fan? Do sex stats go through the roof, or does the red letter holiday have the opposite affect? We took to the streets to ask people about their Valentine's Day sexperiences.
  The Chris Gayle Flirting Experiment
29 January 2016
So, Chris Gayle caught a lot of heat for flirting with a reporter recently; was he out of line or have the PC police gone too far? We hit the streets to find out what people think about a little flirtation in the workplace. Check it out!
  RedHotPie's Summer Romance Guide!
27 January 2016
Summer is about romance and hook-ups, so we thought we'd give you some tips on how to approach a summer relationship. Join our hostess with the mostess, Candice and learn how to keep things cool when things get hot!

Videos from 2015

  Kink's Halloween lingerie party
30 December 2015
What's sexier than a lingerie party? A Kink Halloween lingerie party is what! Of course, being the busy bees that we are, we got along and grabbed some footage at what turned out to be one of the hottest nights of the year. Enjoy!
  Summer Sex Guide
17 December 2015
Summer Sex... does it get any hotter, literally or metaphorically speaking? Nope! So to make sure you have more fun under the sun this summer, we've put together a few tips to help you supercharge your sex life over the sauciest of seasons!
  RedHotPie TV - Melbourne Sexpo 2015
03 December 2015
Glamour, style, sex appeal, a few words to describe the way we like to roll at RedHotPie, and it's why our RedHotPie Party Team is always so damn popular at events... take the recent Melbourne Sexpo for example! Wall to wall awesome; check it out!
  RedHotPie TV - Island of Sin Halloween
02 December 2015
Now you've finished off the last of your Halloween candy, let's revisit the sexiest scares and the hottest Halloween revellers, let's check out our recent trip to Island of Sin's Halloween spectacular!
  RedHotPie TV - Red Talks - Polyamory with Diane Cameron
20 November 2015
RHP presents Red Talks... a series of informative and educational talks by experts in the field of sexuality. In this Red Talk, Diane Cameron from PolyPossible examines the modern relationship structures and shares her own experiences with Polyamory.
  RedHotPie TV - Flaunt Launch Party
20 October 2015
Continuing our veracious quest for the hottest parties and events around Australia, RedHotPie TV got down and dirty with the Sydney crew recently at the launch of Flaunt, Sydney's latest and sexiest LGBT friendly monthly event!!
  RedHotPie TV - What's It Like Being a RedHotPie Model?
15 October 2015
Ever wondered what it's like to be a part of our amazing RedHotPie promo team? Well wonder no more! Our achingly beautiful presenter, Kaylene chats with fellow RHP promo team member and beauty, Melanie about her experiences working with the Pie
  RedHotPie TV - Spring Clean Your Dating Profile!
06 October 2015
We all need a revamp now and then, and your online profile is no different. Check out our tips and take a minute to spring clean your RedHotPie profile... you'll be glad you did!
  RedHotPie TV - Red Heaven's Super Heroes and Villains
08 September 2015
What would it be like if Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Supergirl etc... you know... had less clothing, and made out at sexy parties? It would be like Red Heaven's Super Heroes and Villains party! Check it out.
  RedHotPie TV - Monique Hendricks Interview
02 September 2015
We got to sit down recently with Monique Hendricks of Allure Entertainment, one of the country's sexiest talent agencies! We asked Monique just how Allure managed to conquer such a competitive industry!
