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Im South Waikato based , travel to tauranga self employed. Love a wild adventure and fun moments guve me a buzz

Couple who are looking to meet like minded people and explore the hotwife lifestyle

Very new to this.. have always been curious about kinks, swinging, voyeurism and recently bisexual thoughts. Open to learning and exploring as we go. Am not looking for anything serious at the moment but am interested in playing and having new experiences....

Made this profile with my ex. No longer a couple but she’d probably still join if we wanted her if I find cool people. Looking for new play buddy for all sorts of fun. Also interested in being a bull for a couple to see what it’s like on the other...

Been playing together for over 20 years now, looking to meet people Shes curvy busty with dark hair and is looking to play, Hes there for the emotional support ;-) and to partake as well

We are a young couple looking for some fun. Makes for threesomes and couples for soft swaps