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Open to connections, drinks and a good time. Easy going, respectful, confident and open to try new things

You got to know when to play and when to walk away

TRAVELING ON P&O EDEN FROM 2ND TO 5 TH. SEND A MESSAGE. Committed married couple. Happy to play with singles and couples. Must be able to hold a conversation and have a sense of humour.

Humble tradie on a spiritual journey that has a high sexual nature and is proud of my body and how I do maintain my fitness and shows. I have been really wanting to join a couple again and have a weekend in a pleasurable dynamic with us all just enjoying...

New ish to this scene. Recently embraced my bisexuality and loving it! I have been in relationships and intimate with women for most of my adulthood, until my recent exploration with men have led to my discovery of bisexuality. I am keen to meet couples...