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Hey there im rose Looking for someone to keep you busy

Young, free spirited, and somewhat new to this world. Super kink friendly and judgment free! Please note - I am on the chubbier side so if youre not okay with that, kindly move on. 💕

Confident enough to get away with anything. Red flags just white enough to look pink. I talk a lot, but even I don't know if I'm lying or not. It keeps people on the edge of their seats, y'know? 💞

💚🤍💜 Dis dyke don't do dick 💚🤍💜 I'm not into anything overly kinky; I just want orgasms. Looking for sex primarily, with women I can connect with more than purely physically. Sexually I lean: Switch...

Hey, im really looking for anything, and anyone. If you are down then message me ;)

Straight forward as they come! Ummmmmm one thing I can say I have managed to do, and am very proud... Is that I've remained true to WHO I am!! I don't just think outside the box! I live outside it! Loathe conformity! I don't try and...