  RedHotPie TV - Brisbane Sexpo 2015
31 August 2015
How do you make Australia's sexiest lifestyle expo even sexier? You throw a couple of the RedHotPie Party Girls into the mix! Check it out now!
  RHP TV - International Lingerie Model Search - THE FINAL!
28 August 2015
After a week of what can only be described as the ultimate male fantasy, it came down to the big show... the International Lingerie Model Search 2015 final. Wrap your peepers around one of the sexiest nights we've ever been part of!!
  RedHotPie TV - International Lingerie Model Search - FINALS WEEK!!!
18 August 2015
Imagine being embedded with a group of young, gorgeous, wild lingerie models for a week as they try to out sexy each other! Well here it is, Finals Week with the girls of the 2015 International Lingerie Model Search!
  RedHotPie TV - Delilah Daniels Interview
22 July 2015
Well, when you're at the final of Miss Erotic International and Perth's showgirl sensation, Delilah Daniels wanders past, you grab her for an interview! That's exactly what our ravishing roving reporter Candice did recently...
  RedHotPie TV - Isabelle Deltore Interview
17 July 2015
We recently got to sit down with the reigning Miss Nude World, Isabelle Deltore, for a very sexy chat... check it out!
  RedHotPie TV - Orgasms
08 July 2015
We recently hit the ground at Perth Sexpo and got the low down on Orgasms! Who's having them, how good are they and how can we have more of them??? Check us out, yo!
  RedHotPie TV - Club Freak Interview
26 June 2015
Club Freak is one of Australia's kinkiest communities, and if there's one thing we love at RedHotPie, it's kinky communities! We caught up with OTK Daddy recently to get the lowdown on Club Freak and all things fet related!
  RedHotPie TV - Exotic Angels National Final 2015
22 June 2015
O. M. G. Everybody knows, if you want the hottest party action in Australia, you hit the Gold Coast, but if you want the hottest of the hottest, you have to be at the Exotic Angels National Finals!
  RedHotPie TV - Red Heaven 5th Birthday Spectacular
19 June 2015
Ain't nothin' bigger than a birthday bash, and when it's Red Heaven's birthday, well you know things are gonna get very, very hot... as you can see, everybody got down and dirty celebrate Red Heaven's big 5!
  RedHotPie TV - Perth Sexpo 2015
12 June 2015
It's hot, it's flirty, it's sexy and it's where Team RHP shine! We hit Sexpo again recently, this time it was Perth's turn and we had a ball. The Sizzling RHP Party Girls showed the West Aussies a time they won't soon forget.
  RedHotPie TV - Island of Sin Easter Party!
13 April 2015
What's better than chocolate and hot cross buns? Sexy guys and girls, wearing almost nothing, flirting and dancing the Easter weekend away at the year's sexiest beach bash! It's Island of Sin's Easter Party!
  RedHotPie TV - Mardi Gras 2015 - Let There Be Light Float
27 March 2015
It's the biggest party in Oz, and it's definitely the best dressed! We joined the Red Heaven Events and Housewives On Fire crew to take part in the parade. Check it!
  RedHotPie TV - The Fifty Shades Of Grey VIP Movie Events!
23 March 2015
What happens when you take two of the biggest, sexiest brands in the business and slam them together?? You get RedHotPie's Fifty Shades of Grey VIP Movie Events! Check this out!
  RedHotPie TV - Australia Day Island of Sin 2015
28 January 2015
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Pie, Pie, Pie!!! Boobs, Bums, Beers and Beats; we can't think of a better way to spend Australia Day, and Island of Sin 2015, Aus Day edition absolutely delivered!

