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dogging perth/ SOR, Safety bay area

February 06 2023

wondering if there is any current hotspots for a bit of dogging fun around the safety bay area wanting to give it a crack even potential for joining 😉


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  • FeistyFatty

    RHP says "Be Nice".... So, I'm being nice and keeping quiet 🤫☺️

  • time4us4play

    Another dogging post, 🥱

  • Opalrose

    You’d think with all these dogging posts, the scene was popping off. But the most common thing I hear is “tried it a few times in a few spots and no one turned up”.

  • Sawadee

    The most popular activity that never seems to happen ? .

  • ddlbm

    I hear there is a great glory hole at Foolery !

  • youngandwild278

    @Opalrose was reading the posts from last year and couldnt figure out if it was still a thing or just pish posh 🤣

  • RubyLouu

    @ddlbm Can confirm!

  • RHP1183147881323

    There are but for you own safety do what others do and contact the ones you want to meet on here and arrange somewhere to play word of warning stay away from Warnbro nude beach/point peron and woodmans point at night while you are having fun your car is being broken into

  • RHP1183147822688

    @ddlbm I hear mixed reviews

  • RHP1183148180554

    Would love to participate in some dogging

  • SJ777

    @Nudiebicamper Also yes please stay away because us nudists love that beach and want it to stay a nudist beach without the possibility of it being shut down.

  • boomshanka41

    5 months ago

    @ddlbm Foolery?

  • irishguy

    4 months ago

    @RubyLouu Where is foolery?

  • CLATsacouple

    9 days ago

    @RHP User Drop a message lets chat

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