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2 Real Hotbods!

We are considered an attractive older couple but definitely not pretentious. We enjoy sexy flirty fun with like minded intelligent couples.

Hi 👋🏻 I'm a cancer survivor looking to further explore my sexuality. What am I looking for? A bit of fun and some laughs with likeminded people (men, women, couples) who are not constrained by societies norms. With my personal...

See sexypair profile please

A Bold and cheeky statement but would consider myself an All round nice guy with no hang ups could be seen as easy on the eye to the beholder. would like to meet like minded fun sexy intelligent women or couples. Very mischievous and fun and love...

4 travel fun

I'm chiiled, in to the outdoors and not taking anything too seriously... Life starts with a good laugh and some conversation. I'm always pretty busy but say hello and lets see how we go..

I'm looking to shake things up and get a little kinky with someone.

tall blond fit euro loves to kiss

Tall blond fit euro guy, missing the passion and kissing plus very curious and extremely open-minded when it comes to enjoying life as never had much chance to explore and you only live once. Bucket list is long and there are many things to taste if...

I’m in an open marriage, we play together and also on our own. Looking for something casual, friends, FWB or ONS. I don’t have a face pic on my profile because we want to be discreet, but happy to share if we start chatting.

looking for a 🦄 for summer 😈. DM for face pics and more of what you have already seen.

We are very comfortable in the scene, and have met lots of special people over the years. He is her mentor, but she is very confident within herself and able to please on all levels. She doesn’t need Mr Handsome or the gym type, but happy to see...