Videos from 2014

  RedHotPie TV - Fetichic 2014
04 December 2014
Fashion, fire and flirtation... that's what we like when it's time to party, and the 2014 Fetichic event did not fail to deliver! What a scene; every sense was stimulated to the point of collapse, but we stayed strong and made it through!
  RedHotPie TV - Perth Erotic Ball 2014 - Burlesque & Gangster
17 November 2014
The 2014 Perth Erotic Ball was a sexy circus of gangsters, strippers, burlesque dancers and general white-hot raunch! RHP TV went along to document the flirtatious festivities and copped more than an eyeful! Enjoy.
  Redhotpie TV - Island of Sin 2014
17 November 2014
What's better than a party? A Sexy party! What's better than a sexy party? A sexy party on on a tropical island!!! Island of Sin 2014 was cray cray, and we were there!
  RedHotPie TV - Rhythm 'N' Rhyme 2014
14 October 2014
Well here it is folks, the sexiest, grindin'est, shakin'est RHP TV video yet! Our girls lit Rhythm N Rhyme up recently, and you know we always have a camera in tow! Not only were the RHP Party girls in full effect, the crowd was Sa-mokin'!
  RedHotPie TV - Red Heaven's Space Fantasy
16 September 2014
In space, no one can hear you scream... in pleasure! Red Heaven recently threw a sexy bash that was out of this world! The Space Fantasy party was a smorgasboard of sizzling astronauts and alien sex kittens and we were there to capture it all!
  RedHotPie TV - International Lingerie Model Search Final 2014
25 August 2014
The name says it all! International. Lingerie. Model. Search. AND,your old mates at RedHotPie TV filmed the whole thing for you! Hottest. Night. Ever.
  RedHotPie TV - Miss Bombshell!
22 August 2014
Miss Bombshell! It's one of the hottest lingerie model comps on the planet, and as a proud sponsor, we got along to the recent final to bring you all the sights and sounds of the 2014 extravaganza.
  RedHotPie TV - Sexual Fantasies!
21 August 2014
We all have em, the difference is, at RedHotPie, we like to shout 'em from the rooftops! Sexual Fantasies! What's yours? We took it to the people recently to get the skinny on some of their fantasies!
  RHP TV - 50 Shades Of Fetish
12 August 2014
Being the sexy, inquisitive souls that we are, we got down and dirty with the punters at the recent Sydney Sexpo to see what kinks and fetishes float their boats. The answers... well lets just say that kink is alive and well in Oz! Check it out.
  RedHotPie TV - Sex Tapes and Nude Selfies
25 July 2014
RHP TV recently visit the punters at Sexpo on the Gold Coast and asked the hard questions... the very hard questions! Have you made a sex tape?
  RHP TV - Cupid's Playground 2014
29 May 2014
As far as red hot dates on the adult party calendar go, Cupid's Playground is one of the hottest and the 2014 edition was crazy hot!
  RHP TV - Our Secret Spot
27 March 2014
RHP TV knows where the parties are at, and of late, the hottest gatherings have been at Sydney's sexiest new swinging destination, Our Secret Spot! Here's a little taste of what goes down inside this stunning new location!
  RHP TV - The 2014 Great Australian Sex Census
21 March 2014
The Great Australian Sex Census 2013/14 edition is OPEN!!! We've been asking the sexiest questions ever over at and as you can see, it's bringing a smile to Australia's face! Get on over and take part.
  RHP TV - Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2014 - Finals Week
19 March 2014
It's one of the biggest bikini modelling titles in the world, and it's brought to you by your good buddies at! It's Miss Hawaiian Tropics, and the 2014 final was a massive week of sexy women, heated competition and thrilled audiences!
  RHP TV - Our Secret Spot teaser
18 March 2014
It's an itsby-bitsy, teenie-weenie, Our Secret Spot teaser!!! Again, RHP TV has the insider knowledge on the hottest clubs around Oz... keep an eye out for the extended cut, coming soon!
  RHP TV presents - Miss Hawaiian Tropic Final at Love Nightclub
12 March 2014
It doesn't get any bigger than Miss Hawaiian Tropics and it doesn't get any bigger than the 2014 Australian Miss Hawaiian tropics final at Love Nightclub! We were there, and by Great Odin's Beard it was magnificent... check it out!
  RHP TV - 2014 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras
07 March 2014
It's the biggest party in Oz and RHP TV was there on the front line's getting the street love at the 2014 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. Join us as we take in the razzle and dazzle of Mardi Gras!!
  RedHotPie TV - Ky Lee
18 February 2014
She's rockin' one of the hottest bods on the block and we were lucky enough to spend a day capturing the curves of Ky Lee! Check out our chat with the super-sexy swimsuit siren now!
  RedHotPie TV - Santas Beach Party
12 February 2014
Red Heaven threw the Xmas bash of the season over the break and we were there to get it all on film... or hard drive as it were. Follow us under the mistletoe!!!
  RedHotPie TV - Island of Sin's Australia Day Party
06 February 2014
Our ever-expanding RedHotPie TV entourage spent Australia Day rocking out with some of the nation's sexiest party people at the 2013 Island of Sin Australia Day celebrations. Join Kaylene Edwards and the RHP Party Girls at the hottest Oz Day bash ever!
  RedHotPie TV - Singles Afloat Boat Cruise
16 January 2014
We recently sent our sexy superstar, Kaylene Edwards along to check out the Singles Afloat Boat Cruise. Check it out!
  RedHotPie TV - Melbourne Sexpo 2103
10 January 2014
It's Australia's sexiest lifestyle event and Australia's hottest Youtube channel was there capturing all the heat!
  RedHotPie TV - Larissa Bartollo
08 January 2014
You want Australia's hottest curves? Well we've got 'em! Well, swimsuit siren, Larissa Bartollo's got 'em but we've got her so it's all good! Check out our day with Larissa, one of our favourite new talents.

