What are some subtle traits immediately put you off someone?

February 05 2024

For me, making sounds while eating. I can't handle it, it just drives me insane!

I was in a meditation retreat last year and I sat beside a guy at lunch that would make a subtle sound while eating. I can't describe the rage that would go through my mind while I sat there beside him.

Subsequently, I discovered a thing called misophonia which pretty much explained everything.

Curious to know what are some subtle things put you off someone.

We all know the obvious ones, like big egos, arrogance, really bad B.O. etc.

I'm more thinking things that make you go "this shouldn't be a big deal, but I really can't handle it"


  • deepestpurple


    16 days ago

    trying to sound intelligent by using loquacious words incorrectly.

  • FeistyFatty


    15 days ago

    Mouth breathing, using ones teeth on utensils, hair twirling all instant turn offs for some reason.

  • fun2behere


    15 days ago

    in some cultures it is important to make sounds eating as it shows you are enjoying the food. BURP

  • RagnarPrime


    15 days ago

    Bad listeners who always interrupt when they can relate what I’m saying to be about them.

    “Oh, that’s like when I did….”
    “I did that once and then this….”
    “I’m just going to finish your sentence for you because I’m sure you’d like that.”

    You know.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    15 days ago

    Just a few
    1. People who are real c*nts to their parents. Not on! 🚩
    2. Pick me men: When they say, " I'm not like other men" or are dramitic. PFFFT! I'm not picking you- go away.
    3. Crocs- those with designer pins on them. In this heat, you ain't putting those sweaty feet in my bed.
    4. During sex they say, "Oh my Goodness". Don't fucking say it!
    5. They need help at self serve checkouts. You are holding up the queue. Dump that shit and walk out.

    Ms Foxy

  • ppiffle3934


    15 days ago

    Men wearing socks when they’re having sex 🤷‍♀️

  • xxxpeachesxxx


    15 days ago

    People that constantly check their phone when you're having a "conversation" ...

  • Felicitous


    15 days ago

    My biggest petty instantaneous turn off...
    those that write in numbers and abbreviations - it actually hurts my brain 😂🧐

  • Yellowpenguins


    15 days ago

    Yes , I have misophonia so I'm with you on the eating sounds Alexis.

    People who just sit there sniffing GET A DAMM TISSUE !
    Pen clicking 😏 the internal rage I feel.

    Also , if they pick at their toe nails 🤢 or bite their fingernails ❌
    Equally, long finger or toenails on men 🤢

  • Aligirl443


    14 days ago

    I had a recent date where the guy showed up in a faded polo shirt and jeans with 2 of the BIGGEST holes I’d EVER seen in both knees…I didn’t say anything but my mind was SCREAMING “What the HELL are you wearing???!??!”

  • nightingale8


    13 days ago

    When people miss the point. It might be someone missing the point of what you are saying because they lack the ability to comprehend what you are saying. But even down to personal choice. Like someone I know decked out her backyard in artificial plants because she wanted more nature in her home. You missed the point, lady.
    I know, freedom of choice, etc. Hard to watch when there are whole islands of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean.

  • RachWandered


    12 days ago

    @Alexis …do you just eat soup? Or do you have a bird in another room chewing your food then bringing it back and regurgitating it into your mouth… quietly
    Hahahaha I’m laughing so hard right now
    Sorry not diminishing your misosoup phobia but
    How do you shovel a pack of chippies and cut the roof of your mouth?
    I’m so confused… 🫤

  • Dann_May


    11 days ago

    People who don't take care of their appearance and people who can't use grammar or punctuations correctly 🙄



    9 days ago

    When your date squints when reading the menu even though it was the sexy librarian look (with glasses) in her profile which attracted you in the first place. 👓

  • MsSuperFoxy


    8 days ago

    TV volume: putting the volume on odd numbers! DONT TOUCH MY REMOTE! Absolutely not on. Goes on even numbers.

  • teamaj2


    7 days ago

    People that constantly refer to me as ‘babe , either to my face or via online chat ‘. It really is cringeworthy . I have pulled guys up on it but I’m they always go back to it . I guess it’s just a habit . It just grates on me . Ax

  • Stace8120


    6 days ago

    Stink breath or body odour 😫🤮😣

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    5 days ago

    Men who don't sit up straight, lean on counters, walls etc


  • MsSuperFoxy


    3 days ago

    When they use a 2in1 shampoo/ conditioner as body wash. They probably don't wash their butts with it .

    Ms Foxy

  • JaneDoe40


    2 days ago

    When a man uses the word ‘lovely’ 🫣🙅🏻‍♀️

  • MsSuperFoxy


    15 hours ago

    Waiting in line/queue and people who push in.
    You're not in a slip lane, go wait your fucking turn!

    Ms Foxy