Videos from 2013

  International Lingerie model 2013 Casey Parsons
16 December 2013
Woah! How good have the RedHotPie TV camera crew got it?!? They recently caught up with International Lingerie Model 2013 stunner, Casey Parsons for a chit chat... the bastards!
  RedHotPie TV Model Shoot - Stacey Louise
13 December 2013
She's tall, she's sexy, and she's all yours on RedHotPie TV!! We recently spent some time with lingerie and swimwear goddess Stacey Louise, so why not sit back an get acquainted with this sizzling siren!
  Island of Sin halloween party 2013
05 December 2013
Island Of Sin Halloween party 2013 by RedHotPie TV - Goldcoast beach party. Kaylene Edwards interviewing hot people and twerking.
  The Eros Shine Awards 2013 Redhotpie TV
04 December 2013
RedHotPie TV hits the red carpet for the 2013 Eros Shine Awards! The glamour, the girls, the guys... it was a huge night celebrating some of Australia's sexiest talent! Check it out.
  RedHotPie TV - Island of Sin 2013 Sneak Peak
14 November 2013
We've got a teeny tiny taster for you party people! Check out out sneak peak of 2013's Island of Sin spectacular, the party to end all parties!
  Gold Coast 600 2013 REDHOTPIE TV
08 November 2013
RedHotPie took the team to the 2013 Gold Coast 600 for a weekend of cars, parties and super sexy times! As always, RedHotPie TV covered all the fun and frivolity, so check it out!
  Red Heaven sexy party Sydney sponsored by RedHotPie
07 November 2013
Red Heaven sexy party Sydney "Step back in time", Retro swingers party on Oxford street Sydney, Sponsored by RedHotPie
  RedHotPie interview with Timmy Trumpet
30 October 2013
RedHotPie continues to find Australia's hottest parties and events! Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with Timmy Trumpet for a chat at the Ship Happens event on the Gold Coast!
  Who's your celebrity free pass?
21 October 2013
The Party Girls got out amongst the Sexpo Perth crowds recently to ask a very important question... who is your celebrity free pass???
  Have you ever done the deed in public?
13 September 2013
RedHotPie TV goes out and asks the question. Have you every had sex in public?
  The RedHotPie Party Girls take on Perth Sexpo!
09 September 2013
It's Australia's sexiest lifestyle expo and our gorgeous Party Girls spent the day getting into all kinds of naughty trouble at this year's Perth Sexpo! Lucky for you, we had a camera there :)
  Sexpo Brisbane 2013
19 August 2013
RedHotPie TV covers Sexpo Brisbane 2013.
  Redhotpie TV interview Jayden Paris
30 July 2013
Redhotpie TV interview with Top Australian Glamour model Jayden Paris.
  Sexpo Sydney 2013
11 April 2013
RedHotPie party girls checking out Sydney Sexpo 2013
  Redhotpie TV Island of Sin Party Easter 2013
04 April 2013
Redhotpie TV covering the sexy Island of Sin bikini party on the Goldcoast Australia. Presented by the lovely Chloe Patterson
  RedHotPie bikini girls Car wash - hosted by Sexyon TV
03 April 2013
RedHotPie bikini girls Car wash on the Goldcoast - hosted by Sexyon TV. Proceeds goes to Charity.
  RedHotPie TV does Red Heaven Valentines party in Sydney 2013
19 February 2013
RedHotPie TV crew visit the famous Red Heaven party in Sydney. This party's theme is Cupid's playground coinciding with Valentines week.
  Redhotpie TV Hits Island of Sin bikini party & Liv Nightclub Goldcoast
03 February 2013
Redhotpie TV checks out the Island of Sin Sexy Bikini party with the DJ of the moment Mobin Master. The RedHotPie team then parties on @ Liv Nightclub Goldcoast.
  New years eve Beach Ball by AliveTV
03 January 2013
New years eve Beach Ball - Surfers Paradise
  Purr sexy Xmas party Melbourne
02 January 2013
Purr sexy Xmas party Melbourne - Sponsored by RedHotPie

Videos from 2012

  Red Heaven XXXmas party Sydney
21 December 2012
Red Heaven XXXmas party @ Club Eleven Sydney Sponsored by RedHotPie
  RedHotPie New School Party on the Goldcoast
20 December 2012
AliveTV New school party on the goldcoast, sponsored by RedHotPie
  Kandyland party @Blush Nightclub Surfers Paradise
19 December 2012
Kandyland party @ Blush Nightclub Surfers Paradise sponsored by RHP. Fashion show by Wild Orchid
  RHP & AliveTV New School Party Goldcoast 2012 Part 1
07 December 2012
RHP Bikini girls competition on the Goldcoast @ the New School Party brought to you By Alive TV & RHP
  Sexy Halloween Party by Prima Events - Sydney
15 November 2012
Sexy Halloween Party Sydney presented by Prima Events & RedHotPie.
  Sexy Halloween Party by Prima Goldcoast
13 November 2012
Sexy Halloween party on the Goldcoast brought to you by Prima Goldcoast. Sponsored by RedHotPie
  RedHotPie @ GC600 Indy 2012 on the Goldcoast
29 October 2012
RedHotPie sexy bikini girls @ GC600 Indy 2012 on the Goldcoast.
  Chantelle Ivy Miss Pit Stop Pet Competition 2012 @ Shooters
28 October 2012
RedHotPie Miss Pit Stop Pet Competition 2012 @ Shooters Nightclub Goldcoast surfers paradise.
  White Party Sydney @ Ivy Club
27 October 2012
The famous White Party @ the Ivy in Sydney sponsored by RedHotPie
  RHP International Lingerie Model Search Final 2012
24 September 2012
The sensational 2012 RHP International Lingerie Model Search Finalists take to the runway at LOVE Nightlife!
  RHP International Lingerie Model: Heat QLD
23 September 2012
RedHotPie International Lingerie Model 2012 heat @ Lost City club in QLD
  Prima Goldcoast Xmas in July party
23 August 2012
Prima Goldcoast Xmas in July party sponsored by RedHotPie
  RHP International Lingerie Model Search: Heat 1
14 August 2012
International Lingerie model search - Heat 1 @ Love nightclub.
  RHP Lingerie Model Search: Goldcoast Heat 4
08 August 2012
International Lingerie model search - Heat 4 @ Love nightclub on the Gold Coast.
  RHP interview with Christopher Chronis - Playboy Australia
07 August 2012
Mr. Chronis, the license holder for Playboy events in Australia, plans to run events in most capital cities.
  Playboy MidSummer Nights Dream Party Melbourne 2012
04 July 2012
Go deep behind the scenes with the RedHotPie Playboy Bunnies
  Playboy Midsummer Nights Dream party Melbourne 2012
15 June 2012
Playboy Midsummer Nights Dream party Melbourne 2012
  Norti & Nautical Party Goldcoast
08 June 2012
The Norti & Nautical party had it all! Fashion, Style, Skin and a super sexy crowd!
  Nuts and Bolts Party @ Melbas
08 June 2012
We party with the hottest crowd in Goldy! The Nuts and Bolts Singles Party!
  Norti & Nautical Prima Goldcoast
01 May 2012
Hottest party to hit the Goldcoast this year.
  RHP Presents: Penis size!
04 January 2012
The RHP on the Ground team asks the big question!
  RHP Presents: Cougars!
03 January 2012
We go on the hunt for nature's sexiest catch!

Videos from 2011

  Lingerie Model Search Final
10 November 2011
See Australia’s hottest honeys in the world’s most luscious lingerie. The final was white-hot and we’ve got the video to prove it!
  Little Miss Naughty Final
26 October 2011
See the girls strut it out in the State final for the Little Miss Naughty competition.
  Miss Red Hot Bikini Babe WA Final
23 April 2011
WA's finest battle it out for the WA state title for Miss Red Hot Bikini Babe!

Videos from 2009

  RHP at the Perth Cup
21 October 2009
RedHotPie took over the entertainment stakes at Perth Cup recently to the delight of onlookers!

Videos from 2008

  Purr's L Word Party
21 October 2008
RHP joins Purr for their innaurgural Sydney spectacular.
  Break Up Sex
18 July 2008
RHP hit the streets to get the lowdown on Make-up Break-up sex.
  Sexpo Adelaide
17 July 2008
Here's a taste of the manic world that is RedHotPie and Sexpo.
  White Collar Boxing
19 June 2008
It was the coolest sporting event this year and RHP was there!

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